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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 12:34 pm] shahaggy: nope

[Today at 12:32 pm] MA: not I

[Today at 12:25 pm] Rabelais: Have all of you people heard about the special council meeting on Airbnb?

[Today at 12:22 pm] shahaggy: weather is supposed to be decent too, I'm definitely walking up

[Today at 12:22 pm] CeeDub: RobOminous, brayed bred, belayed beautiful bread for bountiful beer

[Today at 12:19 pm] Rabelais: https://www.nj.com/hudson/2019/06/pub-to-celebrate-day-of-guinness-oysters-and-nonstop-music.html

[Today at 12:14 pm] shahaggy: so the Hutton is hosting Guinness & oysters this Saturday?

[Today at 12:12 pm] MA: this will never not be funny to me https://twitter.com/EddieSteak/status/1139600775737483264

[Today at 12:11 pm] MA: tweet with "Oopsie!" ?

[Today at 12:08 pm] Rabelais: MCA, texted yo a picture.

[Today at 12:03 pm] shahaggy: :barf:

[Today at 12:01 pm] Rabelais: Bud and Bud brands (Stella Artois) were mentioned

[Today at 12:01 pm] MA: wait we're getting the Budweiser :deadhorse: ?

[Today at 12:00 pm] MA: :pop:

[Today at 12:00 pm] Rabelais: Not found, error 404

[Today at 11:59 am] Rabelais: Maybe she jumped the gun

[Today at 11:59 am] Rabelais: Funny, shreekpea posted it and then it was taken down

[Today at 11:57 am] MA: i thought :fulop: was announcing the headliner on Monday

[Today at 11:55 am] Rabelais: So JC gets Pitbull and Budweiser for July 4?

[Today at 11:07 am] Binky: :2thumbs:

[Today at 10:41 am] Soshin: Sorry I'll be staying home and composting my hair

[Today at 10:38 am] MA: is that why i havent been able to sell my tix? anyone want to go see Bermuda v Nicaragua and Haiti v Costa Rico at RedBalls Arena next week?

[Today at 10:36 am] MA: :drama:

[Today at 10:28 am] Binky:  lol

[Today at 10:27 am] shahaggy: DOH!

[Today at 10:27 am] shahaggy: adds to the US women's argument for equal pay

[Today at 10:26 am] shahaggy: :palm:

[Today at 10:26 am] Soshin: I guess that's what happens when you schedule your tournament at the same time as the Wimmins World Cup

[Today at 10:25 am] Soshin: Univision just cancalled all of their upcoming CONCACAF Gold Cup feeds with us because apparently the ratings have been so low it's not worth their while sending a crew out

[Today at 10:20 am] Soshin: Yes I reported a Banshee to see click fix but the fuckers never do anything

[Today at 10:15 am] MA: maybe it was her ungodly screaming you heard from your backyard, Sosh

[Today at 10:09 am] Binky: No.  I told her right up front that I looked at her name and couldn't figure it out.

[Today at 10:05 am] shahaggy: silly sheila?

[Today at 10:01 am] Soshin: Did you call her "Silly" or "Syle"?  That's what most people do to Sheelah

[Today at 09:47 am] Soshin: Sje is cute, but also married with 3 kids

[Today at 09:46 am] shahaggy: [06-19-2019, 09:59pm] jehu: she hot?

[Today at 09:36 am] Soshin: Ahhhhhhh Sile, yes I know her well.  She lives right behind me

[Today at 09:35 am] Soshin: Probably Padtricia or Micktasha

[Today at 09:35 am] Soshin: I think I only know one off the boat Irish lady in JC and she lives over in Berg-Laf.  Can't remember her name though

[Today at 09:34 am] shahaggy: they're the wurst

[Today at 09:28 am] Binky: I learned a little more about pronunciation Irish names. Sile.

[Today at 09:27 am] Binky: My experience selling the dryer prepared me.

[Today at 09:26 am] Soshin: Irish woman?  We don't allow those dirty muck savages in Lincoln PArk

[Today at 09:26 am] shahaggy: wow, how rude

[Today at 09:25 am] MA: the boyfriend's going to be in the :pup: house

[Today at 09:24 am] Binky: In what ways?  Having a child changes your perspective, too.

[Today at 09:23 am] nikki: I just read something and in my head did his exaggerated sigh and eye roll

[Today at 09:23 am] nikki: I can see myself getting more conservative in some ways as I get older. Or maybe it's P's influence. 

[Today at 09:23 am] Binky: She said her boyfriend was going to pick it up.  I never heard from him.  So I sold it to someone who came right down and got it at 9PM.

[Today at 09:20 am] Binky: :dunno:

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