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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 11:41 pm] MCA™: almost home

[Today at 11:25 pm] HippyWitch: i was doing the fast I'm not drunk walk lmfao

[Today at 11:25 pm] HippyWitch: where you at now 

[Today at 11:25 pm] HippyWitch: fuck i was just walking over

[Today at 11:20 pm] fasteddie: what were you doing in Texas?

[Today at 11:16 pm] MCA™: We left Txxxxxx

[Today at 11:05 pm] CeeDub: 69 bish

[Today at 10:42 pm] nikki: No one wants to sleep near my claws

[Today at 10:00 pm] CeeDub: It's 69° here, we'll have to sleep head to feet ;)

[Today at 09:36 pm] MCA™: still here

[Today at 09:35 pm] MCA™: :o

[Today at 09:33 pm] HippyWitch: lmfao

[Today at 09:27 pm] nikki: :rofl:

[Today at 09:24 pm] HippyWitch: your ride every night

[Today at 09:24 pm] HippyWitch: pole position lmfao

[Today at 09:14 pm] nikki: We're still at pole position 

[Today at 09:14 pm] HippyWitch: go to Tauphaus, tjey have food

[Today at 09:13 pm] nikki: I'm starving

[Today at 08:26 pm] CeeDub: I'm freezing

[Today at 07:23 pm] HippyWitch: I might not make it until after 10, I'll text and see if you're still there, just heading over to HPDs sisters now 

[Today at 07:01 pm] MCA™: running late. gonna walk over to Txxxxxx now

[Today at 06:59 pm] HippyWitch: he's really enjoying it though 

[Today at 06:59 pm] HippyWitch: I just took old expired jelly we had and the ends of bread and made this fucking squirrel a sandwich. i need therapy 

[Today at 06:45 pm] Binky: I am coming.  Should I bring a ball?

[Today at 06:37 pm] nikki: mmm espresso

[Today at 05:35 pm] fasteddie: (pinky not FE posting)

[Today at 05:35 pm] fasteddie: YOU!...lol

[Today at 05:35 pm] fasteddie: meaning her BFF

[Today at 05:34 pm] fasteddie: Binky, the lil' human is requesting you to join her this evening... she asked is my "best friend, Blinkie coming out to play with us" ((pinky))

[Today at 05:26 pm] Binky: And at 120. Madrid is the better team, though. 

[Today at 04:43 pm] Binky: Madrid tied with Madrid at 90

[Today at 03:55 pm] MCA™: bloody mary at lunch, 2 palomas frescas at Sooth Hoose

[Today at 03:44 pm] CeeDub: Czech 1, 2 Czech 1, 2

[Today at 03:31 pm] nikki: Not up this way

[Today at 03:21 pm] fasteddie: traffic is very light today

[Today at 03:01 pm] CeeDub: DuPont Avríl Bière de Table

[Today at 02:45 pm] Soshin: should be there in 30

[Today at 02:35 pm] jehu: let me know when you get there.

[Today at 02:19 pm] Soshin: looks lille family is headed to Chinatown,  might wait for them at WS

[Today at 02:19 pm] Binky: Champions league shortly. 

[Today at 02:14 pm] nikki: I need a nap

[Today at 02:11 pm] CeeDub: 1st beer 10 mins ago

[Today at 02:10 pm] MCA™: you could also keep him in the loo

[Today at 01:57 pm] Soshin: loop

[Today at 01:57 pm] Soshin: not sure yet jehu. will keep you in the loo

[Today at 01:50 pm] nikki: I thought he was pooping bees

[Today at 01:43 pm] jehu: No. Where are we popping beers?

[Today at 01:37 pm] Soshin: lol a beer

[Today at 01:37 pm] Soshin: is it too early too pop a bee?

[Today at 01:14 pm] MCA™: lol

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