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[Today at 12:20 am] MA: https://twitter.com/Sethrogen/status/1353869962968895488

[01-25-2021, 10:23pm] MA: *fear of

[01-25-2021, 10:22pm] MA: yes that has to explain your giant worms, shrinking rooms and heavy breathing men

[01-25-2021, 09:30pm] CeeDub: Stop reading Edgar Allan Poe &/or watching Vincent Price movies

[01-25-2021, 08:20pm] TheFang: And yeah,  the jam were amazing.  I've seen Weller twice live. 

[01-25-2021, 08:20pm] TheFang: There's a style council doc on showtime now. Haven't seen it yet,  but it's supposed to be very good.   

[01-25-2021, 08:18pm] Soshin: Now that you mention it MCA I think Star Wars might explain that particular irrational fear, I had forgotten about that scene.  Not a fan of giant wormy things either

[01-25-2021, 08:13pm] Soshin: I am getting annoyed with Alexa because I asked her to play Roberta Flack and she played Burt Bacharach.  This is why AI will never rule us

[01-25-2021, 08:11pm] Soshin: Solo Weller is terrible but The Jam are amazing and I am actually ok with The Style Council now despite my hatred of 80s shite

[01-25-2021, 08:02pm] MA: ooh thanks TF

[01-25-2021, 08:01pm] MA: so you hated the garbage chute scene in Star Wars

[01-25-2021, 07:51pm] TheFang: AB really dislikes all solo Weller

[01-25-2021, 07:51pm] TheFang: I haven't listened to it in a bit, but I remember enjoying it 

[01-25-2021, 07:49pm] Soshin: Paul Weller’s “Wild Wood” album has NOT aged well

[01-25-2021, 07:48pm] Soshin: I had a lot of weird anxieties

[01-25-2021, 07:47pm] Soshin: I was also scared of those rooms where the walls start closing in and try to crush you like a meaty waffle iron

[01-25-2021, 07:46pm] Soshin: The Pointy Box works too

[01-25-2021, 07:46pm] Soshin: Yes that was it!  My hatred of heavy metal meant I blanked on the name

[01-25-2021, 07:27pm] TheFang: An iron maiden?

[01-25-2021, 07:26pm] TheFang: mca, an essay you may have interest in. https://twitter.com/estherxlwang/status/1353782575785979911?s=19

[01-25-2021, 07:15pm] Soshin: You know when I was growing up I had an overriding fear of being trapped in one of those sarcophagus things with the big spikes in it that fill you full of holes when it closes

[01-25-2021, 07:14pm] Soshin: Which is the pre-quel to the Man in the Iron Monkey

[01-25-2021, 07:14pm] Soshin: The Man in the Iron Mask

[01-25-2021, 07:07pm] MA: :mask:

[01-25-2021, 06:11pm] Binky: What kind of mask?

[01-25-2021, 05:13pm] fasteddie: you won't know me in my mask

[01-25-2021, 05:05pm] CeeDub: I rode PATH on MLK Day, first time 2021

[01-25-2021, 04:43pm] Soshin: I walked to Jsq PATH today.  It almost felt normal.  Filled with lunatics

[01-25-2021, 04:41pm] Binky: Or,   :santa:                                                    :burns:

[01-25-2021, 04:32pm] MA: your meeting would look like this :santa: :burns:

[01-25-2021, 04:14pm] Binky: But I remember lots of funny things he has said for years back.

[01-25-2021, 04:13pm] Binky: Maybe I would.  Hard to tell.

[01-25-2021, 04:12pm] Binky: For instance, I would not recognize fe if I ran into him in the grocery store.  I haven't seen him enough.

[01-25-2021, 04:10pm] Binky: Ahh,  Thanks.  I know who they are now.  I have really bad facial recognition powers.

[01-25-2021, 03:50pm] MA: it's CA Gov Gavin Newsome & then-wife Kimberly, a.k.a., Trump Jr's girlfriend

[01-25-2021, 03:49pm] MA: i've had it on my phone for months. nada

[01-25-2021, 03:21pm] fasteddie: had covid contact alert on my phone for 2 days, hasn't detected any sickos yet

[01-25-2021, 03:18pm] fasteddie: I don't think we need to know them, binky

[01-25-2021, 02:30pm] HippyWitch: Lol lol 

[01-25-2021, 02:30pm] HippyWitch: 2 fuckface

[01-25-2021, 02:30pm] HippyWitch: Gavin And Kimberley

[01-25-2021, 02:19pm] Binky: I hate the dcore.  I hope it's a hotel and no one's individual taste.  Very Trumpian.

[01-25-2021, 02:18pm] Binky: Who are those people?  Anyone important to know?

[01-25-2021, 02:00pm] MA: https://twitter.com/Beckylooo/status/1353756887666180096

[01-25-2021, 02:00pm] MA: a sack of GTFO

[01-25-2021, 01:58pm] fasteddie: given a sack of what?

[01-25-2021, 01:10pm] MA: https://twitter.com/GovMurphy/status/1353766416848220162

[01-25-2021, 12:22pm] MA: wow GovMurph just gave the Riveters a shoutout

[01-25-2021, 11:31am] MA: Frank Lampard given the sack

[01-25-2021, 11:08am] Darna: don't you mean sacked?

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