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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:27 pm] Binky: Those drone shots, on after the other make me ill,  Bad editing.

[Today at 10:23 pm] jehu: Any news on Yun?

[Today at 10:23 pm] fasteddie: https://www.facebook.com/hudsoncountyview/videos/520866988622356/?t=100

[Today at 10:17 pm] Binky: I don't know, MCA . I click on that but it keeps telling me to go here, click on this, go there install that, open that.

[Today at 10:07 pm] jehu: Pandemic Republican In Chief (P.R.I.C.)

[Today at 09:56 pm] TheFang: Now watching last night's drag race 

[Today at 09:55 pm] shahaggy: good movie

[Today at 09:54 pm] TheFang: Was fun 

[Today at 09:51 pm] MA: did you download https://www.netflixparty.com/ ?

[Today at 09:51 pm] Binky: I just watched the movie.  Next time.

[Today at 09:50 pm] Binky: I should have been able to mirror the laptop screen to the TV.  I didn't know it wasn't working.

[Today at 09:49 pm] Binky: I didn't think so.

[Today at 09:48 pm] Binky: Was Murphy even invited?

[Today at 09:48 pm] fasteddie: where was that?

[Today at 09:47 pm] shahaggy: fucking 47 people plus a dj in a 550 sq ft apartment

[Today at 09:46 pm] shahaggy: well those lakewood crazies for instance

[Today at 09:45 pm] fasteddie: partying during the virus :rofl:

[Today at 09:44 pm] shahaggy: I was just on twitter and some :} was blaming the people partying during the virus on murphy allowing liquor stores to remain open

[Today at 09:43 pm] MA: Netflix party DONE. thanks errybody who joined in :dap:

[Today at 09:43 pm] Binky: Probably lots of them.  Could be just about anyone. :dunno:

[Today at 09:42 pm] shahaggy: :dunno:

[Today at 09:41 pm] HippyWitch: The super ugly bird faced bitch with tattoos lol

[Today at 09:41 pm] HippyWitch: How about that asshole woman on Twitter

[Today at 09:41 pm] HippyWitch: Lmfaoooooo :rofl: 

[Today at 09:36 pm] shahaggy: you know what hw, she has to live with that

[Today at 09:36 pm] shahaggy: that's what I meant!

[Today at 09:36 pm] shahaggy: :flipoff: 

[Today at 09:36 pm] shahaggy: :earmuffs: :earmuffs: :2thumbs: hw, stop ruining it for men!

[Today at 09:35 pm] HippyWitch: Enjoy

[Today at 09:35 pm] HippyWitch: Pete Davidsons and his butthole eyes dick has been in her

[Today at 09:34 pm] shahaggy:  :fire:

[Today at 09:31 pm] jehu: Kate Beckinsale is  :evilbang:

[Today at 09:31 pm] jehu: Just finished the whole Underworld series

[Today at 09:10 pm] shahaggy: watching I think you should leave on netflix, very funny sketch comedy to check out later

[Today at 09:09 pm] shahaggy: yeah, can only do on laptop or desktop

[Today at 08:59 pm] Darna: https://www.netflix.com/watch/699257?npSessionId=a748a2886ac17baa&npServerId=s168 then click the red NP logo on your Chrome toolbar that you should have previously downloaded 

[Today at 08:58 pm] Binky: Didn’t do it right. Chrome casting Netflix to the tv. So I’m watching it , but not in the laptop 

[Today at 08:57 pm] Binky: Huh.   I guess not 

[Today at 08:55 pm] Darna: the party has a chat down the right side

[Today at 08:55 pm] Binky: I think I did. I’m 

[Today at 08:55 pm] Binky: I didn’t? 

[Today at 08:51 pm] Darna: can't you join the party, B?

[Today at 08:42 pm] Binky: Incontinentia what?

[Today at 08:06 pm] AmbushBug: touche

[Today at 08:05 pm] fasteddie: remember, nikki said people are generally idiots

[Today at 08:04 pm] MA: it's a regular link, then you hit the NP logo on your Chrome toolbar

[Today at 08:04 pm] AmbushBug: huh weird

[Today at 08:04 pm] AmbushBug: https://www.netflix.com/watch/699257?npSessionId=a748a2886ac17baa&npServerId=s168

[Today at 08:03 pm] AmbushBug: that's the regular netflix link, not the party link

[Today at 08:03 pm] Binky: We are chrome casting from the laptop 

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