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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 12:33 pm] shahaggy: so 9C added Wonder Bagels to their brunch menu :yum:

[Today at 12:32 pm] shahaggy: :palm: those are awful nikki

[Today at 12:26 pm] nikki: mca https://www.buzzfeed.com/ikrd/they-call-us-pattys-cause-we-be-in-between-ya-girls-buns?bffbmain&ref=bffbmain&utm_term=.vjq3ZYe33#.cpXrN3grr

[Today at 12:14 pm] Darna: k. will go straight there.

[Today at 12:10 pm] MA: got them for Newport at 5. reserved seating

[Today at 11:50 am] shahaggy: [Today at 11:44 am] MÇA: it's a surprise, I hope you pick the right theatre

[Today at 11:48 am] Darna: for which one

[Today at 11:44 am] MA: K I'll get tix

[Today at 11:34 am] Darna: 3D at newport at 5 

[Today at 11:33 am] shahaggy: skip the 3D, just go regular

[Today at 11:33 am] Darna: i don't think i can make it to 320 but can do 420. do you need to do 3D?

[Today at 11:30 am] Soshin: 420? :dronabinol:

[Today at 11:29 am] MA: Battery Park has it at 320 in 3D and 420 in regular

[Today at 11:27 am] MA: sure

[Today at 11:25 am] Darna: gotg2

[Today at 11:20 am] MA: depends, whyfor

[Today at 11:19 am] Darna: mca, what time can you get out today?

[Today at 11:19 am] MA: don't Breton it

[Today at 11:18 am] MA: [Today at 11:05 am] del ban Binky: Avignon people had enough?

[Today at 11:18 am] CeeDub: Always the oui oui talk

[Today at 11:17 am] Rabelais: Anyway, I need to get to woik. :wave:

[Today at 11:16 am] Rabelais: Urine trouble when you start talking like that.

[Today at 11:16 am] CeeDub: Rully?

[Today at 11:14 am] Darna: Holding your pee can really Rouen your day.

[Today at 11:13 am] CeeDub: Good thing you know the language so you can find Dijon

[Today at 11:09 am] Rabelais: As long as my trousersz aren't Toulouse...

[Today at 11:07 am] shahaggy: ugh bad pun box

[Today at 11:07 am] Darna: Have a great time, Rabe, but try not Toulouse your dignity while you're there.

[Today at 11:05 am] Rabelais: Sorry you're late to the game?

[Today at 11:05 am] Binky: I checked in here for THIS?

[Today at 10:52 am] Rabelais: Nope, all my Aix's live in Texas.

[Today at 10:52 am] Darna: terroirists even

[Today at 10:52 am] MA: they were terrorists avant vous

[Today at 10:51 am] Darna: Hope you don't run into your ex in Provence.

[Today at 10:51 am] Rabelais: It used to be a target of the Basque Separatists, the original terrorists.

[Today at 10:51 am] MA: don't :spitz: in the river, you'll go in Seine

[Today at 10:50 am] shahaggy: don't Jersey Bayonne France

[Today at 10:48 am] Rabelais: Bayonne is beautiful, I've been there several times. But it's in the SW, I won't be there

[Today at 10:48 am] Soshin: "No?  What a craphole!

[Today at 10:48 am] Soshin: "We've got a bridge!  Do you have a bridge?"

[Today at 10:47 am] Soshin: You should go to Bayonne while you are there just to see if it is as big a dump as it sounds

[Today at 10:47 am] MA: OK, Arles stop now 

[Today at 10:46 am] Rabelais: Damn. I have a Beaune to pick with you.

[Today at 10:44 am] MA: enjoy, if you Cannes

[Today at 10:43 am] shahaggy: sounds awesome!

[Today at 10:42 am] Rabelais: We're not going to overdo the winery visits, just a few choice ones. But we've already made some restaurant reservations, we're going to look into bikes... It's be a blast.

[Today at 10:39 am] MA: Nice

[Today at 10:38 am] Rabelais: Just in France. Beaune, Chablis and Champagne.

[Today at 10:35 am] Darna: Cool!  Are you staying  in France or going anywhere else? 

[Today at 10:30 am] Rabelais: Wednesday

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