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[Today at 03:15 pm] HippyWitch: oh god, prince again 

[Today at 03:13 pm] nikki: Remember he went back to Prince like 10 years ago 

[Today at 02:39 pm] Binky: Odd that they chose a picture of him rather than the symbol

[Today at 02:21 pm] CeeDub: LIKE THIS, BITCH

[Today at 02:10 pm] CeeDub: See if youse can get one of the orange bumper stickers that says  TON w a picture of Prince in front

[Today at 02:09 pm] jehu: plants planted

[Today at 01:28 pm] MCA™: Princeton, friendz

[Today at 01:22 pm] CeeDub: Aaaanf we're back, Thank you, GLX

[Today at 12:57 pm] nikki: Hello

[Today at 10:23 am] nikki: WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE

[Today at 10:21 am] nikki: Who will bring me a bagel

[Today at 09:58 am] Soshin: Somewhere between humongous and fantabulous

[Today at 09:53 am] fasteddie: Soshin: Do you sell aloe vera for the asshole? - Pharmacist: sure, we sell to anybody, what size would you like?

[Today at 09:51 am] CeeDub: Voice text

[Today at 09:50 am] Binky: They do make that, sosh.

[Today at 09:35 am] Soshin: Those taqkoreas from Ari's kitchen have set my bum on fire

[Today at 09:34 am] Soshin: Do they make aloe vera for the asshole?

[Today at 09:26 am] nikki: I no longer find him funny

[Today at 09:25 am] nikki: Wilmore?

[Today at 09:14 am] Binky: I just read the highlights foir children.  A couple of themNot bad

[Today at 09:10 am] CeeDub: Painful to watch - total bomb. On SNL or the midnight slot at Caroline's - pretty good

[Today at 09:09 am] CeeDub: Pretty good on paper - just totally wrong for the audience. Too true to be funny

[Today at 09:08 am] Binky: You're not making it sound enticing

[Today at 09:08 am] CeeDub: From the audience perspective

[Today at 09:07 am] CeeDub: Uncomfortably groaningly bad

[Today at 09:06 am] CeeDub: I hafta believe his jokes were intentional, as horrible as they were

[Today at 09:05 am] Binky: why kamikaze?

[Today at 09:05 am] CeeDub: Did you see Larry Wilborn's kamikaze performance at the White House Correspondence Dinner?

[Today at 09:04 am] CeeDub: Broken up w Water cannons in Turkey

[Today at 08:59 am] nikki: In Moscow mules

[Today at 08:57 am] CeeDub: Is (was) there parade in Moscow today?

[Today at 08:41 am] CeeDub: I have a weed witch hand tiller a& a 2 stroke power tiller, last used to destroy le jardin de Rabelais

[Today at 08:35 am] nikki: Shhhhh

[Today at 08:27 am] Soshin: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE WOMAN!

[Today at 01:15 am] jehu: want to till more and rake out some debris.

[Today at 01:15 am] jehu: I pulled weeds and tilled in some new soil.

[Today at 01:08 am] MCA™: mrs bobble was there for a bit but she hasn't planted yet either

[Today at 01:07 am] MCA™: yes, today. i was surprised no one else was there, it was really nice out

[Today at 01:07 am] jehu: Did you plant yet?

[Today at 01:07 am] jehu: OK. No wonder I didn't see it.

[Today at 01:06 am] MCA™: back left corner

[Today at 01:06 am] jehu: Oh, well than.

[Today at 01:06 am] jehu: Are there?!

[Today at 01:06 am] MCA™: there are 2 sheds now

[Today at 12:59 am] jehu: I noticed a lot of the tools missing from the Garden shed. 

[Today at 12:52 am] MCA™: lol

[Today at 12:28 am] jehu: Not ALL of us.

[Today at 12:02 am] Binky: Ok.  Now we all want to see.

[04-30-2016, 11:33pm] nikki: His expression kills me

[04-30-2016, 10:47pm] nikki: Paul

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