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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 08:09 pm] jehu: You people are just mean. 

[Today at 07:59 pm] nikki: like i said.   

[Today at 07:58 pm] MCA™: "Couldn't read an article, seemed to me some type of garbage with zillions of ads."  <-- article is from NY Times :|

[Today at 07:53 pm] nikki: mostly an idiot

[Today at 07:49 pm] jehu: must be conservative... :gun:

[Today at 07:11 pm] nikki: she has no argument.  she's an ignoramus

[Today at 07:10 pm] HippyWitch: lol binky

[Today at 07:09 pm] HippyWitch: kike lol LIKE

[Today at 07:09 pm] HippyWitch: what a twat, i was going to reoly but remembered some babies get mad and delete oosts kike little bitches

[Today at 07:08 pm] HippyWitch: lol lol i was just reading jci's friends posts lol

[Today at 07:02 pm] nikki: Binky is now blocked

[Today at 07:01 pm] Rabelais: Binky looking for trouble.

[Today at 07:01 pm] convivomusic: New Topic in board Calendar: A Musical Garden: Takemitsu Portrait Concert

[Today at 07:00 pm] Rabelais: :D

[Today at 07:00 pm] Binky: She's in the family way

[Today at 06:54 pm] nikki: I AM INDEED

[Today at 06:52 pm] devb: YOUR RILED UP LIKE AN ASSHOLE

[Today at 06:45 pm] nikki: did devb come and get her riled up like an asshole?

[Today at 06:45 pm] nikki: so how was mima's training session?  what did she learn?

[Today at 06:37 pm] nikki: https://www.facebook.com/185994718462196/videos/225586007836400/

[Today at 06:24 pm] nikki: in her mind she belives people look for racism

[Today at 06:22 pm] MCA™: This article http://nyti.ms/2a4POlK

[Today at 06:22 pm] nikki: ohhh yes well in that sense

[Today at 06:21 pm] MCA™: no her viewpoint goes with the accent

[Today at 06:20 pm] nikki: make sense is generous

[Today at 06:20 pm] jehu: what story is this one?

[Today at 06:20 pm] MCA™: I read her posts in a Russian accent and it begins to make sense

[Today at 06:19 pm] nikki: SMH

[Today at 06:19 pm] MCA™: right, just got caught up. :canteven:

[Today at 06:16 pm] nikki: i'd like to live in her world where racism doesn't exist

[Today at 06:15 pm] nikki: exactly

[Today at 06:15 pm] MCA™: lol which, the "emigrant"?

[Today at 06:15 pm] Darna: maybe she can't read

[Today at 06:15 pm] Darna: it's like every article she sees is garbage so she doesn't bother reading.

[Today at 06:11 pm] nikki: jc_i's friend is such an ignorant twat

[Today at 06:09 pm] nikki: Darna I will share mine with you

[Today at 06:04 pm] nikki: :rofl: :rofl:

[Today at 06:03 pm] MCA™: there, I replied

[Today at 05:51 pm] HippyWitch: lol

[Today at 05:46 pm] nikki: :rofl:

[Today at 05:46 pm] HippyWitch: lol i don't like sweets :( but if that was made out of Doritos, jerky and peanuts yasssss

[Today at 05:45 pm] nikki: he's not you

[Today at 05:41 pm] jehu: And whatever you do, don't delete it!

[Today at 05:39 pm] nikki: shall i email hpd?

[Today at 05:39 pm] nikki: don't ignore my email mca

[Today at 05:38 pm] HippyWitch: lol

[Today at 05:38 pm] HippyWitch: better than those edible arrangements

[Today at 05:38 pm] MCA™: :|

[Today at 05:33 pm] nikki: they look so elegant

[Today at 05:32 pm] Darna: such a great idea!!!

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