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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:23 am] CeeDub: filling in here for FE & Binky

[Today at 10:22 am] CeeDub: No, wait, that's how you get to Carnegie Hall

[Today at 10:21 am] CeeDub: PATH to R train?

[Today at 10:20 am] nikki: How do you go to a dress rehearsal

[Today at 10:16 am] nikki: There's one on Tonnele and the other is in west new York I think

[Today at 10:11 am] MA: we nevabeen

[Today at 10:08 am] shahaggy: never been but I look forward to it

[Today at 10:07 am] nikki: I don't love rumba cubana

[Today at 10:04 am] shahaggy: :yum:

[Today at 10:01 am] jehu: https://www.jerseycityupfront.com/rumba-cubana-will-open-this-month-and-heres-their-menu/

[Today at 10:00 am] Darna: Julia stiles was in the audience and very pregnant

[Today at 10:00 am] Darna: Did you have a red bulls game?

[Today at 09:57 am] Darna: I went with HPD

[Today at 09:57 am] Darna: Gal gadot

[Today at 09:56 am] MA: what? where was I?!

[Today at 09:55 am] Darna: 3 for me! 

[Today at 09:45 am] MA: we've gone to 2 dress rehearsals

[Today at 09:44 am] MA: lol

[Today at 09:44 am] MA: standby

[Today at 09:44 am] nikki: Can you friend sneak me in a costume?

[Today at 09:43 am] nikki: I forget what it's called but where you get in line

[Today at 09:43 am] nikki: Have you ever tried to do the same day tickets?

[Today at 09:43 am] MA: our friend is a costumer at SNL

[Today at 09:42 am] shahaggy: I did get to see cosby on letterman, don't think he raped anyone in the audience while I was there

[Today at 09:42 am] shahaggy: I apply for the SNL lotto every year with no luck

[Today at 09:36 am] nikki: That's awesome.   I'd like to do that.  I'm going to apply for the SNL lotto this year

[Today at 09:33 am] CeeDub: I've been lucky enough to attend a few Friar's roasts, and visit the club, also

[Today at 09:23 am] nikki: Ah ok I didn't think it was from a roast. The whole thing would be bleeped out

[Today at 09:19 am] Binky: I looked it up now.  His rendition was from a Friar's Club roast.  Not CC.  The movie was called The Aristocrats.

[Today at 09:16 am] nikki: I remember seeing it on a documentary that I think was called the comedians 

[Today at 09:14 am] Binky: Was The Aristocrats joke done by Gilbert Godfrey from a CC Roast?

[Today at 09:03 am] shahaggy: +1

[Today at 08:51 am] nikki: Some of them are great

[Today at 08:48 am] Rabelais: I've never seen a Comedy Central roast. :dunno:

[Today at 08:47 am] nikki: Oh wait think it was just the taping 

[Today at 08:46 am] shahaggy: there was and I missed it?

[Today at 08:43 am] MA: neither did I :dunno:

[Today at 08:34 am] nikki: I didn't even know there was a comedy central roast on Saturday.  I'm slipping

[Today at 08:23 am] shahaggy: :yawn:

[Today at 07:49 am] MA: :yawn: :java: :pup:

[Today at 07:18 am] CeeDub: Of course since I decided to swim right at 0 700 no one has shown up for 15 minutes

[Today at 07:10 am] fasteddie: does a fromageur go around with a silver cheese grater on a chain around his neck?

[Today at 02:06 am] Rabelais: Jamie is no longer fromagering.

[07-15-2018, 11:33pm] CeeDub: Goodnight, Mrs. MacGillicuddy, wherever you are!

[07-15-2018, 11:25pm] CeeDub: Who Is America? Craziest shit EVAR

[07-15-2018, 11:05pm] CeeDub: Raindrops hitting the 'brella in the DG

[07-15-2018, 10:49pm] CeeDub: Hain't been, heard Jamie is still fromageur

[07-15-2018, 10:31pm] Rabelais: How is the new 3V regime?

[07-15-2018, 10:30pm] jehu: ChannelZero is pretty good.

[07-15-2018, 08:50pm] CeeDub: 3V had some last week per their shoutmedia

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