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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 07:40 pm] nikki: I see all you bitches have snapchat

[Today at 06:34 pm] MA: how have you people not shared this yet https://youtu.be/tu3mP0c51hE

[Today at 05:20 pm] MA: Monday we have a 5pm early bird dinner, so could meet up earlier

[Today at 05:20 pm] shahaggy: I gott drenched walking home

[Today at 05:02 pm] TheFang: Or earlier Saturday 

[Today at 04:57 pm] TheFang: Monday is fine too 

[Today at 04:52 pm] nikki: Hmmm well Saturday day. I just have to be back home by 530/6

[Today at 04:50 pm] Darna: sunday no good for us. are we doing lunch or dinner on monday, mca?

[Today at 04:45 pm] nikki: Sunday? Monday?

[Today at 04:44 pm] nikki: Taking P out for his birthday in NB

[Today at 04:43 pm] Darna: i could be the iron throne

[Today at 04:11 pm] TheFang: We could do that 

[Today at 03:55 pm] MA: how about we gettogether this Saturday?

[Today at 03:54 pm] shahaggy: :bobble: well lick my dick and sit on a shit stain! 

[Today at 03:52 pm] TheFang: It's raining,  big big cloud on the way...

[Today at 03:52 pm] TheFang: Hey,  I've been calling for us to all get together and have gotten no response 

[Today at 03:44 pm] jehu: Or Secret Squirrel and Mr. Mole.

[Today at 03:36 pm] jehu: You all should dress up as Jabber Jaw and the Neptunes.

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: Best K9 Unit - the best pup picture sent in on the day

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: Best Little Detective - the best mini detective on the day (kids prize)

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: Best Team Name - hit us with the most original and clever team name you can think of!

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: Best Team Picture - the detective squad that takes the funkiest team picture on the day (again, all pics should be submitted via Facebook please)

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: Best Dressed Team - the team who turns up in the best fancy dress costume (all pics should be submitted via our Facebook Event Page and have us tagged in please) 

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: The Fastest Team - the quickest team to solve the mystery

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: "There will be team trophies or medals sent out in the week following the event for each of the below categories:

[Today at 03:31 pm] shahaggy: maybe have a planning meeting on to plan on meeting to hammer these things out?

[Today at 03:30 pm] shahaggy: what happened to that planning meeting you people talked about?

[Today at 03:30 pm] TheFang: We don't have a name yet!

[Today at 03:10 pm] jehu: Go as thieves.

[Today at 03:09 pm] Binky: Something memorable, I hope. 

[Today at 03:08 pm] shahaggy: so you have no clue

[Today at 03:01 pm] MA: :dunno:

[Today at 02:57 pm] nikki: Hello what are we wearing next weekend!

[Today at 02:50 pm] shahaggy: wow as if my summer wasn't rocking already, I get to do testing on back to back Saturdays to begin June

[Today at 02:16 pm] shahaggy: executive decision made, I will wfh tomorrow

[Today at 02:12 pm] MA: 12/10 would watch

[Today at 02:09 pm] shahaggy: https://twitter.com/patrickHovan/status/1130913190752247808

[Today at 02:09 pm] Binky: Fancy neighborhood. 

[Today at 02:08 pm] Binky: Da Bronx! 

[Today at 01:41 pm] MA: in da Bronx?

[Today at 01:36 pm] Binky: Fieldston estates, friends 

[Today at 01:26 pm] MA: Kings Landing :fire: scene set to AC/DC's Hells Bells

[Today at 12:47 pm] MA: well well well

[Today at 12:38 pm] Soshin: Meeting JCPeace and Mrs JCP and the Wolverhampton Wanderer in Barcade this afternoon if anyone wishes to join

[Today at 12:36 pm] Soshin: I have a sling account for special occasions like the World Cup but those are few and far between

[Today at 12:35 pm] Soshin: We've been surviving with Netflix, Prime and Free to air TV

[Today at 12:34 pm] Soshin: Hmm outta my price range

[Today at 12:01 pm] shahaggy: you can set up 6 different devices on an account with separate dvr accounts

[Today at 12:00 pm] shahaggy: I cut the cord so I get my live tv from youtube tv for $55 a month

[Today at 11:59 am] shahaggy: yeah it's similar to sling soshin

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