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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 11:50 am] nikki: We're joining up with a stroller gang for a walk later

[Today at 11:46 am] MA: gorge day for a 4.1mi LSP :run: done

[Today at 11:40 am] CeeDub: Jeh you parked in the best spot fotr any large vehicles like, I dunno, an AMBULANCE coming south on Brunswick and turning West on to 8th

[Today at 11:35 am] shahaggy: Jebus United :palm: 

[Today at 11:20 am] Rabelais: I planted 15 beefsteak pplants a few weeks ago.

[Today at 11:12 am] jehu: Went with the Rutgers variety of tomatoes. 

[Today at 11:12 am] jehu: Got some plants going.

[Today at 10:58 am] Binky: lol

[Today at 10:58 am] Rabelais: Said no one ever. :|

[Today at 10:50 am] shahaggy: tomorrow is going to be awesome at the cemetary

[Today at 10:22 am] Rabelais: :nerd:

[Today at 10:08 am] nikki: Shhhhh

[Today at 09:44 am] nikki: Perfect!

[Today at 09:36 am] Rabelais: nikki, hope this helps.

[Today at 09:31 am] MA: nerp lemme look

[Today at 09:30 am] CeeDub: MÇA you get my pictext?

[Today at 09:26 am] MA: 335? no but it's pretty big

[Today at 09:26 am] shahaggy: Lamp Post maybe

[Today at 09:26 am] shahaggy: downtown needs a Regal Beagle 

[Today at 09:26 am] nikki: Do you know how many seats it is

[Today at 09:26 am] MA: i took a peek into FM.the decor is very 70s

[Today at 09:24 am] Rabelais: I was just looking at pictures. Reminds me of some bars in the '70's.

[Today at 09:22 am] MA: like a dream makeover basement tiki bar

[Today at 09:17 am] Soshin: Nice. The cocktails are nicely loaded with alcohol

[Today at 09:12 am] nikki:  What's the bar like at Cellar 335

[Today at 08:56 am] MA: :java:

[Today at 08:20 am] CeeDub: For a few hours

[Today at 08:05 am] CeeDub: I was even schmart enough to cop the couch

[Today at 07:58 am] CeeDub: Just caught up w 2 neighbors. I do enjoy walking in our fair city

[Today at 07:51 am] nikki: I haven't been out yet.  I'm trying to coordinate an LSP walk

[Today at 07:49 am] Soshin: Glad to see you got home alive

[Today at 07:48 am] Soshin: I may have been  :dronabinol: but that's because the Manchester derby was so boring

[Today at 07:47 am] Soshin: Ah now I didn't have a single beer in me until you showed up

[Today at 07:43 am] CeeDub: Rare sighting of a shore bird normally seen near the harbour

[Today at 07:42 am] Rabelais: It is already.

[Today at 07:36 am] nikki: it's going to be beautiful today

[Today at 07:23 am] CeeDub: Where she worked (sic) as a milk maid

[Today at 07:22 am] CeeDub: The Google Doodle webpage said: “If not for Marie Harel, born April 28, 1761, brie might have no gooey counterpart.   “Harel, who’s credited with creating the first Camembert in 1791, is said to have encountered a cheese whisperer at the Normandy manor wh

[Today at 07:19 am] CeeDub: I committed the unforgivable crime of spilling his last Guinness

[Today at 07:17 am] Rabelais: Following protocol

[Today at 07:16 am] CeeDub: Yes a certain Dad was single parenting and thus getting vicariously blotto'd

[Today at 07:08 am] Rabelais: Getting 86'd there threw me off.

[Today at 06:59 am] nikki: Party Boy didn't eat in the middle of the night for the first time. :nana:

[Today at 06:56 am] CeeDub: Howling Blind Brewery ya nonces

[Today at 06:51 am] Rabelais: I still don't know what HBB is.

[Today at 06:45 am] Binky: The last "B"

[Today at 06:43 am] Rabelais: Bae and Beyonce?

[Today at 06:43 am] Rabelais: For the first or the second B?

[Today at 06:36 am] Binky: Why not Beyonce?

[Today at 06:23 am] fasteddie: Head, Bath & Beyond?

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