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[Today at 12:26 pm] Soshin: But at least we cleaned the fridges out before the beer got warm and they remember the credit card machine wouldnt work

[Today at 12:26 pm] Soshin: Alas that was the day that I learned beer taps are also electric

[Today at 12:25 pm] shahaggy: I went to the pub on my bike ride home to weehawken at the time

[Today at 12:25 pm] Soshin: I was the Shaggy of Swifts

[Today at 12:25 pm] Soshin: Essentially 5 afternoons a week

[Today at 12:24 pm] Soshin: And I had no kid so waking hours were spent in Swifts

[Today at 12:24 pm] Soshin: I was on a 4 day work week where 2 of the days were overnights

[Today at 12:24 pm] Darna: how come you people were at pubs and i was working?

[Today at 12:23 pm] Darna: i was at our 46th street office!  guess where i am now!

[Today at 12:23 pm] shahaggy: I was at McBride's in Hoboken

[Today at 12:20 pm] Soshin: Good to know I have moved on so much in my life!

[Today at 12:20 pm] Soshin: Wnich means I was in Swifts

[Today at 12:20 pm] Soshin: Apparently the great northeast blackout was 15 years ago today

[Today at 12:15 pm] Darna: that's a good one!

[Today at 12:15 pm] Soshin: That was mine too

[Today at 12:01 pm] MA: who came up with "that's not a K-9, that's a K-10!"

[Today at 11:57 am] Soshin: Aw I thought my jokes did rather well.  Only the POOCH WITH THE HOOCH didn't get used

[Today at 11:54 am] TheFang: :deadhorse:

[Today at 11:52 am] MA: it'll save you from hearing your jokes bomb, eh?

[Today at 11:49 am] Soshin: :2thumbs:

[Today at 11:48 am] Darna: :palm:

[Today at 11:48 am] shahaggy: :flipoff:

[Today at 11:47 am] Binky: :|

[Today at 11:47 am] Soshin: He's going to give me a punjab

[Today at 11:47 am] Soshin: By the way I've decided to retire from pun writing.  I went to see a special Indian doctor who said he can cure me and stop me from making stupid jokes with just one vaccination

[Today at 11:45 am] Soshin: People over the age of 100 eat free for ONE MINUTE!

[Today at 11:45 am] Soshin: Get Living Antisocial Deals for Hudson Country Restaurant Minute!

[Today at 11:44 am] Binky: :2thumbs:

[Today at 11:42 am] MA: i'd prefer livingantisocial 

[Today at 11:41 am] Soshin: OOF!

[Today at 11:41 am] Soshin: 90% oof Feed your Mum deal!

[Today at 11:41 am] MA: lol

[Today at 11:40 am] Soshin: he probably had a livingsocial coupon

[Today at 11:39 am] Binky:  And you paid for their dinner, too?

[Today at 11:39 am] Soshin: Well obviously they probably feel like you owe them for raising you and shit

[Today at 11:36 am] MA: apparently my parents use my Netflix as well 

[Today at 11:35 am] Soshin: We also had Hulu but then dumb cassie had to go and move to dumb Florida

[Today at 11:35 am] MA: which we could then give to jehu for the hulu :| 

[Today at 11:35 am] Soshin: Yeah!  Slam that freeloader!

[Today at 11:34 am] MA: If you think we're paying too much I could charge Sue a little something for using the login :P

[Today at 11:34 am] Soshin: Maybe a new statue of a Polish guy being run over by a car might be a good compromise

[Today at 11:34 am] shahaggy: let's move it to fulops front yard!

[Today at 11:33 am] shahaggy: yeah but the traffic median isn't wide enough

[Today at 11:32 am] Darna: and also, wasn't the original site suppposed to be elsewhere anyway?

[Today at 11:32 am] Darna: i thought the statue was a gift. did people really pay for it?

[Today at 11:32 am] MA: That's right!  Add the cost of 5 Guinneii to every match watched 

[Today at 11:32 am] shahaggy: :2thumbs:

[Today at 11:32 am] Darna: i can't convince mca that we pay too much for cable.

[Today at 11:31 am] Soshin: and the Amazon Prime is also something I have anyway so it doesn't really feel like an extra

[Today at 11:31 am] Soshin: Ah those pub trips happen anyway, they just happen a little earlier and finish a little earlier

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