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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 11:29 pm] MA: lol

[Today at 11:15 pm] HippyWitch: Gotg2

[Today at 11:04 pm] Binky: :nana:

[Today at 11:03 pm] TheFang: Whooooooo!

[Today at 10:54 pm] Binky: " Cop said there have been 22 cases of car theft this past week in our little town..."  :rofl:

[Today at 10:54 pm] MA: Red Balls win! :footy:

[Today at 10:53 pm] Binky: They are on video, I hear.  lol

[Today at 10:52 pm] nikki: Wow that's crazy. Thieving bastards

[Today at 10:43 pm] Binky: Yes.  Just this past week.  Bronze with rally stripes

[Today at 10:39 pm] MA: https://twitter.com/itsjamesherring/status/879957302241001472

[Today at 10:24 pm] MA: It's block by block in Milburn 

[Today at 10:22 pm] MA: :nerd:

[Today at 10:22 pm] CeeDub: OIC. AmEx, Xfinity and TumbleRegRenewal. The rest junque

[Today at 10:07 pm] CeeDub: Hey!! Where's the mailbox key?

[Today at 10:05 pm] nikki: someone is selling one on CL that sounds wacky

[Today at 09:53 pm] nikki: Really? Recently?

[Today at 09:49 pm] Binky: friend of mine had his stolen from his driveway in millburn.

[Today at 09:39 pm] nikki: what about minis

[Today at 09:07 pm] nikki: 05 just hit 100k miles

[Today at 08:36 pm] fasteddie: what year is the elantra?

[Today at 08:20 pm] nikki: Lol P drives my Elantra. I've been driving the truck.  I fit in perfectly down here

[Today at 08:18 pm] nikki: I would FE, but he's stubborn

[Today at 08:04 pm] MA: lol P in a Yaris

[Today at 07:54 pm] fasteddie: buy jehu's car, do him a favor

[Today at 07:52 pm] nikki: Thanks I'll check that out.  That would be perfect actually

[Today at 07:47 pm] nikki: We left

[Today at 07:47 pm] nikki: Raced another guy to get to us even though he had someone and made us wait 

[Today at 07:46 pm] nikki: He ra

[Today at 07:38 pm] CeeDub: https://www.bmwedison.com/used/Subaru/2013-Subaru-Legacy-edison-nj-efeada080a0e099177bb18e2e5890978.htm

[Today at 07:30 pm] CeeDub: Check out inventory at https://www.bmwedison.com/used-inventory/index.htm

[Today at 07:23 pm] CeeDub: God damn the Meadowlands looks so pretty tonight on Belleville Turnpike

[Today at 07:20 pm] CeeDub: Told ya so

[Today at 06:34 pm] Rabelais: My fav is their Cab Franc

[Today at 06:02 pm] nikki: Terrible salesperson. We left

[Today at 05:56 pm] nikki: I'm already getting agita. The sticker price is 7K over the website and what I was emailed

[Today at 05:41 pm] nikki: I've never bought a used car from a dealer though

[Today at 05:41 pm] nikki: They have a few cars here that seem like they'd work 

[Today at 05:40 pm] Binky: TWSS

[Today at 05:39 pm] nikki: Lol it's all in the timing

[Today at 05:39 pm] MA: none of teh  Finca is available here onaccounta not being grown on teh premises 

[Today at 05:33 pm] CeeDub: Nikki you knew i'd :meerkat: Wolffer

[Today at 05:33 pm] CeeDub: They did bodywork on  regional employee's lease car, THEY DIDN'T REINSTALL THE PLASTIC WHEEL WELL LINER in the fender. Left it in the trunk

[Today at 05:31 pm] CeeDub: They suck? Stereotype of every dealer horror story?

[Today at 05:30 pm] CeeDub: Argentine or Chilean fruit?

[Today at 05:29 pm] nikki: CD. What was wrong with DCN

[Today at 05:26 pm] MA: Wolffer Estate, bitchez :wine:

[Today at 04:38 pm] CeeDub: Not that there's anything wrong with that

[Today at 04:36 pm] CeeDub: Bears Hunt

[Today at 04:36 pm] Binky: Bathrooms not working, CD?

[Today at 04:35 pm] CeeDub: :meerkat: bearhunt411?

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