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[Today at 04:31 pm] nikki: geez that is slightly insulting

[Today at 04:25 pm] MCA™: not us

[Today at 04:20 pm] nikki: me and GRP are going to laicos for a pre-party dinner.  anyone interested?

[Today at 04:20 pm] nikki: people?

[Today at 04:20 pm] nikki: i guess i'll take a shower for you people

[Today at 04:05 pm] nikki: wow some dudes shot at cops sitting in their car in bed stuy

[Today at 04:00 pm] CeeDub: BLM

[Today at 03:59 pm] fasteddie: oh wait, at 5 corners? it must be some kind of Indian office

[Today at 03:49 pm] fasteddie: it was empty because nobody knows what a Podg Office is

[Today at 03:21 pm] CeeDub: post

[Today at 03:21 pm] CeeDub: there was sbsolutely ZERO line st the Podg Office at 5 corners

[Today at 03:21 pm] Darna: jehu, the gravlax is REALLY good

[Today at 02:34 pm] MCA™: thanks!

[Today at 02:19 pm] jehu: ok

[Today at 02:18 pm] MCA™: ...now

[Today at 02:13 pm] MCA™: wrap it up and come outside. we have Ali with us

[Today at 02:07 pm] jehu: sure.. give me a few though.

[Today at 02:04 pm] Binky: How did I feel yesterday?  I've forgotten.

[Today at 02:02 pm] MCA™: jehu, can we swing by for the salmon?

[Today at 01:49 pm] nikki: the white collar series finale was GREAT!

[Today at 01:43 pm] jehu: paper is done. Just need an edit and redo the cittaions. 

[Today at 01:38 pm] nikki: i feel like binky did yesterday

[Today at 01:34 pm] nikki: darna?

[Today at 01:32 pm] nikki: where did you land on learning access?

[Today at 01:31 pm] nikki: jehu!!!!!

[Today at 01:15 pm] jehu: you can buy me some stuff if you want

[Today at 12:37 pm] nikki: i hate having to buy things on the internet sometimes

[Today at 12:19 pm] nikki: it's one of my favorite shows!  i want to be annie walker

[Today at 12:19 pm] fasteddie: you're having a covert affair?

[Today at 12:13 pm] nikki: how is that possible?

[Today at 12:12 pm] FigNewtonFan: If anyone cares, i am not having a great time.

[Today at 11:58 am] devb: it goes pretty far out around the golf course

[Today at 11:56 am] nikki: ah ok.  i just never went that far around

[Today at 11:54 am] devb: yeah. you can park all the way back in the corner behind the japanese restaurant

[Today at 11:53 am] nikki: hmm if you start behind houlihans and continue on that path?

[Today at 11:51 am] devb: behind stop and shop

[Today at 11:51 am] devb: yes, from the golf course walkway

[Today at 11:48 am] nikki: was that in bayonne

[Today at 11:47 am] devb: oh, yeah. so fuzzy

[Today at 11:46 am] nikki: they have very cute faces!

[Today at 11:45 am] devb: snowy owl yesterday https://www.flickr.com/photos/ensel/15442015514

[Today at 11:43 am] nikki: maybe i'll go to the bank

[Today at 11:43 am] nikki: hmm uh did i say i don't have anything to do?

[Today at 11:40 am] Darna: wanna do my laundry, nik?

[Today at 11:27 am] nikki: i dont even understand how number 14 happened

[Today at 11:20 am] MCA™: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kaelintully/got-99-problems-and-i-am-all-of-them

[Today at 11:14 am] nikki: i feel weird not having anything to do right now

[Today at 11:12 am] nikki: agita

[Today at 11:12 am] nikki: covert affairs is giving me agitas

[Today at 11:10 am] MCA™: Falcao! :footy:

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