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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 03:58 pm] fasteddie: these people wanted to buy a phone from me on ebay and send it to Budapest

[Today at 03:57 pm] Woodsy: Arthur Everest is an accountant

[Today at 03:53 pm] MA: lolfe 

[Today at 03:53 pm] MA: I'm baffled as to why they wouldn't put the ST shows on regular CBS

[Today at 03:52 pm] fasteddie: cop shows, nothing but cop shows. Why can't we have a show about an electrician or a plumber or even a scientific publication editor SiFi show?

[Today at 03:50 pm] Woodsy: Whoo hoo.  I can pretend it's the 90s again and stream Friends and Seinfeld on Thursday nights ::)

[Today at 03:48 pm] shahaggy: and NBC introduced their new streaming app too

[Today at 03:47 pm] Woodsy: Altered Carbon season 2 coming at the end of Feb.  That I'll watch

[Today at 03:46 pm] Woodsy: Past seasons of Walker Texas Ranger?

[Today at 03:45 pm] Woodsy: Other than that what's the point?  300+ hours of NCIS?

[Today at 03:43 pm] MA: yeah I was never a big Trekkie so even 2 new ST shows aren't enough for me to get All Access

[Today at 03:41 pm] shahaggy: :2thumbs:

[Today at 03:34 pm] Woodsy: With cable, prime, netflix and disney+, I'm not interested in paying any more for another service.  If it was on one of those I would watch it though :nerd:

[Today at 03:34 pm] Woodsy: No, it just seemed fitting to use the Jean Luc smiley

[Today at 03:30 pm] shahaggy: you subscribed to it woodsy?

[Today at 03:24 pm] Woodsy: [Today at 02:41 pm] del ban MA: nerp  -- :jeanlucpalm:

[Today at 02:45 pm] shahaggy: I'm craving BBQ, might have to hit up hamilton pork tonight

[Today at 02:41 pm] MA: nerp

[Today at 01:57 pm] shahaggy: have you subscribed to the new cbs app that streams Picard?

[Today at 01:19 pm] Darna: i cant see that. firewall

[Today at 01:10 pm] MA: get me a No. 1 TIA

[Today at 01:08 pm] MA: these? https://www.dailystartreknews.com/read/star-trek-picard-takes-over-new-york-city-with-themed-metrocards-and-a-times-square-pop-up-experience

[Today at 01:07 pm] MA: NO

[Today at 01:02 pm] Darna: mca, have you seen the pittie metrocards???

[Today at 12:46 pm] MA: https://twitter.com/picksixpod/status/1220752110570045440

[Today at 12:23 pm] shahaggy: but it's playing right in our backyard, Newport

[Today at 11:42 am] MA: true

[Today at 11:38 am] Darna: still cheaper than going to movies

[Today at 11:35 am] MA: can buy it on Prime for $14.99

[Today at 11:32 am] MA: nerp still in theatres

[Today at 11:31 am] Darna: mca, is parasite available on netflix yet?

[Today at 11:10 am] Binky: Oh no. 

[Today at 10:18 am] shahaggy: looks like it's going to be a Monty Python marathon weekend

[Today at 09:32 am] fasteddie: Terry Jones RIP

[Today at 08:49 am] shahaggy: good morning turkeys

[Today at 08:23 am] MA: :java:     

[01-23-2020, 09:27pm] Binky: Probably fitting. 

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: Weedyyyytttt

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: Weezy lmfao

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: Weedy

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: lil pump

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: Dua Lipa

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: Cardi B

[01-23-2020, 08:57pm] HippyWitch: Remy Ma

[01-23-2020, 08:46pm] TheFang: He's got rats?

[01-23-2020, 07:11pm] Binky: Remy Martin? 

[01-23-2020, 05:51pm] MA: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-GbF62O0KFI&feature=youtu.be#dialog

[01-23-2020, 05:51pm] MA: who da fuq is Remy

[01-23-2020, 05:33pm] CeeDub: Remy inda hizzle - come by, Fam! 

[01-23-2020, 05:13pm] CeeDub: ORLY? Where you at, Remy? 

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