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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:05 pm] nikki: why didn't anyone make me popcorn?

[Today at 09:52 pm] Darna: I bet I could make even that St Bernard stop wanting belly rubs

[Today at 09:50 pm] MCA™: pics or it didn't happen

[Today at 09:49 pm] CeeDub: His head is HUGE

[Today at 09:45 pm] Darna: Bring him back for me!

[Today at 09:33 pm] CeeDub: He'bigger than you, Darna

[Today at 09:26 pm] CeeDub: There's a 120lb male St. Bernard hanging in the library by the fireplace, named Noam (Chom(p)sky, he is Very lean

[Today at 09:25 pm] CeeDub: I'M DONE

[Today at 09:25 pm] CeeDub: Stick a fork in me

[Today at 09:24 pm] CeeDub: And that's total elapse time, average speed is 10-15 mph higher when factoring stops, intersections, accelerations et all bundy

[Today at 09:22 pm] CeeDub: Dude the traffic was Crazy Eddie INSANE, I made up 30 mins over 2 hrs on the pike, we drove on 2 lane country roads thru hovels like Marbledale, New Hartford and Granville

[Today at 09:15 pm] devb: Though my averages are usually like 30 mph :dunno:

[Today at 09:14 pm] devb: That's only an average of 48 mph, not impressed 

[Today at 09:12 pm] CeeDub: I had a goat cheese beet arugala salad w roasted root veggies and bacon wrapped pork tenderloin coins

[Today at 09:01 pm] Darna: -ed, +s

[Today at 09:01 pm] Darna: Next time MCA abandoned me, binky, I shall give you a holla. 

[Today at 09:00 pm] Darna: I had to change the channel. I couldn't take it.

[Today at 08:59 pm] Binky: Gee you could have eaten with us.  Oddly, we had a Pork Tenderloin.

[Today at 08:57 pm] nikki: don't drag us into it

[Today at 08:53 pm] Darna: She's a Virgin?!

[Today at 08:22 pm] Rabelais: It is, Cee

[Today at 08:20 pm] nikki: i don't even know you anymore

[Today at 08:11 pm] Darna: I just put 50 shades of grey on. How bad is this gonna be?

[Today at 08:08 pm] Darna: I have a hankering for general tso's chicken

[Today at 08:07 pm] CeeDub: Ozu, is that my buddy Claude's new place?

[Today at 08:06 pm] Rabelais: LOL

[Today at 08:06 pm] nikki: obviously i was right when i said 3!

[Today at 08:06 pm] nikki: you should sue mca for neglect!

[Today at 08:04 pm] Darna: I'm hungry. Should I order in?

[Today at 07:56 pm] nikki: don't be thirsty

[Today at 07:55 pm] MCA™: 4 people!

[Today at 07:36 pm] nikki: you 3 are good people MCA

[Today at 07:26 pm] fasteddie:  did he fall off the wagon again?

[Today at 07:25 pm] Rabelais: Hutton, off Central

[Today at 07:15 pm] MCA™: visiting DarkMoment in rehab with Soshin and the jcpeaces, bitchez

[Today at 07:14 pm] MCA™: where DAT?

[Today at 06:52 pm] Rabelais: I'm at Ozu before all you people. 

[Today at 06:46 pm] shahaggy: Woo hoo, I'm on a train! 

[Today at 06:34 pm] CeeDub: We detoured off the Hutch thru New Rochelle, of 684 in Brewster, finally said fuggit and took 202 thru the woods to Agawam & the Turnpoke

[Today at 06:30 pm] CeeDub: I got stopped for speeding but bribed my way out. Rabe, your case 10 bttls of wine are safe

[Today at 06:02 pm] Rabelais: I can't speak for them.

[Today at 05:57 pm] nikki: what are you buttlicks doing?

[Today at 05:30 pm] MCA™: #whenyoudriveyoudrivefast

[Today at 05:24 pm] CeeDub: 252 miles in 5 ¼ horas

[Today at 05:07 pm] Soshin: That is not unrelated. You stinky

[Today at 05:06 pm] jehu: OK. Be down in a moment.

[Today at 05:03 pm] Rabelais: In more unrelated news, I just passed and 87 bus on foot to get to the next stop so I could get on.

[Today at 04:59 pm] CeeDub: Boy that is some moon

[Today at 04:52 pm] MCA™: and in unrelated news, i have to shower

[Today at 04:51 pm] MCA™: be over in a bit. Utd game just finished

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