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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 02:05 pm] shahaggy: icecreamarsenal isn't a fair screen name, it makes me hangry

[Today at 01:58 pm] Icecreamarsenal: New reply: Re: BYOB

[Today at 01:54 pm] PuddinPop: :thumbsup:

[Today at 01:39 pm] shahaggy: YOU have a great day!

[Today at 01:34 pm] PuddinPop: have a great day all :wave:

[Today at 01:19 pm] raspberrie: that looks cool jehu

[Today at 01:16 pm] jehu: anyone want to go?  http://www.nmai.si.edu/visit/newyork/architecture-history/

[Today at 01:14 pm] raspberrie: lol

[Today at 01:14 pm] devb: no, they want customers who are bad at math. it's how insurance works best

[Today at 01:14 pm] Sue2dRescue: How New Jersey Are You?

[Today at 01:14 pm] shahaggy: they take paw prints jehu

[Today at 01:14 pm] Sue2dRescue: Cats have to do a bunch of FAcebook quizzes as well.

[Today at 01:14 pm] jehu: How will they know which cat is which?

[Today at 01:14 pm] raspberrie: no I mean owners'

[Today at 01:13 pm] devb: the cats need to be drug tested, personality test, SAT, a physical, cardiac stress test, vision/hearing

[Today at 01:13 pm] jehu: as I was talking about on Friday... http://www.nmai.si.edu/explore/exhibitions/item/?id=934

[Today at 01:12 pm] raspberrie: ours are all young and physically healthy. They don't ask for IQs right?

[Today at 01:12 pm] devb: yeah, it probably is worth it

[Today at 01:11 pm] raspberrie: (but seriously thanks, I may spring for that, it's probably worth it) 

[Today at 01:11 pm] devb: he's 11 and a little sickly. and how dare you :P

[Today at 01:11 pm] nikki: is that better than vpi 

[Today at 01:11 pm] PuddinPop: good to hear raspberry :) And hello to you and Sue :)

[Today at 01:11 pm] devb: through Healthy Paws. you can pay more with a smaller deductible

[Today at 01:11 pm] raspberrie: oh, I guess you don't love one of your cats?

[Today at 01:10 pm] devb: raspberrie, we have it on the three young/healthy cats. $50-60 a month total

[Today at 01:10 pm] raspberrie: I know after high school it was all downhill for me too

[Today at 01:10 pm] Bobblehead: Senior plaque? :boggiano: See a dentist.

[Today at 01:10 pm] nikki: I did a nice one of a gas lamp. I think that was my peak 

[Today at 01:09 pm] nikki: that's because you haven't seen them 

[Today at 01:09 pm] Sue2dRescue: I doubt they were ass, let alone shitty

[Today at 01:09 pm] Sue2dRescue: :rofl:

[Today at 01:09 pm] nikki: yes I used to go to the pond to do my shitty ass watercolors

[Today at 01:08 pm] raspberrie: did you win hotdog eating contest or??

[Today at 01:08 pm] Sue2dRescue: Did I know this and did I forget??

[Today at 01:08 pm] nikki: no it's in the dining hall I think

[Today at 01:08 pm] Sue2dRescue: You went to high school in Concord??

[Today at 01:08 pm] raspberrie: :bows:

[Today at 01:08 pm] nikki: yes

[Today at 01:07 pm] Sue2dRescue: I think the location is all wrong...

[Today at 01:07 pm] raspberrie: nikki, is it over the entrance?

[Today at 01:07 pm] Sue2dRescue: In Concord, MA?

[Today at 01:07 pm] raspberrie: and its intended use, at that.

[Today at 01:07 pm] nikki: that's near my high school. go visit my senior plaque

[Today at 01:07 pm] raspberrie: hey puddin, we love our living room shelving btw. It's been put to good use.

[Today at 01:06 pm] Sue2dRescue: So, I'm thinking of a taking a trip up to Walden Pond tomorrow.

[Today at 01:06 pm] Sue2dRescue: s'up Pud.

[Today at 01:06 pm] raspberrie: puddin :wave:

[Today at 01:05 pm] raspberrie: It's national vet pet poo day too?

[Today at 01:05 pm] raspberrie: ok.

[Today at 01:04 pm] devb: I actually don't know, I have to ask the finance dept.

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