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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 05:56 pm] Binky: You're right.  One is pointed on either end.

[Today at 05:51 pm] fasteddie: how could you possibly confuse a handball with a soccer ball :dunno:

[Today at 04:57 pm] MA: like he needs more goals ::)

[Today at 04:34 pm] Binky: Just looked on youtube. Nobody thought it was a handball except the ref after VAR 

[Today at 04:26 pm] Binky: Messi had a goal taken away for a handball, but they replayed it over and over and it seemed pretty clear there was no handball.  Not even very close, but there was no discussion at the half.

[Today at 04:23 pm] jehu: MA: jehu did your CBS All Access subscription expire? <--- yes.

[Today at 04:21 pm] MA: just the Messi goal

[Today at 04:20 pm] CeeDub: :dronabinol:

[Today at 04:18 pm] Binky: Anyone see the second leg of Barca v Napoli this past weekend?

[Today at 03:50 pm] MA: a word here and there maybe

[Today at 03:50 pm] fasteddie: hommashazooz

[Today at 03:48 pm] MA: nerp

[Today at 03:46 pm] fasteddie: do you savy that lingo?

[Today at 03:45 pm] MA: I like listening to it actually. takes me back 

[Today at 03:44 pm] Binky: That's the great part about soccer.  They can say anything and it doesn't much matter.

[Today at 03:35 pm] Darna: [Today at 03:06 pm] nikki: mca messed up <-- basically. When in doubt, this is the answer! 

[Today at 03:18 pm] MA: fine, i'll watch the :footy: on a dodgy twitter stream with Arabic commentary :|

[Today at 03:10 pm] MA: jehu did your CBS All Access subscription expire?

[Today at 03:06 pm] fasteddie: YOUR SPOILED ALREADY

[Today at 03:06 pm] nikki: mca messed up

[Today at 02:57 pm] Binky: Oh.

[Today at 02:54 pm] Darna: because it was from (ahem) several days ago and it has coconut milk

[Today at 02:53 pm] Binky: So why is it spoiled already?

[Today at 02:06 pm] Binky: ahh.

[Today at 02:03 pm] Darna: i made the salad yesterday.

[Today at 02:03 pm] Darna: no no no it was something i made a few days ago

[Today at 02:01 pm] Binky: That had been left in the car yesterday while you were shopping?

[Today at 02:00 pm] Darna: and since mca finished all the cooked pasta i just ate the leftover salad instead. :(

[Today at 02:00 pm] Darna: yes

[Today at 01:56 pm] Binky: For lunch?

[Today at 01:52 pm] Darna: :barf:

[Today at 01:52 pm] Darna: i had another bad food experience. i heated up leftovers and when i took a bite it was already bad :puke:

[Today at 01:46 pm] fasteddie: there are only two nights, this one and the other one

[Today at 01:42 pm] Binky: I'm going to make a chicken salad sandwich with leftover roast chicken from the other night.

[Today at 01:31 pm] jehu: had some tuna from a can.

[Today at 01:03 pm] CeeDub: We had lemon ricotta pasta last night :yum: Itay mkt on Pavonia/Erie has good stuff

[Today at 12:53 pm] HippyWitch: About to make some pasta 

[Today at 12:37 pm] Darna: what's everyone eating for lunch today?

[Today at 11:01 am] MA: leftover spaghetti with ImpossibleTM bolognese for breakfast :java: 

[Today at 10:58 am] Binky: And now back to our scheduled programing.  :tumbleweed:

[Today at 10:52 am] TheFang: Thanks, I really appreciate it.   

[Today at 10:31 am] Binky: I'm available too, TF.  Don't hesitate.

[Today at 09:37 am] nikki: seriously let us know if you need anything. put this shitbox to good use

[Today at 09:36 am] TheFang: He's just in so much pain, it's tough to watch and listen to,  so that's my main focus,  just palliative care.

[Today at 09:30 am] TheFang: Thanks, the errands haven't gotten too much yet, it's nice to get out of the house for a little bit and have some moments to myself,  even if it's just at duane reade 

[Today at 09:27 am] TheFang: Yeah, he can be home alone, he can still get up and use the bathroom,  but doesn't really try to do more than that. 

[Today at 09:26 am] TheFang: Thanks. :)

[Today at 09:26 am] Darna: are you able to leave him alone at home?

[Today at 09:25 am] Darna: fang, please let us know how we can help

[Today at 09:25 am] Darna: +1 nikki and HW

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