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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 01:34 pm] shahaggy: https://twitter.com/Ollie_Cycles/status/1043191126663077889

[Today at 12:58 pm] shahaggy: [Today at 12:48 pm] Darna: all I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom

[Today at 12:48 pm] Darna: Should,  not zoomed 

[Today at 12:48 pm] Darna: We zoomed go to square 1 I mean

[Today at 12:46 pm] shahaggy: https://nypost.com/2018/09/14/this-art-show-starring-two-live-goats-is-basically-your-life/

[Today at 12:40 pm] MA: oh wait, not until oct 4

[Today at 12:37 pm] MA: also did you see Square 1 is doing dinner now too

[Today at 12:36 pm] MA: oh god works for you too 

[Today at 12:36 pm] Darna: Good,  not god

[Today at 12:35 pm] Darna: Oh God.  Dinner with your parents at that Goa place

[Today at 12:34 pm] MA: yerp

[Today at 12:34 pm] Darna: Mca are you wfh?

[Today at 12:28 pm] MA: :rofl:

[Today at 12:23 pm] nikki: Ermagehrd I will punch you if you go to nightmare fear factory

[Today at 12:14 pm] shahaggy: Phish tribute band playing FM tonight :nana:

[Today at 12:11 pm] shahaggy: no, I went home and watched the Yankee game 

[Today at 12:02 pm] MA: did you hit teh Hutton?

[Today at 11:59 am] shahaggy: or maybe you prefer a meat raffle

[Today at 11:57 am] shahaggy: I will not be frequenting that anchor bar

[Today at 11:56 am] shahaggy: run

[Today at 11:56 am] shahaggy: :punk:

[Today at 11:55 am] MA: https://ny.eater.com/2018/5/18/17369588/anchor-bar-no-wings-nyc :drama:

[Today at 11:53 am] MA: last week of OCt

[Today at 11:52 am] shahaggy: when are you going to be up there?

[Today at 11:43 am] MA: hard pass on the wax museum

[Today at 11:43 am] shahaggy: and you can go to M Tusaud's wax museum!

[Today at 11:42 am] shahaggy: the falls are nicer from the Canada side

[Today at 11:41 am] MA: so far we have two F.L. Wright house tours, the Falls, and this

[Today at 11:41 am] shahaggy: Gabriels Gate

[Today at 11:40 am] shahaggy: hit up Anchor bar

[Today at 11:40 am] MA: WHERE

[Today at 11:40 am] shahaggy: oh and drink

[Today at 11:40 am] Binky: Go to Canada

[Today at 11:40 am] shahaggy: eat, eat and eat some more

[Today at 11:39 am] MA: shags what are fun places/things to do in the Buffalo/Niagara area

[Today at 11:38 am] shahaggy: yeah, she's moved on

[Today at 11:36 am] MA: :|

[Today at 11:36 am] MA: Mxx S. Yxxxx: I used to listen to all this stuff. I’d moved on.

[Today at 11:00 am] Rabelais: :phew:

[Today at 11:00 am] Binky: At least I didn't have to read the joke out loud in an Irish accent. :|

[Today at 10:34 am] MA: :fwp:

[Today at 10:33 am] MA: :fwP:

[Today at 10:33 am] Binky: "her former self."  But good!

[Today at 10:32 am] MA: she didn't die but she'll be a shell of herself

[Today at 10:30 am] Binky: :dunno:  Thought that was the woman.

[Today at 10:29 am] nikki: Embarrassment

[Today at 10:29 am] Binky: How did it die?

[Today at 10:26 am] nikki: Um... ok

[Today at 10:25 am] shahaggy: :| https://nypost.com/2018/09/20/woman-on-vacation-reportedly-finds-dead-tortoise-in-her-vagina/

[Today at 10:08 am] fasteddie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUY05_ZwFzg

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