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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 04:27 pm] nikki: don't you know it's summer out man!

[Today at 04:13 pm] Soshin: inside unfortunately

[Today at 04:12 pm] Soshin: hamm inn peaches!

[Today at 04:07 pm] nikki: he's riding the staten island ferry smoking a blunt

[Today at 04:01 pm] fasteddie: reggae cruise? you mean you're stuck on a boat listening to the same song over and over and over for hours?

[Today at 03:20 pm] Toilet Baby: Cannabis cup band reggae cruise around manhattan bitches.

[Today at 03:16 pm] CeeDub: where is Soshin?

[Today at 02:36 pm] MCA™: B@®çå∂£ at 4, bitchez

[Today at 02:31 pm] nikki: ok study break over

[Today at 02:30 pm] nikki: that's the best kind

[Today at 02:29 pm] jehu: We doing day light drinking?

[Today at 02:26 pm] nikki: Today at 02:08 pm] Soshin: where are you Fuckers drinking in the sunshine? <-- up your butt

[Today at 02:25 pm] nikki: Today at 01:58 pm] Darna: i can feel his boner

[Today at 02:15 pm] Darna: little ones

[Today at 02:14 pm] Darna: that would be great, sue.  i would need about 4 pieces

[Today at 02:10 pm] Rabelais: But ther eis a bottle of rosé opem.

[Today at 02:10 pm] Rabelais: At work :sigh:

[Today at 02:08 pm] Soshin: where are you Fuckers drinking in the sunshine?

[Today at 02:07 pm] Sue2dRescue: I just saw sunchokes yesterday at the USQ farmer's market! I can pick some up for you on Monday, if you want.

[Today at 01:58 pm] Darna: i can feel it in my bones

[Today at 01:57 pm] Binky: How can you tell? :nerd:

[Today at 01:48 pm] Darna: oh for god's sakes hugh is at laughing man!

[Today at 01:47 pm] Darna: i suppose i could use jicama if i can't find sunchokes

[Today at 01:46 pm] Darna: didja get your freshdirect delivery yet?

[Today at 01:45 pm] jehu: Go to 3V and ask for some.

[Today at 01:44 pm] Darna: but i need to find sunchokes

[Today at 01:43 pm] Darna: i'ma make this tomorrow

[Today at 01:36 pm] Sue2dRescue: The whole blood pressure thing has been blown out of proportion.

[Today at 01:35 pm] Sue2dRescue: It's actually necessary for heart function.

[Today at 01:33 pm] nikki: it does bloat me though

[Today at 01:33 pm] nikki: i always thought it did something to your blood pressure or someething.   

[Today at 01:32 pm] nikki: lol

[Today at 01:29 pm] Sue2dRescue: :rofl:


[Today at 01:04 pm] Sue2dRescue: Salt is not a terrible thing for you--new research on this.

[Today at 01:04 pm] Sue2dRescue: From TJ's?

[Today at 12:54 pm] nikki: i just realized how much salt is in these delicious ass dumplings

[Today at 12:48 pm] Sue2dRescue: alrighty. if you'd like to try for a walk next weekend, i'm game. Doing the EArth Day 5K on Saturday at 10am.

[Today at 12:40 pm] Darna: i'd rather do the session at sun mon at 11:30

[Today at 12:38 pm] nikki: i'm sweaty!

[Today at 12:37 pm] Sue2dRescue: let me know so i can make plans.

[Today at 12:36 pm] MCA™: here we go! game is on NBC :footy:

[Today at 12:35 pm] Sue2dRescue: the earlier one is a Level 2, which I can't manage yet.

[Today at 12:34 pm] Sue2dRescue: 3:15pm http://www.yogashunya.com/schedule.html

[Today at 12:29 pm] Darna: is there one earlier in the ady, like around 10or 11?  5 is a bit late for me, i think

[Today at 12:27 pm] Sue2dRescue: stay strong, fe.

[Today at 12:27 pm] fasteddie: :wave:

[Today at 12:27 pm] fasteddie: lots of dogs, some in strollers

[Today at 12:25 pm] fasteddie: also new but questionable stuff

[Today at 12:25 pm] fasteddie: yeah, antique junk and junk in general

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