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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 03:50 pm] MCA™: not I

[Today at 03:49 pm] Binky: Probably a lot of people. 

[Today at 03:48 pm] nikki: No

[Today at 03:47 pm] jehu: Anyone ever been to Canarsie Pier?

[Today at 03:45 pm] jehu: Good old mel brooks

[Today at 03:42 pm] Binky: It's good to be king. 

[Today at 03:41 pm] shahaggy: when my boss leaves early and I beat her in by at least 45 minutes ::)

[Today at 03:39 pm] shahaggy: getting about time to skedaddle

[Today at 03:33 pm] nikki: :rofl:

[Today at 03:25 pm] shahaggy: nice mca, I like propaganda on demand

[Today at 03:22 pm] Binky: "Your best side from what I hear"

[Today at 03:21 pm] Binky: No. It is your back. 

[Today at 03:19 pm] MCA™: am i recognizable in the pic, B?

[Today at 03:19 pm] MCA™: North Korean Netflix is called Manbang :|

[Today at 03:15 pm] Binky: Arches 

[Today at 03:15 pm] Binky: And I didn't like the publicity given to the races. 

[Today at 03:14 pm] Binky: What bothered me was that I had never heard of him, I didn't see my name where I expected, as in xx shared x's post. 

[Today at 03:12 pm] Binky: True. 

[Today at 03:10 pm] MCA™: the "View as..." button on your profile is useful for that

[Today at 03:09 pm] MCA™: well if you gave your privacy settings some thought the other stuff wouldn't be an issue

[Today at 03:08 pm] jehu: I am going home at 4

[Today at 03:07 pm] Binky: I never gave much thought to the privacy settings. I don't really mind anyone seeing my posts, but l don't know about looking through my libraries, and I don't know about sharing by someone I don't know 

[Today at 03:04 pm] Binky: Yes. 

[Today at 03:03 pm] devb: was it all just a bad dream?

[Today at 03:02 pm] Binky: I can't even find the photo that guy shared in my own libraries 

[Today at 03:02 pm] CeeDub: She's prolly got your mother's maiden name

[Today at 03:01 pm] Binky: Congratulations 

[Today at 02:56 pm] nikki: Yes

[Today at 02:56 pm] Hurtle: so she continually monitors which sites send traffic to hers?

[Today at 02:55 pm] nikki: I didn't even see what you were talking about 

[Today at 02:55 pm] nikki: I went too. Thanks jerks 

[Today at 02:49 pm] MCA™: :canteven:

[Today at 02:49 pm] devb: i want an expert's opinion

[Today at 02:48 pm] devb: mine definitely will

[Today at 02:48 pm] MCA™: i closed the tab immediately, maybe it won't register

[Today at 02:47 pm] devb: me too :D

[Today at 02:47 pm] Binky: I removed it from anyone but friends on my site. Not sure what that did to his ability to share it. 

[Today at 02:47 pm] MCA™: ugh, i clicked :palm:

[Today at 02:47 pm] devb: http://chicpeajc.com

[Today at 02:46 pm] devb: i need someone to explain the ethics of facebook copyright violations http://chicpeaj.com 

[Today at 02:46 pm] MCA™: lol what's that mean?

[Today at 02:46 pm] nikki: I don't see the pic there

[Today at 02:45 pm] Binky: Your best side, from what I hear. 

[Today at 02:45 pm] jehu: I need a head shot for work.

[Today at 02:45 pm] Hurtle: I was in the BA last week, some visitor from Sweden wanted to go.  The trail at the bottom is almost completely overgrown.  Nobody's going down there.  Even the graffiti is looking tired.

[Today at 02:45 pm] MCA™: which pic was it? was it my good side, at least? :P

[Today at 02:44 pm] Binky: Check his site, someone. Are attributions there?

[Today at 02:44 pm] devb: police attention, shaggy

[Today at 02:43 pm] Binky: Xactly?

[Today at 02:43 pm] MCA™: i thought it was a HN. i never signed a model clearance!! 

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