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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 09:47 pm] nikki: You show off your ass a lot in pics

[Today at 09:38 pm] Darna: Please stop drinking do you don't fall off that ladder

[Today at 09:34 pm] MA: there's a nice view of my ass on HCA Fb :nerd:

[Today at 09:30 pm] Binky: Or should I say "The" Horticulture joke.  There is only one.

[Today at 09:28 pm] Binky: There's a Horticulture joke there.

[Today at 09:27 pm] Binky: I had a potted one last spring, and it lasted forever.  I found out belatedly that I could have planted it.

[Today at 09:27 pm] fasteddie: oh, it's only a flower, I thought the link said "hottygirl"

[Today at 09:26 pm] nikki: That's pretty

[Today at 09:25 pm] Binky: http://www.hortygirl.com/innergrowth/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/sunstar.jpg

[Today at 09:24 pm] Binky: Commonly called star of Bethlehem, orange star flower, snake flower or chincherinchee

[Today at 09:23 pm] nikki: The bayonne talks facebook group is the equivalent of AtS but weirder

[Today at 09:18 pm] Darna: Are they birds of paradise? 

[Today at 09:16 pm] Binky: Yeth.

[Today at 09:12 pm] fasteddie: you're speaking in tongues!

[Today at 09:09 pm] Binky: Ornithogalum Dubium

[Today at 09:06 pm] Binky: I bought some bulbs for the garden.  Barely time to plant them

[Today at 08:39 pm] nikki: Gym gumps

[Today at 08:32 pm] Darna: :D

[Today at 08:30 pm] Binky: Nobody puts Mima in a corner crate

[Today at 08:17 pm] Darna: I think I need to do laundry but Mima is sleeping on me

[Today at 08:10 pm] Darna: This fake sausage is really good

[Today at 08:10 pm] Darna: Woohoo dirty dancing is on 

[Today at 08:06 pm] nikki: sounds better than your story.

[Today at 08:04 pm] jehu: that sounds horrible. 

[Today at 08:02 pm] Darna: I put soy protein sausage and potatoes and peas in the eggs.  It was yummy. 

[Today at 07:56 pm] nikki: it sounds like a real person but it's a recording.

[Today at 07:53 pm] nikki: i keep getting caught by this tricky telemarketer

[Today at 07:51 pm] nikki: i like breakfast for dinner.  i'm not an omelet lover though

[Today at 07:51 pm] Binky: That's cool.

[Today at 07:51 pm] Darna: I made breakfast for dinner.  An omelet and salad

[Today at 07:50 pm] nikki: make multiple servings...

[Today at 07:46 pm] Darna: It's impossible to make dinner for one person

[Today at 07:44 pm] Darna: He was talking about the lighting.  Literally. 

[Today at 07:27 pm] nikki: I know the crowd that will be there.  It will be no such thing.

[Today at 07:25 pm] CeeDub: Abercrombie & Fitch? :dunno:

[Today at 07:23 pm] MA: fine, tomorrow's party will be turnt

[Today at 07:20 pm] MA: :D

[Today at 07:20 pm] nikki: I wish MCA would unlearn the term Lit AF

[Today at 07:20 pm] MA: help decorate at Barrow Mansion. i'll be there in 15

[Today at 07:15 pm] nikki: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/gallery/awkward-family-christmas-photographs-4752630

[Today at 07:13 pm] fasteddie: go over to jehu's 

[Today at 07:12 pm] Binky: BK wants me to go out. 

[Today at 07:12 pm] fasteddie: because we're in with the IN crowd

[Today at 07:12 pm] MA: I was couch napping! 

[Today at 07:12 pm] Binky: I know.  I do it alot. 

[Today at 07:12 pm] nikki: It's what I'm doing right now

[Today at 07:09 pm] fasteddie: what's wrong with sitting around at home? It's all the rage these days

[Today at 07:07 pm] jehu: Well, now you should go. 

[Today at 07:07 pm] jehu: Not that it matters. 

[Today at 07:07 pm] Binky: Wup.  I got released.  BK says it's okay not to go as long as I'm not sitting around at home.

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