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[Today at 02:19 pm] Soshin: Jehu, relative of yours?  http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/The-amazing-tale-of-Irelands-strongest-man-Michael-Butty-Sugrue-VIDEO.html

[Today at 02:18 pm] jehu: Though, I did finish the budget portion of the excel... Now creating numerous budgets and will work on a dash board to monitor them all.

[Today at 02:17 pm] jehu: No, no, chicken, Yes, The mob.

[Today at 02:11 pm] Soshin: So many questions

[Today at 02:11 pm] Soshin: Jehu, what did you have for dinner?  Do you believe in God?  Who killed JR?

[Today at 02:08 pm] Darna: jehu, are yo a DC comics fan?

[Today at 02:07 pm] nikki: jehu did you finish your excel

[Today at 02:02 pm] Soshin: Maybe you'll end the season above Burnley now :P

[Today at 02:01 pm] Soshin: Falcao’s arrival has triggered the departure of Javier Hernández, who was pictured having a medical at Real Madrid and will move to Spain on a season-long loan. Real have first buying option on the striker at the end of the season.

[Today at 02:01 pm] Soshin: Aye, and bye bye Chucharito

[Today at 01:53 pm] MCA™: :evilbang: Radamel Falcao :evilbang:

[Today at 01:53 pm] FigNewtonFan: whata gwan?

[Today at 01:23 pm] Bobblehead: :yawn:

[Today at 01:23 pm] Bobblehead: :java:

[Today at 01:20 pm] jehu: I might be up for a beer or two

[Today at 12:46 pm] MCA™: Meet the Fatbergs

[Today at 12:45 pm] Soshin: lol  http://livemusicblog.com/2010/08/02/video-what-phish-sounds-like-to-people-that-dont-like-phish/

[Today at 12:33 pm] nikki: gross

[Today at 12:32 pm] Soshin: Anyone interested in 5pm Barcade?

[Today at 12:26 pm] Soshin: Rush Limbaugh

[Today at 12:23 pm] nikki: look at the link i posted

[Today at 12:18 pm] Soshin: Green

[Today at 12:14 pm] Darna: do it.  what color?

[Today at 12:10 pm] nikki: so. much. wrong.

[Today at 12:09 pm] MCA™: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/28/b2/fe/28b2fe8aa25c5b8ac92664518c30b48f.jpg

[Today at 12:09 pm] nikki: http://donnienicole.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/dying-natural-hair-282x300.jpg

[Today at 12:08 pm] jehu: DO IT!

[Today at 12:07 pm] nikki: Darna, I'm thinking of dying my hair. thoughts?

[Today at 12:07 pm] nikki: he's also dumber than a box of rocks

[Today at 12:05 pm] MCA™: mention spammers and M2779 pops up like a Russian meerkat

[Today at 12:04 pm] Darna: that tie really hurts his chances for re-election

[Today at 12:04 pm] MCA™: when he was in the army he was a Major Payne

[Today at 12:02 pm] Darna: i know some people here who wouldn't mind you shaking their sloth

[Today at 11:56 am] nikki: took me a while to shake my sloth today

[Today at 11:48 am] Soshin: Is this really our congressman?  Why is he wearing that silly tie?  http://payne.house.gov/

[Today at 11:42 am] CeeDub: better spammers here

[Today at 11:39 am] Soshin: Being on fire is not generally a good thing

[Today at 11:38 am] Binky: there are only 3 members and 34 users AtS.

[Today at 11:36 am] Binky: But we have 40 Guests and 10 users.  This place is on fire!

[Today at 11:33 am] CeeDub: pancake danishitis

[Today at 11:30 am] nikki: slow box

[Today at 10:58 am] Soshin: or maybe Rad's house.  That would also explain the hair

[Today at 10:55 am] Soshin: FE, this looks like it is taking out your house  https://twitter.com/maximusupinNYc/status/506223375510167552/photo/1

[Today at 10:49 am] jehu: Hang Five

[Today at 10:46 am] CeeDub: totes mcgoats

[Today at 10:43 am] fasteddie: totally

[Today at 10:42 am] Soshin: Like you just went surfing in a hurricane 

[Today at 10:42 am] Soshin: At least you have the right hair to be rad

[Today at 10:13 am] Soshin: :palm:

[Today at 09:58 am] Rabelais: Rad indeed

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