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[Today at 06:01 pm] nikki: Danke binky. I'm in good company

[Today at 06:00 pm] nikki: lol rab

[Today at 05:59 pm] Binky: Congratulations, Nikki.  I only know smart women, apparently. 

[Today at 05:58 pm] Binky: lol.

[Today at 05:57 pm] Rabelais: I always preferred short term sluts :|

[Today at 05:57 pm] nikki: A+ on my midterm sluts.   

[Today at 05:55 pm] Rabelais: New reply: Jersey City mayor says plan to hike council salaries is 'shameful'

[Today at 05:44 pm] Rabelais: :dunno: 

[Today at 05:42 pm] nikki: all i know is Lisa Bonet is married to Khal Drogo

[Today at 05:35 pm] MCA™: New Topic in board Calendar: Celebrate Mother Earth Festival - April 27, 2014

[Today at 05:28 pm] CeeDub: Olaf gets beheaded in season 4

[Today at 05:28 pm] Toilet Baby: thats how i started nikk.

[Today at 05:26 pm] nikki: i assumed i wouldn't like it but i couldn't sleep checked out the first episode among I'm all in

[Today at 05:25 pm] Bobblehead: Who the hell is Olof?

[Today at 05:24 pm] Bobblehead: Ooof

[Today at 05:24 pm] Toilet Baby: barcade wifi.

[Today at 05:21 pm] Bobblehead: Olof. Nap over. Still full.

[Today at 05:15 pm] MCA™: oh my. get to it gurl

[Today at 05:14 pm] nikki: 1

[Today at 05:14 pm] MCA™: which season?

[Today at 05:13 pm] nikki: beginning of episode2

[Today at 05:13 pm] nikki: so are you just staring at a black screen this season

[Today at 05:12 pm] MCA™: where are you up to in GoT, nikki?

[Today at 05:12 pm] nikki: that looks crazy

[Today at 05:12 pm] jehu: They ALL die.

[Today at 05:11 pm] nikki: I'm beat. I'm going to binge watch GoT

[Today at 05:11 pm] MCA™: pizza for me and cake for Darna

[Today at 05:05 pm] CeeDub: but raising their ire is zero sum

[Today at 05:00 pm] MCA™: roight

[Today at 04:55 pm] CeeDub: *to

[Today at 04:50 pm] CeeDub: I was gonna refer yo the city workers holiday authorizing them to do nothing, as opposed to doing next to nothing on a "work" day

[Today at 04:44 pm] shahaggy: next door to the GNC?

[Today at 04:40 pm] moelissa: where is A1 deli?

[Today at 04:36 pm] shahaggy: that's so sad :moe:, it was 2 doors down from A1 deli

[Today at 04:35 pm] moelissa: New reply: Re: MXYPLYZYK

[Today at 04:32 pm] shahaggy: New reply: Re: MXYPLYZYK

[Today at 04:28 pm] Darna: you're welcome!

[Today at 04:27 pm] MCA™: thanks! :-*

[Today at 04:27 pm] Darna: i just called and asked whether people need a resident parking permit tomorrow and they said no

[Today at 04:27 pm] Binky: He's probably missing some toes anyway. 

[Today at 04:25 pm] MCA™: someone call JCPA and check, TIA

[Today at 04:23 pm] Darna: dunno about that

[Today at 04:21 pm] MCA™: but I must, mustn't I?

[Today at 04:20 pm] MCA™: didnt want to step on CD's toes without consulting him

[Today at 04:18 pm] Darna: you might want to crrect that info if you think the other advice is wrong

[Today at 04:18 pm] MCA™: whe=she

[Today at 04:18 pm] MCA™: I know, D. was gonna say whe was clear for street cleaning and refer her to @jc_gov for the resident permit Q

[Today at 04:17 pm] Darna: dude, if she relies on wiredjc's advice and then she gets a ticket, that would suck

[Today at 04:16 pm] shahaggy: somebody really hates hudson county

[Today at 04:16 pm] MCA™: at least it's only nights and weekend mornings

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