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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 06:57 pm] CeeDub: Cest ma plaisir

[Today at 06:50 pm] MA: Storm sez thank u Unclestaff

[Today at 06:49 pm] MA: home!

[Today at 06:43 pm] HippyWitch: Does

[Today at 06:43 pm] HippyWitch: If the JC fish stand only liked my post dows that mean I won

[Today at 06:36 pm] MA: OKAY CEE LEAVES NOW

[Today at 06:29 pm] MA: obvio Cee - me - left phone ar herm and am on your desktop. JUST GAVE HER ABOUT 8 PCS KIBBLE - WHAT'S THE NORM DOSAGE?

[Today at 06:26 pm] MA:  home (yours) now - should I feed her?

[Today at 05:42 pm] CeeDub: FYI Erie St is headlights/bumper2bumper from 1st St to Boyle Plaza

[Today at 04:19 pm] HippyWitch: Jaysussssssss packer barely won that Shit

[Today at 02:59 pm] MA: lolfe 

[Today at 02:56 pm] CeeDub: But I have more beer

[Today at 02:56 pm] nikki: They're trying real hard not to bring me cookies

[Today at 02:54 pm] CeeDub: Split the Ice, 4 pints pilsener, a 6 of pale ale, Powers &Old Overholt

[Today at 02:51 pm] fasteddie: Carteret? Do you know poor people or something?

[Today at 02:34 pm] MA: Carteret, cardz 

[Today at 02:22 pm] Soshin: We?  Is that why my head hurt so much on Thursday?

[Today at 02:18 pm] CeeDub: I have a dog, with hair but WE DRANK ALL MY BEER WEDNESDAY! A 12 pak, plus ½ bttl of rye

[Today at 02:18 pm] HippyWitch: Just text it to you 

[Today at 02:16 pm] HippyWitch: I have it 

[Today at 02:04 pm] Soshin: Anyone around for a beer at 4pm?  I need a hair of the dog

[Today at 02:02 pm] Soshin: Come they told me!  Rum pa pump pump!  PURE FILTH!

[Today at 12:49 pm] Soshin: Ain't no way to hold my head that doesn't hurt... o/

[Today at 12:44 pm] MA: why, does he have your heavy wooden shelf?

[Today at 12:42 pm] CeeDub: Maybe on my Nokia flip phone from 2003... 

[Today at 12:32 pm] Soshin: Does anyone have Rory Bellow's phone number?

[Today at 12:25 pm] HippyWitch: Wow that's great Binky

[Today at 12:23 pm] TheFang: That's the place!

[Today at 12:22 pm] Binky: :palm:

[Today at 12:21 pm] Binky: It’s playoff time in BKs fantasy football league. If her team doesn’t win this weekend she still wins $500. 

[Today at 11:43 am] MA: lolol

[Today at 11:37 am] HippyWitch: Ugh the Packers play the Bears at 1 that is far too early for me to be pissed off and stressed

[Today at 11:36 am] MA: https://twitter.com/amywilson/status/1206212252803719169/photo/1

[Today at 11:30 am] CeeDub: St Doms, Blvd @Duncan

[Today at 11:28 am] CeeDub: Where is said venue? 

[Today at 10:54 am] TheFang: West Side craft fair today! I hear all the cool vendors will be there. 

[Today at 10:04 am] MA: this is at a FotF

[Today at 10:04 am] MA: no she's allowed in Princeton

[Today at 10:04 am] CeeDub: Headed to Prince[/b]ton? 

[Today at 10:04 am] MA: k we headed to Carteret for teh afternoon

[Today at 10:02 am] CeeDub: YESH!! 

[Today at 09:53 am] MA: CD d'you want :mima: from 1-5ish?

[Today at 09:50 am] MA: :java: :footy: :pup:

[Today at 07:28 am] Binky: I know Nikki's back.  A hot night sounds like a different climate, you know?  It was a joke.


[Today at 12:05 am] TheFang: FM

[12-14-2019, 11:31pm] MA: lolol

[12-14-2019, 11:22pm] HippyWitch: Lmfaoooooo :rofl: 

[12-14-2019, 11:22pm] HippyWitch: I thought this was messenger 

[12-14-2019, 11:22pm] HippyWitch: Wait delete that

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