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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:30 am] shahaggy: you should probably carry your own

[Today at 10:10 am] MA: https://www.tripadvisor.com/FAQ_Answers-g60864-d1144621-t4901146-Are_there_milk_substitutes_available_for_the.html

[Today at 09:58 am] Darna: you think cafe du monde will hav soy milk?

[Today at 09:13 am] MA: aww i love the Bway street fair. too bad no werk today

[Today at 09:11 am] MA: :java:

[Today at 08:41 am] shahaggy: jebus, my head is already at the ghost of uncle joe's, wednesday is nasty weather

[Today at 08:18 am] CeeDub: Wfh next Saturday? Closing the quarter or something?

[Today at 08:17 am] CeeDub: Street Fair on Broadway from Liberty all the way past bowling Green get to walk right down the middle of the street for a change

[Today at 08:11 am] shahaggy: I've already scheduled to wfh on saturday b/c of the nasty weather in the forecast 

[Today at 07:59 am] CeeDub: NWK-WTC line delayed. Train with propulsion issue removed from service at NWK. " Can we add this to the Wheel of Excuses?" 

[Today at 07:54 am] TheFang: More tomatoes! 

[Today at 07:48 am] CeeDub: We had one owner who did an apartment swap 141 with a couple that had moved out of JC to California but even that was awkward

[Today at 07:47 am] CeeDub: My buildings by laws explicitly prohibit short-term rentals

[Today at 12:17 am] HippyWitch: JC E Ward downtown 

[Today at 12:16 am] HippyWitch: Hang on

[Today at 12:16 am] HippyWitch: Huh

[10-13-2019, 11:42pm] MA: oh wait its a private group so i can't see it

[10-13-2019, 11:19pm] HippyWitch: Some woman posted its CRITICAL to vote no for abnb

[10-13-2019, 11:18pm] HippyWitch: Oh the facebook link

[10-13-2019, 11:18pm] HippyWitch: Wednesday

[10-13-2019, 11:18pm] HippyWitch: I'll get to go food this Wednesday

[10-13-2019, 11:18pm] HippyWitch: Ooooo damn that all Sounds great Binky. Thank you. 

[10-13-2019, 11:01pm] MA: that link is gone Hippy

[10-13-2019, 10:49pm] Binky: Also have lamb chops and burgers.

[10-13-2019, 10:48pm] Binky: They have Yuca Fries !  I don't know if thats a good thing or not.

[10-13-2019, 10:46pm] HippyWitch: The other location they have has really good reviews

[10-13-2019, 10:46pm] HippyWitch: Sides to me are the same everywhere. KFC. Chicken delight. Potatoes or vegetables or rice and beans

[10-13-2019, 10:45pm] HippyWitch: I've been meaning to walk over and pick some.food up 

[10-13-2019, 10:44pm] HippyWitch: Awesome Thank you. 

[10-13-2019, 10:40pm] Binky: I haven't tried any of the sides yet. I think they'll do well in the location of doom.

[10-13-2019, 10:39pm] Binky: Tribos is good, Hippy.  The 1/2 chicken is not cheap at $14, but plump and tender. 

[10-13-2019, 10:22pm] HippyWitch: Lmfao

[10-13-2019, 10:22pm] HippyWitch: I don't like any of these dudes including Columbus but come on 

[10-13-2019, 10:22pm] HippyWitch: GTFO

[10-13-2019, 10:22pm] HippyWitch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428351393924065/permalink/2496651107094073/

[10-13-2019, 10:22pm] HippyWitch: This is fucking absurd

[10-13-2019, 10:03pm] HippyWitch: We've been wanting to try it

[10-13-2019, 10:02pm] HippyWitch: Binks, how is Tribos?

[10-13-2019, 09:58pm] fasteddie: lol, Beta wears a smiley face T shirt

[10-13-2019, 09:56pm] MA: no DVR here. I'm no millionaire

[10-13-2019, 09:16pm] fasteddie: :bobble: first, pulldork on dvr

[10-13-2019, 09:03pm] MA: to Cornwall!

[10-13-2019, 09:00pm] MA: fe - poldark or :gun: :bobble:

[10-13-2019, 07:18pm] Binky: Tribos Peri Peri. No line here

[10-13-2019, 04:36pm] Rabelais: Probably makes it easier to get into Corto.

[10-13-2019, 04:08pm] MA: The line at Bread & Salt is almost to the door

[10-13-2019, 02:04pm] TheFang: Was backing things up on Washington 

[10-13-2019, 01:19pm] CeeDub: Pedestrians were complaining about the bus coming up jersey turning east on 6th

[10-13-2019, 12:49pm] MA: Dallas Cowpokes leaving the Westin rn

[10-13-2019, 11:41am] MA: [10-11-2019, 09:32pm] del ban fasteddie: Warleggan is looney eee is  <-- lol yes fe :}

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