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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 11:34 pm] Binky: :2thumbs:

[Today at 11:30 pm] MA: may god bless your souls

[Today at 11:22 pm] Binky: And worn them out.

[Today at 11:11 pm] Soshin: Yes I think he has worn many a nice chap in his time

[Today at 11:06 pm] Binky: He wears chaps.

[Today at 10:57 pm] Darna: Lol,  sosh 

[Today at 10:35 pm] Soshin: [ducks]

[Today at 10:35 pm] Soshin: Shit

[Today at 10:35 pm] Soshin: About

[Today at 10:35 pm] Soshin: Hugh

[Today at 09:57 pm] Darna: I will cut anyone who says shit about Hugh. 

[Today at 07:58 pm] Soshin: The Pope, Trump, Clinton, Berlusconi, Hugh JAckman and Ryan Seacrest all have immunity.  Those guys can do anything they like!

[Today at 07:46 pm] fasteddie: but you need it in writing now

[Today at 07:45 pm] Binky: It's unwritten

[Today at 07:45 pm] fasteddie: is there a 'consent to be groped' checkbox on the online dating sites?

[Today at 07:45 pm] Binky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCdc1YW001Q

[Today at 07:44 pm] Binky: Times is writing about the "Nut-Rage Whistle Blower"   

[Today at 07:40 pm] Soshin: Do not betray the sacred trust of the public shoutbox

[Today at 07:39 pm] fasteddie: ASS

[Today at 07:39 pm] fasteddie: probably end with the Pope

[Today at 07:39 pm] MA: :pop:

[Today at 07:39 pm] Binky: Shh.  It's our secret.

[Today at 07:39 pm] Soshin: Damn, now you got me in trouble

[Today at 07:39 pm] Soshin: Of course it is, I agree with you.  You are just not allowed to say it

[Today at 07:38 pm] Soshin: He ain't heavy, he's my harrasser o/

[Today at 07:38 pm] Binky: But it's part of the dynamic.

[Today at 07:38 pm] Soshin: The list is loooooooong o/

[Today at 07:37 pm] Soshin: Woman with a meat hammer headed your way in 5..4...3...2

[Today at 07:36 pm] Soshin: Oooooooooo. Good bye Binky, nice knowing you.

[Today at 07:36 pm] Binky: Ask Donald Trump's three wives.

[Today at 07:35 pm] Binky: And a percentage of women have always looked to exploit their attractiveness for professional or monetary gain.

[Today at 07:35 pm] Soshin: Hippy tipped Travolta last week, so far his lizard penis has survived

[Today at 07:35 pm] MA: “Johnny Pose”

[Today at 07:30 pm] MA: yes, probably same or more, just not as newsworthy

[Today at 07:30 pm] Binky: But who would care?

[Today at 07:29 pm] Binky: Seems to be people with a public image.  I can't believe it isn't worse in business.

[Today at 07:27 pm] Binky: next?  The list has to be a long one.

[Today at 07:23 pm] MA: i bet Hippy knows

[Today at 07:22 pm] MA: who's next though? one of the late night hosts? another cable anchor?

[Today at 07:22 pm] Binky: Something is sacred afterall.

[Today at 07:21 pm] MA: phew

[Today at 07:21 pm] Binky: Just kiddding.

[Today at 07:20 pm] MA: the WaPolies? :drama:

[Today at 07:20 pm] Binky: It's not really oak.   

[Today at 07:18 pm] MA: it depends on the guest. i've enjoyed many an interview around the oak table 

[Today at 07:15 pm] Binky: I always liked the concept of his show, his guests.  But he talks too much.  It becomes too much about Charlie.

[Today at 07:14 pm] Binky: I have.

[Today at 07:07 pm] MA: anf fyi it's the CBS morning show. GMA is ABC :canteven:

[Today at 07:06 pm] MA: i bet bunny has met Charlie

[Today at 06:56 pm] Soshin: I do have to admit that GMA would definitely wake people up faster if Charlie Rose had appeared on camera with no pants on

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