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[Today at 08:23 pm] shahaggy: I shoveled when I left the house at 4

[Today at 08:15 pm] MA: cleaned.

[Today at 08:15 pm] MA: Bay extension is down to one lane due to accidents.  Plows are working in Jersey City and out but we are experiencing additional heavier than normal traffic throughout the city as people try to get home. We will continue through the night to get the roads

[Today at 08:15 pm] MA: :fulop: Just an update, At this point the Bayonne Bridge is closed. The GW is closed, and Rt 280 west bound from Rt 7 West is closed due to numerous accidents. Also, the Lincoln Tunn is impacted due to 495 construction and snow conditions and the Newark 

[Today at 08:10 pm] TheFang: Shoveled twice myself.  Once at 4, and again at 7. Real icy now 

[Today at 08:09 pm] TheFang: That's great

[Today at 07:55 pm] MA: TF https://twitter.com/detienne_10/status/1063114872421052422

[Today at 07:51 pm] MA: https://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/11/port_authority_closes_thousands_told_to_find_another_way_home_as_roads_remain_icy_nightmares.html JFC you'd think we nevahad one of these before

[Today at 07:50 pm] CeeDub: Heart attack snow, wet and heavy

[Today at 07:44 pm] MA: shoveling #1 DONE

[Today at 07:39 pm] CeeDub: 4" solid on top off the (now clean)DubWagen, 3x shoveled, now sleeting

[Today at 07:34 pm] shahaggy: I blame toilet baby

[Today at 07:34 pm] shahaggy: oh great, when don't I lose power on 5th and jersey

[Today at 07:17 pm] fasteddie: I refuse to shovel even one snowflake, this was a totally underrated snowfall, it's not my responsibility to clean up the weatherman's mistakes

[Today at 07:05 pm] fasteddie: you can't have nice wires down there

[Today at 07:04 pm] MA: some spotty outages in the Cove. 3rd & Erie, Jersey Ave, 5th St...

[Today at 07:02 pm] Binky: I'll review my chicken pot pies.

[Today at 06:42 pm] CeeDub: Full review expected, butter ad all

[Today at 06:39 pm] MA: not bad I guess

[Today at 06:37 pm] Rabelais: I waited up front. 

[Today at 06:31 pm] Rabelais: 15 minutes, MCA

[Today at 06:26 pm] MA: https://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2018/11/new_steeper_bayonne_bridge_shut_down_after_cars_cant_make_it_up_the_incline_in_snow.html :jeanlucpalm:

[Today at 06:24 pm] MA: they do take your cellerphone and text you when the table is ready

[Today at 06:23 pm] MA: no waiting, Rabe?

[Today at 06:10 pm] Rabelais: Since 2011

[Today at 06:07 pm] CeeDub: Kindelan is off his meds

[Today at 06:06 pm] Rabelais: And go early. There's a zoning meeting actiss the street so I came early. 

[Today at 06:03 pm] Binky: Wait for it to snow?

[Today at 06:00 pm] Rabelais: So this is how to get a seat at Razza

[Today at 05:40 pm] Binky: Luckily I have Pr&Ince as my go-to satisfying local place.

[Today at 05:39 pm] Binky: And LB changed their side salads.  Not nearly as good a caesar

[Today at 05:38 pm] Binky: Just came up on my radar recently.  Meaning, my daughter clued me in.

[Today at 05:38 pm] Binky: Diesel & Duke has pretty reasonably price Burgers

[Today at 05:28 pm] TheFang:  :pop: 

[Today at 05:26 pm] jehu: Took an hour and half to get home.

[Today at 05:17 pm] shahaggy: have you been there before me?!

[Today at 05:17 pm] shahaggy: nope, been meaning to give them a shot

[Today at 05:16 pm] Kindelan: Bro, have you ever been to Diesel and Duke?

[Today at 05:12 pm] shahaggy: I'm going bird here, was watching resident falcons outside my office window yesterday, they're badass

[Today at 05:11 pm] Kindelan: Would you rather be a bird or a fish?

[Today at 05:11 pm] shahaggy: a tree watered with political donations

[Today at 05:11 pm] Kindelan: shahaggy, let me ask you something bro

[Today at 05:10 pm] shahaggy: they grow on a tree in the mayor's back yard

[Today at 05:10 pm] Kindelan: Am I right?

[Today at 05:10 pm] Kindelan: There's too many!!!

[Today at 05:10 pm] Kindelan: Seriously shahaggous, where do all these liquor licenses come from bro

[Today at 05:10 pm] shahaggy: fuck you, I can chew gum at the same time

[Today at 05:09 pm] Kindelan: OH OH OH so you're cool because you know how to walk?

[Today at 05:09 pm] shahaggy: sure looks like it's open when I walk by on a daily basis

[Today at 05:09 pm] Kindelan: Where do these fools get all these liquor licenses and shit, that's what I be asking you know what I'm saying

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