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[Today at 02:20 pm] nikki: Well I would have said the Americas if I wanted to include the other 3rd world dumps

[Today at 02:20 pm] nikki: That's what I really meant

[Today at 02:18 pm] Binky: And don't you really mean the US?

[Today at 02:18 pm] Binky: Cd is kidding. He knows that. Even Hope Solo knows that. 

[Today at 02:16 pm] nikki: Zika is in America 

[Today at 02:13 pm] shahaggy: and I go find lunch

[Today at 02:12 pm] CeeDub: I crawl back under my Pleistocene rock now :wave:

[Today at 02:12 pm] shahaggy: yes it was

[Today at 02:11 pm] Binky: Better travel writer than novelist, but Mosquito Coast was good. 

[Today at 02:10 pm] Binky: Aren't you?   

[Today at 02:07 pm] CeeDub: Oh great now Imma be accused of spreading fear about Zika

[Today at 02:07 pm] CeeDub: Mosquito Coast

[Today at 02:04 pm] Binky: Justin Theroux's father. 

[Today at 02:01 pm] Binky: +1

[Today at 02:01 pm] shahaggy: I've heard of Theroux

[Today at 02:00 pm] jehu: Also going to pick up a book about NYC under Lindsay. 

[Today at 01:58 pm] jehu: Didn't say I wouldn't read it.

[Today at 01:54 pm] Binky: Jehu: never heard of him. 

[Today at 01:52 pm] Binky: ::)

[Today at 01:45 pm] Binky: Southbound. 

[Today at 01:44 pm] jehu: I prefer Faulkner

[Today at 01:36 pm] Soshin: It's PARTY TIME down south

[Today at 01:35 pm] Soshin: :sheepshagger:

[Today at 01:35 pm] Soshin: :soshin:

[Today at 01:35 pm] Soshin: :soshi:

[Today at 01:32 pm] Soshin: It usually takes exactly 1 beer before white southerners stop talking to me

[Today at 01:31 pm] Soshin: I always enjoy my trips down south but I am very aware that I get the special "He's from Scotland so he must be a racist" pass

[Today at 01:30 pm] Soshin: [Today at 01:28 pm] jehu: Can we all agree that Mississippi is a thUrd world country? 

[Today at 01:30 pm] Binky: Recommend it. 

[Today at 01:29 pm] jehu: No. I know the song.

[Today at 01:29 pm] Binky: Just finished 'Deep South' by Paul Theroux. 

[Today at 01:29 pm] nikki: Did you spell it M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I....

[Today at 01:28 pm] Binky: You spelled that right. 

[Today at 01:28 pm] nikki: Yes.. why I wouldn't live there

[Today at 01:28 pm] jehu: Can we all agree that Mississippi is a third world country?

[Today at 01:27 pm] Soshin: USA! NUMBA 2! USA! NUMBA 2! USA! NUMBA 2!

[Today at 01:27 pm] Binky: New world old world third world   We are #1

[Today at 01:26 pm] jehu: We are a 2nd world country, FYI.

[Today at 01:25 pm] Soshin: How about we just turn this country into a 3rd world country then everyone will be happy!

[Today at 01:25 pm] Binky: What does everyone have against the old world. Perfect for retirees 

[Today at 01:24 pm] CeeDub: Neat bubble chart

[Today at 01:19 pm] nikki: Yes 3rd world country to developed country

[Today at 01:19 pm] CeeDub: Ahh, that's it, someone was HANGRY!!

[Today at 01:19 pm] CeeDub: India #1 in exiting population, US # 19

[Today at 01:18 pm] CeeDub: Where does THAT come from? Cheeze'n'rice, all I said (supported by data) is that US is #1 in intake, for many reasons.

[Today at 01:16 pm] Binky: By definition. 

[Today at 01:13 pm] nikki: So people who emigrate are ungrateful?

[Today at 01:13 pm] MCA™: soft shell crab sammich :yum:

[Today at 01:09 pm] CeeDub: or forced as a refugee

[Today at 01:09 pm] CeeDub: No, I understand as a travelled person that the world is big and beautiful. We are lucky to be in a very nice place. And to be able to consider and even pursue immigration, vs. being denied

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