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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 05:09 pm] Binky: close enough.  Is kelly on two yellows now?

[Today at 05:07 pm] MA: i think that counts as an ass-kicking :footy:

[Today at 05:00 pm] Binky: To bad she didn't marry a guy named Pepper.

[Today at 04:19 pm] fasteddie: I would have chosen Marijuana Coke

[Today at 04:16 pm] Darna: bangs!

[Today at 04:14 pm] MA: look, it's Darna

[Today at 04:05 pm] MA: Carly IN

[Today at 04:03 pm] MA: mhm

[Today at 04:03 pm] Binky: Naeher worries me, though.  Mishandles situations to often.

[Today at 03:53 pm] shahaggy: buncha state police boats off exchange place

[Today at 03:34 pm] shahaggy: :jeanlucpalm:

[Today at 03:30 pm] MA: that's Dr. Marijuana Pepsi to you

[Today at 03:30 pm] shahaggy: BOOM 

[Today at 03:23 pm] shahaggy: go 'Murica!

[Today at 03:09 pm] MA: ah, minor injury. it just Ertz a little

[Today at 03:05 pm] MA: :nana:

[Today at 03:00 pm] MA: why isn't Julie Johnston starting?

[Today at 02:58 pm] Binky: I don't want to jinx it, but I think we are going to kick Sweden's ass.

[Today at 02:49 pm] fasteddie: Tampa Draft Dodgers

[Today at 02:46 pm] MA: the Montreal Bay Ex-Rays

[Today at 02:45 pm] MA: this is wacky :beisbol: https://twitter.com/JeffPassan/status/1141761834434871297

[Today at 02:39 pm] CeeDub: The." 'loose' 'manhole' cover," not the hydrant

[Today at 02:36 pm] CeeDub: If only a listing ofAirBnB properties/owners could be published -think a hotel group would find that research?

[Today at 02:35 pm] CeeDub: Was is a trolling?

[Today at 02:35 pm] shahaggy: Ertz not starting

[Today at 02:25 pm] Soshin: using a dump pump

[Today at 02:25 pm] Soshin: Now Lutz will be blasting that shit straignt into the Hudson

[Today at 02:17 pm] MA: i think it turns off comments after it's closed

[Today at 02:13 pm] shahaggy: hmm they turned off comments and status change on that

[Today at 02:11 pm] MA: take that, biergarten https://seeclickfix.com/issues/5994541

[Today at 02:06 pm] shahaggy: whoa Cameroon just scored in the 95th minute to take the lead

[Today at 01:56 pm] fasteddie: https://seeclickfix.com/issues/6062359?poi_token=9857c4e2405359fc6db0d48da491bd31c7005afa&utm_campaign=poi-notice-email&utm_content=issue-card-header&utm_medium=email&utm_source=poi-email&utm_term=issue-more

[Today at 01:32 pm] Rabelais: It was only robocalls, I unplugged it 

[Today at 01:31 pm] fasteddie: no landline? Do you think you're some kind of ageless, high tech, hipster millennial or something?

[Today at 01:25 pm] Rabelais: Exactly, FE. But they will try to use them. I don't even have a landline any more 

[Today at 01:24 pm] shahaggy: I'm streaming youtube tv on my phone at work

[Today at 01:21 pm] fasteddie: surveys and polls are inherently flawed. Only bored layabouts, blabbermouths and foolz stay on the line with them. Anyone with any sense doesn't answer or hangs up on them

[Today at 01:20 pm] MA: can't watch. at werk :palm:

[Today at 01:19 pm] shahaggy: and Canada ties it up!

[Today at 12:41 pm] Rabelais: People being called at home with 'surveys' about it.

[Today at 12:41 pm] Rabelais: From what I've heard, Airbnb is mounting a big battle on our stage.  Lots of new people in Facebook groups advocating.

[Today at 12:39 pm] shahaggy: f that

[Today at 12:36 pm] Rabelais: Yeah, I asked Yun about it on Tuesday. Haven't heard a word. Remember he's the one (1) looking to grandfather every building.

[Today at 12:35 pm] shahaggy: private :|

[Today at 12:34 pm] Rabelais: The group is now private

[Today at 12:34 pm] Rabelais: I found out about it in a JC Airbnb Facebook group, it was posted Monday.

[Today at 12:34 pm] shahaggy: nope

[Today at 12:32 pm] MA: not I

[Today at 12:25 pm] Rabelais: Have all of you people heard about the special council meeting on Airbnb?

[Today at 12:22 pm] shahaggy: weather is supposed to be decent too, I'm definitely walking up

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