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Goldman Sachs Tower

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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:27 pm] Binky: So it's not as genetically random as I had thought.

[Today at 10:26 pm] Binky: Ahh.  You are correct, MCA.  And Ian Wright is married to Shaun's mother. 

[Today at 10:23 pm] TheFang: Sweet! Thanks. 

[Today at 10:21 pm] MA: sure

[Today at 10:19 pm] TheFang: Any chance I could convince you to snag me one if available?

[Today at 10:18 pm] MA: I believe SWP was adopted but BWP is not

[Today at 10:17 pm] TheFang: They say they'll have em at the game on Saturday. 

[Today at 10:17 pm] MA: I did, yesterday at the Soho adidas store

[Today at 10:15 pm] TheFang: Did you get one of the black jerseys?

[Today at 10:08 pm] Binky: Interesting family.  BWP's father was a premier league player, and his brother is one as well.  Talent runs in the family?  Not genetically.   Both he and his brother are adopted

[Today at 10:00 pm] nikki: truth

[Today at 09:31 pm] MA: http://www.sportsworldcards.com/ekmps/shops/sportsworld/images/manchester-city-bradley-wright-phillips-130-merlin-2005-2006-fa-premier-league-sticker-quiz-55670-p.jpg

[Today at 09:31 pm] MA: i told hiom he was my favorite player who ever wore a ManCity jersey

[Today at 09:29 pm] Binky: Blacker than you.

[Today at 09:17 pm] nikki: Bigger than you

[Today at 09:12 pm] MA: he wasn't actually that big 

[Today at 08:14 pm] Binky: Well,  Bigger than I. 

[Today at 07:24 pm] Binky: He's people all right, but neither big nor White.

[Today at 07:14 pm] fasteddie: Big White People?

[Today at 07:14 pm] TheFang: Oh damn. That's tonight. 

[Today at 07:00 pm] MA: PJ Ryan's 2 waiting for BWP, bitchez :footy: :pint:

[Today at 06:17 pm] Rabelais: Vacuums suck.

[Today at 04:47 pm] Darna: it's heavy, man

[Today at 04:18 pm] CeeDub: Import

[Today at 04:16 pm] CeeDub: Gravity sucks

[Today at 04:13 pm] Binky: It’s a downer 

[Today at 04:12 pm] MA: ok that's fine then

[Today at 04:07 pm] jehu: What are your feelings on gravity?

[Today at 04:06 pm] Binky: Impactful. I dislike that word. 

[Today at 04:04 pm] jehu: Lets have a party!

[Today at 04:02 pm] Darna: i have to use by end of june

[Today at 04:01 pm] MA: that's only 3 weeks after your week off.  why not the last week of July

[Today at 03:42 pm] jehu: sure.

[Today at 03:26 pm] Darna: mca, should i take the last week of June off?

[Today at 03:19 pm] Darna: cool tammy duckworth broughther baby to the senat efloor

[Today at 03:17 pm] shahaggy: ugh, something is screwed up with my outlook and it won't show me any sent emails from yesterday

[Today at 03:12 pm] Darna: Turn Up Charlie

[Today at 03:12 pm] nikki: What's it called

[Today at 03:11 pm] MA: in a comedy though :hmm: 

[Today at 03:05 pm] jehu: Also Arthro Guthrie is playing there soon.

[Today at 03:02 pm] jehu: Ceedub RHIANNON GIDDENS is also playing Princeton May 23th 

[Today at 02:58 pm] Darna: idris gonna be on netflix!

[Today at 02:49 pm] shahaggy: it better not be raining when I'm walking home at 4! :gun:

[Today at 02:43 pm] nikki: It's gross out

[Today at 02:20 pm] Binky: Shaggy can tell you. So can BK. And sh picks them. 

[Today at 02:18 pm] Darna: i wouldn't even know how to buy stock

[Today at 01:52 pm] nikki: I regret not buying Netflix, Amazon and all the other things I regularly spend money on 

[Today at 01:40 pm] shahaggy: :dunno:

[Today at 01:39 pm] jehu: Good time to buy into GE?

[Today at 01:39 pm] jehu: What is the current hot stock to own?

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