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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 06:23 pm] Darna: leaving work in 5

[Today at 06:22 pm] Darna: mca, turns out dinner is tomorrow night, not tonight.  hehe

[Today at 06:00 pm] Darna: mca, dont forget i have dinner plans tonight. will be home around 930 hopefully

[Today at 05:45 pm] Darna: they have until tomorrow to submit

[Today at 05:36 pm] MA: wait so 1-Republik and Six26 are sharing a subdivided space http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/01/the_biggest_nj_restaurant_openings_of_2018.html

[Today at 04:53 pm] MA: lol

[Today at 04:40 pm] Soshin: https://youtu.be/BHkhIjG0DKc

[Today at 04:32 pm] nikki: so what happened?  did they fix it?

[Today at 04:29 pm] MA: :palm:

[Today at 04:28 pm] Darna: OMG i almost had a heart attack. finance missed a deadline for filing our continuation application for my biggest program

[Today at 04:21 pm] Soshin: Poor Camden. Having to deal with Pish

[Today at 04:01 pm] jehu: Why not just have separate beds. 

[Today at 03:24 pm] fasteddie: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/vermont-legalizes-marijuana_us_5a566401e4b03bc4d03d8492

[Today at 03:17 pm] MA: why isn't this a thing here? http://mashable.com/2018/01/23/ikea-duvet-together/

[Today at 03:06 pm] nikki: :zzz:

[Today at 02:23 pm] MA: nerp

[Today at 02:19 pm] Darna: flier

[Today at 02:19 pm] Darna: mca, have we not gotten a flir yet for my fair lady?

[Today at 02:13 pm] shahaggy: phish just dropped summer tour dates and I have to pull out my bullet proof jacket if I want to see them play Camden this summer

[Today at 01:37 pm] shahaggy: *ball

[Today at 01:37 pm] shahaggy: I think it's a heavier plastic than a whiffle gball

[Today at 01:34 pm] Soshin: I thought that was whiffle ball

[Today at 01:28 pm] fasteddie: tennis lite for old people

[Today at 01:13 pm] MA: i nevahoid of pickleball

[Today at 01:02 pm] shahaggy: 178 minutes before I do so good chance it will be pouring out by then

[Today at 01:01 pm] Soshin: Just in time for me to head home/pub

[Today at 12:52 pm] shahaggy: damn, all the sudden it cleared up

[Today at 12:25 pm] Soshin: I thought Pickleball moved to Edison

[Today at 12:21 pm] shahaggy: bring pickleball to Jersey City!!

[Today at 11:48 am] shahaggy: #OscarsSortaWhite :|

[Today at 11:22 am] shahaggy: you also had to hand crank the motor to start the car I bet

[Today at 11:19 am] fasteddie: my first car had a player piano roll player

[Today at 11:09 am] shahaggy: but kindelan was there before you

[Today at 10:31 am] MA: i drank at Sloppy Joe's in, I think, '97

[Today at 10:30 am] MA: i can see why! :D

[Today at 10:30 am] MA: "'I had an under the dash 45 disc player, ruined all of my records..' So did my big brother, and the stylus pressure was in the ounces. It was like a record lathe - there were shavings tracing the stylus...it wore the records down in a week;)"   

[Today at 10:29 am] MA: here's one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0hRzEihsR4  amazeballs!

[Today at 10:29 am] Binky: I’ve never seen one, though. 

[Today at 10:28 am] Binky: Yes. That was a thing, MCA 

[Today at 10:28 am] Binky: They both lay claim to the memory of Hemmingway, as Capt Tony’s is in the original location of Sloppy Joes, where he drank Ernestly. 

[Today at 10:26 am] MA: from teh comments: "I remember my 1958 Ford fairlane and how music technology was moving on. I had an under the dash 45 disc player,"   what?!?

[Today at 10:26 am] Binky: Sloppy joes and capt tony’s are a half block apart near the north end of Duval at Greene St. 

[Today at 10:25 am] MA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxXZF60EPdM

[Today at 10:17 am] MA: :java:

[Today at 10:14 am] Binky: HEY!

[Today at 10:13 am] shahaggy: damn quiet shout box today

[Today at 09:33 am] Soshin: #Oscarssoshite

[Today at 07:42 am] shahaggy: not bad out now in jc

[Today at 07:16 am] fasteddie:  :rain:

[Today at 06:57 am] CeeDub: My hashtag didn't trend overnight

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