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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 09:04 pm] nikki: apparently paul signed us up amazon key

[Today at 08:52 pm] fasteddie: hey man, white people have riot skills too and some of us can dance.

[Today at 07:59 pm] jehu: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/live-blog/george-floyd-death-minneapolis-protests-live-updates-n1217886/ncrd1219396#blogHeader

[Today at 07:58 pm] jehu: Not sure if those are antifa, antifa usually have 'uniforms' that you can tell them apart from. 

[Today at 07:57 pm] jehu: Is there looting in JC yet?

[Today at 07:25 pm] TheFang: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/implement-slow-streets-on-st-pauls-avenue

[Today at 06:37 pm] Binky: Antifa? 

[Today at 05:45 pm] CeeDub: :mask: "Gee, who dropped a pallet of bricks & building blocks in this corner, miles from any construction? "

[Today at 05:33 pm] Binky: :jehu:

[Today at 05:23 pm] shahaggy: gotta love antifa

[Today at 04:51 pm] Darna: https://twitter.com/freeyourmindkid/status/1266636190641541127?s=12&fbclid=IwAR2_Pu0itYwmckNwDEd0Bc47Z7RJL7WDNtE1_ThKl9xhFDssd0ufd6iYYfQ

[Today at 04:50 pm] nikki: MCA that made me lol

[Today at 04:43 pm] TheFang: The hospital 

[Today at 04:43 pm] TheFang: Don't worry,  they probably just want to clap at yves 

[Today at 04:27 pm] CeeDub: Shitload of sirens downtown... 

[Today at 03:56 pm] CeeDub: I guess it's up, hugging in control room, talk of the Gee brother, Perry and Apo

[Today at 03:54 pm] MA: lol the responses https://twitter.com/louisducdanjou/status/1266578058452054016

[Today at 03:33 pm] MA: must be Comcrap

[Today at 03:33 pm] shahaggy: :jehu:

[Today at 03:33 pm] MA: oh man the signal cut out as it landed

[Today at 03:32 pm] shahaggy: drone ship I Still Love You

[Today at 03:30 pm] shahaggy: looking forward to seeing if they can stick it

[Today at 03:30 pm] MA: the first stage reentry and landing is the best part

[Today at 03:25 pm] shahaggy: :rofl:

[Today at 03:24 pm] MA: i had it on delay :palm:

[Today at 03:23 pm] MA: oh wait, it's NOW https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=681141752722196&ref=watch_permalink

[Today at 03:23 pm] shahaggy: let's light this candle!

[Today at 03:13 pm] MA: SpaceX launch is a go. T- 43min  :alienana:

[Today at 02:28 pm] Binky: Thanks for those links, CD.   

[Today at 02:26 pm] Binky: hmm.  I think it's double think false flag.  Those a black people pretending to be white.

[Today at 01:30 pm] TheFang: https://twitter.com/Freeyourmindkid/status/1266598693647638528?s=19

[Today at 01:25 pm] CeeDub: https://twitter.com/Chris_Meloni/status/1266772931985788929?s=19

[Today at 01:20 pm] fasteddie: I suspect that sign language lady is a fake

[Today at 01:18 pm] TheFang: https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/1266758240018276352?s=19

[Today at 01:15 pm] Binky: This is the kind of shit that used to go down, and then the Feds would step in and prosecute when the local wouldn't.  Those days are over.

[Today at 01:13 pm] TheFang: Looking into organized crime ties and white supremacist groups ties

[Today at 01:13 pm] Binky: He's right.

[Today at 01:13 pm] TheFang: Gov saying that they think a lot of the people starting the fires last night were Provocateurs.

[Today at 01:13 pm] Binky: I heard that his first ID was debunked.  FWIW

[Today at 01:08 pm] CeeDub: The guy with the :rain: blocking security cameras

[Today at 01:07 pm] CeeDub: The Autozone window breaker in Mpls suspected of being a St Paul :cop:

[Today at 12:38 pm] fasteddie: kind of embarrassing that we didn't have our own riot in JC

[Today at 12:37 pm] Binky: And is that who is being arrested in Minni?  They are missing a chance to arrest Black People?

[Today at 12:36 pm] Binky: Is that White People?

[Today at 12:35 pm] Binky: WiPiPo?   

[Today at 12:31 pm] TheFang: Though it sure looks like what happened in BK last night was all the cops

[Today at 12:30 pm] TheFang: Yeah

[Today at 12:29 pm] CeeDub: Watch, all the arestees in Mnpls and ATL are out of town wipipo

[Today at 12:25 pm] Binky: Word.

[Today at 12:18 pm] TheFang: Shit. Given all the fraud that Wells Fargo has pulled in the last couple of years,  they're lucky we haven't burned them all down.

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