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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 07:06 pm] CeeDub: Nous sommes en place avec plus de bieres

[Today at 06:14 pm] MA: well, the generals just got some cover to defy orders https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/06/james-mattis-denounces-trump-protests-militarization/

[Today at 05:01 pm] Binky: Next door is affiliated with the Door cam system, the idea of which is to connect people's cameras directly to the police.  Scary, but I'm sure the idea make some folks feel safer.

[Today at 04:33 pm] MA: for you NextDoor users :cop: https://onezero.medium.com/the-police-are-watching-on-nextdoor-718996fcbd6a?source=social---tw.onezero

[Today at 04:28 pm] CeeDub: LOOMS

[Today at 04:28 pm] CeeDub: Might be too drizzunk by then - finishing my 1st :whisky: & :pint: and dinner lloms... 

[Today at 04:26 pm] MA: sounds good

[Today at 04:21 pm] CeeDub: Well she said get one :pint: in and the 1900 'bang an essential worker' so 1830 ish? 

[Today at 04:17 pm] MA: prolly not, just show. dunno what time yet though

[Today at 04:13 pm] CeeDub: Not sure

[Today at 04:13 pm] CeeDub: Knot sue I need help drinking MORE

[Today at 04:09 pm] CeeDub: Yass queen. Do I hafta respond? 

[Today at 04:08 pm] CeeDub: Our President has an address to the nation scheduled for 1700. Wonder if the Impeached President will watch? 

[Today at 03:54 pm] MA: CD have you seen ur IG DMs? :nerd:

[Today at 03:53 pm] CeeDub: Thank you Binky. Direct mail is still effective

[Today at 03:43 pm] shahaggy: :burns: brilliant

[Today at 03:40 pm] Binky: I think the solution is to register for more junk mail.

[Today at 03:38 pm] Binky: Better hope the PO stays in business.

[Today at 03:37 pm] shahaggy: my retirement plan is wrapped up in forever stamps

[Today at 03:37 pm] Binky: How many people think it's fairly certain that the family dumped their stock in the manufacturer?

[Today at 03:36 pm] Binky: Hope that wasn't your retirement plan.

[Today at 03:30 pm] Darna: so much for my stash

[Today at 03:17 pm] MA: https://www.statnews.com/2020/06/03/hydroxychloroquine-does-not-prevent-covid-19-infection-in-people-who-have-been-exposed-study-says/

[Today at 02:45 pm] shahaggy: https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1268209384708022274 :D

[Today at 02:37 pm] shahaggy: groove on grove at home has been postponed?

[Today at 02:34 pm] fasteddie: they shouldn't even allow the drivers in the cars

[Today at 02:31 pm] shahaggy: oh heck no, how can they even offer pooled and shared rides with strangers under distancing restrictions?

[Today at 02:23 pm] Darna: neither iof which i will do because of covid

[Today at 02:23 pm] Darna: looks like it can only be used for the uberpool and lyftshared rides

[Today at 02:21 pm] Binky: Now it's not

[Today at 02:08 pm] shahaggy: try linking the transit card to your uber account and see what happens

[Today at 01:53 pm] Darna: i'm gonna have quite a bit of money on my transitchek card. can it be used for uber/lyft?

[Today at 01:40 pm] Binky: Now it is.

[Today at 01:22 pm] Binky: now it's not

[Today at 01:16 pm] shahaggy: perfect timing

[Today at 01:13 pm] nikki: raining here

[Today at 01:12 pm] TheFang: It's raining now

[Today at 01:09 pm] shahaggy: I hope it starts pouring soon

[Today at 12:45 pm] Binky: :butthead:

[Today at 12:40 pm] TheFang: :beavis:

[Today at 12:23 pm] Binky: Ass is always on sale.

[Today at 12:22 pm] Binky: ASS

[Today at 12:22 pm] Binky: What's on Sale?

[Today at 12:08 pm] MA: Murph is on :pop:

[Today at 11:39 am] MA: batten down YOU'RE hatches

[Today at 11:36 am] CeeDub: Speaking of, check your backyards/patios/window boxes, bad front from NW this pm/eve, poss hail, 55+ mph gusts

[Today at 11:31 am] Soshin: Clean up required in aisle 5!

[Today at 11:29 am] shahaggy: blue light special?

[Today at 11:22 am] Soshin: Good Morning K-Mart shoppers! 

[Today at 11:17 am] shahaggy: just finished Hollywood on netflix

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