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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 03:45 pm] jehu: Chicken Adobo tonight in the instapot

[Today at 03:45 pm] fasteddie: April 5th, Robin Hood shot

[Today at 03:42 pm] Binky: White Prople Dumplings, of course. To go in a chicken soup

[Today at 03:27 pm] Darna: White people dumplings or Asian dumplings?

[Today at 03:25 pm] jehu: Also want to make potato pancakes this week.

[Today at 03:24 pm] jehu: As do I. Making them that is.

[Today at 03:22 pm] MA: i feel like that's one of those things that's too much trouble to make. just buy 'em

[Today at 03:12 pm] Binky: I want to make dumplings tonight. I never have. 

[Today at 02:54 pm] Binky: Everybody needs food. 

[Today at 02:50 pm] jehu: Philly? :nerd:

[Today at 02:42 pm] Darna: ok, let's make sure to book tonight

[Today at 02:41 pm] MA: yes let's

[Today at 02:40 pm] Darna: btw, have you decided if we are going to stay in philly on the 26th?

[Today at 02:24 pm] MA: aww. i don't need anything :-*

[Today at 02:24 pm] Darna: that was going to be your xmas present, mca, but they took too long and were so obtuse about having that available on their site that i just gave up. oh well.

[Today at 02:23 pm] MA: a Fb post. i tagged you

[Today at 02:23 pm] Darna: i may have known that, binky

[Today at 02:23 pm] Darna: where did you find that?

[Today at 02:22 pm] MA: oh no

[Today at 02:20 pm] Binky: Tents and trails closed. Did I know that?

[Today at 02:19 pm] MA: oh wait. here

[Today at 02:18 pm] MA: i think you have to go in person

[Today at 02:12 pm] Darna: can you figure out where to get a gift card on this site?  they are telling me they are available and i can't find it: https://jerseycityarchery.com/

[Today at 01:54 pm] Darna: i'll do it tonight when i get home

[Today at 01:52 pm] MA: other than 2/9 we are wide open

[Today at 01:52 pm] Darna: pick a date. saturday matinee in feb or march?

[Today at 01:51 pm] MA: sure

[Today at 01:46 pm] Darna: mca, wanna see this? https://www.publictheater.org/Tickets/Calendar/PlayDetailsCollection/18-19-Season/Sea-Wall--A-Life/

[Today at 01:35 pm] Darna: yes but it might be one of those general email addresses

[Today at 01:34 pm] shahaggy: did you respond back to their email?

[Today at 01:33 pm] Darna: could you tweet that to PATH, mca?

[Today at 01:31 pm] Darna: path sent me a survey invitation by email but of course the actual link to the survey doesn't work

[Today at 01:28 pm] MA: OIC

[Today at 01:25 pm] Binky: Amazon has them as well.

[Today at 01:23 pm] Darna: just ordered it for him

[Today at 01:23 pm] Darna: yes they do, in black

[Today at 01:20 pm] MA: the 2nd one but they don't have a S. i don't see him wearing the yellow

[Today at 01:12 pm] Darna: mca, or this one? https://www.icebreaker.com/en/mens-sweaters/merinoloft-ellipse-long-sleeve-half-zip-hood/103047_WS.html?dwvar_103047__WS_color=005

[Today at 01:07 pm] jehu: you need a dog whistle

[Today at 01:07 pm] Darna: mca often yelled at people who walked their dogs in that area

[Today at 01:06 pm] shahaggy: of course off leash on top of everything

[Today at 01:04 pm] Darna: https://www.icebreaker.com/en/mens-jackets-vests/cool-lite-incline-windbreaker/103695_WS.html?dwvar_103695__WS_color=701

[Today at 01:04 pm] Darna: mca, do you think adam would like this

[Today at 12:58 pm] jehu: And I assume the dog was off leash?

[Today at 12:57 pm] jehu: Where the signs posted?I know people love to take down those signs.

[Today at 12:48 pm] shahaggy: oh I was close to video taping the whole thing

[Today at 12:48 pm] shahaggy: keep an eye open for a white fella in his 20-30's with a shaved head and white dog

[Today at 12:47 pm] jehu: Public shaming is a great tool.

[Today at 12:47 pm] jehu: Pictures?

[Today at 12:47 pm] shahaggy: and it was all because of some asshole dog owner that insisted he be allowed to run his dog in one of the dog free zones

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