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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 06:20 pm] jehu: :rofl:

[Today at 06:18 pm] Binky: OMG.  I'm trying to make things convenient and get her to pick a coffee shop in town.  Now she's suggesting we meet at the police station. :palm:

[Today at 05:56 pm] Binky: The woman that would have enjoyed it was out of town.  I asked

[Today at 05:54 pm] Binky: I haven't gone there.

[Today at 05:51 pm] nikki: Does she like soccer

[Today at 05:36 pm] Binky: I'll ask her if I should have.

[Today at 05:28 pm] MA: it's a gamble. could be great...or not

[Today at 05:26 pm] Binky: I could have asked if she wanted toi go to the game, but it would have been short notice, and a bad kind of first date.

[Today at 05:25 pm] Binky: When I have time, she's busy.  We had decided sunday would be the better day based upon weather.  Of course, it's beautiful now.

[Today at 05:24 pm] Binky: That's Right!

[Today at 05:24 pm] MA: shoutboxing takes priority

[Today at 05:23 pm] Binky: I'm too busy to work her into my frenetic schedule.

[Today at 05:22 pm] Binky: That's tomorrow.  Hopefully.

[Today at 05:18 pm] Darna: Binky,  how did coffee go? 

[Today at 05:13 pm] Binky: I don't think you have to call the shot, like in pool

[Today at 05:11 pm] MA: replayed the 2nd goal. looks like he meant to pass to the back post

[Today at 05:04 pm] Binky: NYC just intercepted too many bad/slow passes.  Their pace is too fast for the RB's

[Today at 05:03 pm] Binky: Alex Muyl was lost, too.

[Today at 05:03 pm] Darna: And he tries to  get rid of it as soon as he has possession.  No dribbling skills.   

[Today at 05:02 pm] MA: that's right!

[Today at 05:00 pm] Darna: Ugh. Sascha klezmer is awful.  He looks like he doesn't know what to  do with the ball. 

[Today at 04:48 pm] CeeDub: Looks like trouble at ringside two police cars on scene in the parking lot sorry 3 police cars

[Today at 04:30 pm] MA: Project: Eats

[Today at 03:40 pm] Binky: They should make NYC fans take a different train 

[Today at 03:38 pm] Binky: Red bulls suck. 

[Today at 03:04 pm] CeeDub: No mixer, but clu/seltzer I guess? I drank it in a rocks glass. Was an excellent potion for twisting my handlebars

[Today at 02:34 pm] MA: Red Balls Arena with Darna , footybitchezRed

[Today at 01:45 pm] nikki: what's the mixer for that

[Today at 01:42 pm] CeeDub: The rocks and lime helped but yeah, 2x did the trick to get lit quick

[Today at 01:39 pm] nikki: lol says no one ever

[Today at 01:38 pm] HippyWitch: You're too sweet

[Today at 01:33 pm] nikki: Too sweet!

[Today at 01:31 pm] CeeDub: /evil 

[Today at 01:31 pm] CeeDub: I forgot how good/eil Kahlua is. Summers sucking down black Russians on rocks w lime 

[Today at 01:25 pm] CeeDub: Look as the fat arsehole w the big bottle of No 401(k)

[Today at 01:24 pm] HippyWitch: Lol lol lol 

[Today at 01:24 pm] CeeDub: And the stage in the pile of ironing where iced coffee turns into a ginourmous White Russian java shake

[Today at 01:24 pm] HippyWitch: Whut lol I love your posts

[Today at 01:23 pm] CeeDub: I've reached that stage where I hate myself for posting displays of my fucked up priorities

[Today at 01:21 pm] HippyWitch: Fuck off with that shit

[Today at 01:21 pm] HippyWitch: LOfuckingL at people on Facebook who never like or comment on anything ever but who post their 1%er vacations and expect everyone to like and comment 

[Today at 12:46 pm] Binky: Thanks.  I got the wheels I was looking for , no longer looking for the blades

[Today at 12:33 pm] nikki: The Starbucks drive thru is lit

[Today at 11:51 am] CeeDub: I'll sell them to you for $10 - he wants $7

[Today at 11:51 am] fasteddie: do they have any propeller beanies?

[Today at 11:51 am] CeeDub: Look to be size 8, good shape, moderate wear, come with wrist breakers

[Today at 11:45 am] CeeDub: NW Corner of Jerz & 7th

[Today at 11:32 am] MA: TF  the face value on the printed ticket is $125 :o

[Today at 11:31 am] MA: :2thumbs:

[Today at 11:29 am] TheFang: Make sure Darna brings her good luck with her today.   

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