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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 09:08 pm] nikki: sure did!

[Today at 08:55 pm] HippyWitch: Did you have a cookie the other night Nikki

[Today at 08:49 pm] Binky: Goal for BWP!   

[Today at 08:36 pm] HippyWitch: Work was absurd today

[Today at 08:32 pm] HippyWitch: He's a sweet fella

[Today at 08:30 pm] HippyWitch: Awww 

[Today at 08:27 pm] nikki: he had a taco and is now sleeping on the couch. I hope he stays in a deep sleep so I can transfer him to the bed

[Today at 08:26 pm] HippyWitch: What did NP have for dinner

[Today at 08:25 pm] HippyWitch: I think Sue said the lights were on as well. I would hope they could see if they were behind the wheel

[Today at 08:24 pm] HippyWitch: Hahahahahahahaba Bwahahahahaha

[Today at 08:24 pm] HippyWitch: Lmfaoooooo :rofl: 

[Today at 08:19 pm] Sue2dRescue: Hippy I thought of you this weekend. Almost mistakenly used my 2/3 measuring cup :rofl:

[Today at 08:18 pm] nikki: maybe they couldn't hear

[Today at 08:12 pm] HippyWitch: A fucking fire truck with lights and sirens is coming through. Get the fuck out of the way

[Today at 08:11 pm] HippyWitch: Not sure if that part was lost in translation

[Today at 08:11 pm] HippyWitch: Yeah I don't care about the reason as well 

[Today at 07:55 pm] Sue2dRescue: I don't care what the reason was. It's STUNNING

[Today at 07:48 pm] HippyWitch: Entitled Asshole. They should have backed up and rammed them out the fucking way

[Today at 07:25 pm] Sue2dRescue: It takes possibly three minutes to circle the block at most if you catch the red lights.

[Today at 07:24 pm] Sue2dRescue: Finally, the window rolled down. More gesturing. Person drove off, with truck driver saying "don't worry about it" or words to that effect.

[Today at 07:23 pm] Sue2dRescue: There was gesturing, and the truck driver had to ask the person to roll down the window. Person didn't do it immediately.

[Today at 07:22 pm] Sue2dRescue: Driver of the truck had to GET OUT OF THE TRUCK, go to the car window and ask the person to move.

[Today at 07:21 pm] Sue2dRescue: UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. A person parked in front of my apartment building with hazards on. Fire engine rolls down my street, lights and sirens blaring. Person refuses to move the car. 

[Today at 07:01 pm] fasteddie: Purple Ass Baboons 

[Today at 06:55 pm] fasteddie: Redbaiters

[Today at 06:55 pm] fasteddie: Redscare

[Today at 06:54 pm] MA: Redbeansandrice

[Today at 06:54 pm] fasteddie: name under consideration is 'Redtails'

[Today at 06:49 pm] CeeDub: Filibusters?

[Today at 06:44 pm] Darna: DeeCe Nuts

[Today at 06:03 pm] MA: the Watergates

[Today at 05:58 pm] Binky: Or the crooks

[Today at 05:45 pm] fasteddie: why were they called redskins in the first place? I don't associate DC with Indians. Maybe they should consider Washington Hindus or Washington Sikhs

[Today at 05:34 pm] Binky: Washington Red Nuts?

[Today at 05:13 pm] MA: Washington Nuts? :hmm:

[Today at 05:08 pm] Darna: i mean, they should change their name to Nuts

[Today at 05:07 pm] Darna: :fwp: 

[Today at 05:07 pm] Darna: i like Nuts

[Today at 05:05 pm] Binky: Not Marvel?

[Today at 04:37 pm] jehu: Change their name to the DC Redskins

[Today at 04:28 pm] MA: why not the Washington Redskin Potatoes?

[Today at 04:26 pm] MA: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/13/washington-redskins-officially-retire-name-and-logo-after-sponsor-backlash.html

[Today at 04:07 pm] MA: lolol

[Today at 03:51 pm] Darna: the bromance is on the rocks!

[Today at 03:37 pm] fasteddie: harumph

[Today at 02:18 pm] Binky: Evidently you don't.

[Today at 02:05 pm] fasteddie: fine, be that way. See if I care.

[Today at 01:57 pm] Binky: No,  that's okay.  I'll just do without it.

[Today at 01:56 pm] Binky: :palm:

[Today at 01:20 pm] fasteddie: I can lend you something better when you need it

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