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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 01:04 pm] jehu: and most classes are 3-9, so will not interfere with work.

[Today at 01:01 pm] jehu: Just in time for the storm.

[Today at 01:00 pm] Darna: dairy queen is giving away ice cream today

[Today at 12:59 pm] jehu: And since I already have a Masters, they will wave the GRE requirement

[Today at 12:54 pm] jehu: yeah. they also have summer classes with some of them online

[Today at 12:54 pm] nikki: you can do that pretty quickly too

[Today at 12:51 pm] jehu: 12 classes plus 2 non credit ones

[Today at 12:50 pm] nikki: how many classes is it?

[Today at 12:48 pm] shahaggy: sound investment jehu :2thumbs:

[Today at 12:47 pm] jehu: Exactly. 

[Today at 12:47 pm] nikki: yep i'd do it.  why  not

[Today at 12:46 pm] jehu: And since the degree is basically free, why not.

[Today at 12:45 pm] jehu: My profession is becoming more data driven, both internally and externally.

[Today at 12:45 pm] nikki: nice that looks interesting

[Today at 12:44 pm] jehu: https://comminfo.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/master-information/program-information/master-information-program-concentrations

[Today at 12:43 pm] jehu: Master of Information

[Today at 12:43 pm] jehu: Yeah.

[Today at 12:43 pm] nikki: are you getting another masters

[Today at 12:09 pm] shahaggy: nope but we had them at Harborside Plaza 5

[Today at 12:04 pm] jehu: 3 classes a semester will cost me $450!!! :nana:

[Today at 11:59 am] Darna: are there amish at the grove path?

[Today at 11:55 am] shahaggy: they be whiter than jehu!

[Today at 11:55 am] shahaggy: it's not even the fake amish, they booted them in favor of the group that handles grove path station

[Today at 11:52 am] fasteddie: they do have beards

[Today at 11:49 am] jehu: Damn Germans

[Today at 11:48 am] Binky: ICE is probably deporting them.

[Today at 11:46 am] shahaggy: damn, April is around the corner and there hasn't been any word of when the amish market is restarting at my office

[Today at 11:33 am] shahaggy: lol binky

[Today at 11:31 am] TheFang: Oh man. Lucky darna. We ordered samoas and were given peanut butter cookies instead.  Sigh.

[Today at 11:31 am] Binky: Like them?

[Today at 11:31 am] Binky: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLOn4KfPpRhLQVKPZTMtJQqPixo_WcrOs492CrKccFBlWVtMrkuw

[Today at 11:24 am] MA: I wish someone gave you a box of samosas instead 

[Today at 11:23 am] shahaggy: :o

[Today at 11:22 am] HippyWitch: Lmfaoooooo :rofl: 

[Today at 11:21 am] CeeDub: Oops, sorry, meant to be editing the WIki page for the DumHo

[Today at 11:20 am] CeeDub: After seeing her dance, Combs was convinced that O'Day had "Black in her family"[4] and further expressed this sentiment after watching her sing a version of "At Last" jizzing on her fake titties."

[Today at 11:19 am] Darna: someone gave me a box of samoas! :nana:

[Today at 11:17 am] Darna: he's so annoying!!!

[Today at 11:17 am] HippyWitch: I also hate that kid Darna

[Today at 11:16 am] HippyWitch: Fucking loser lol 

[Today at 11:16 am] HippyWitch: Our cover is Donald Trump Jr's affair with Aubrey O'Day like he couldn't even get a talented member of Danity Kane to sleep with him 

[Today at 11:12 am] CeeDub: New reply: Re: "This is the kind of shit where motherfuckers go to jail.

[Today at 11:08 am] shahaggy: :dunno:

[Today at 11:08 am] jehu: Nor Jill's sister.

[Today at 11:08 am] jehu: Nope.

[Today at 11:07 am] shahaggy: is Lynda, Rosie Palms cousin?

[Today at 10:50 am] Darna: i hate that kid

[Today at 10:45 am] fasteddie: mansplaining can be difficult at times

[Today at 10:41 am] MA: Lynda?

[Today at 10:38 am] jehu: Nice. I get Lynda free for work.

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