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[Today at 06:31 pm] Soshin: Maine surprises me, particularly with LePaige in charge

[Today at 06:30 pm] Soshin: Maine[16] and Vermont[17] are the only states with unrestricted voting rights for people who are felons. Both states allow the person to vote during incarceration, via absentee ballot and after terms of conviction end.

[Today at 06:28 pm] Soshin: Delightfully vague

[Today at 06:27 pm] Soshin: "dual petition that could be denied. Alabama – A person convicted of a felony loses the ability to vote if the felony involves moral turpitude. The state Attorney General and courts have decided this for individual crimes"

[Today at 06:27 pm] Soshin: Just looked up Alabama

[Today at 06:27 pm] Soshin: Agreed, age should be lowered to 16 too

[Today at 06:25 pm] Binky: It would seem to me that one goal of a Progressive government should be to extend the right to vote to as many eligible people as possible.  It never is.

[Today at 06:23 pm] Soshin: And Clinton's 1994 crime bill has a lot to answer for on that front

[Today at 06:22 pm] Soshin: Felony disenfranchisement is a huge problem too, even more so in racist states like Bama

[Today at 06:14 pm] Soshin: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/09/ex-jersey_city_mayor_wants_councilman_booted_from.html

[Today at 06:13 pm] Binky: That would be him.

[Today at 06:13 pm] Soshin: Tried to get Gadsen thrown off the ballot for not having enough petitions or some shit

[Today at 06:13 pm] Soshin: He works for Fulop now I think, he was involved in the Ward B race

[Today at 06:12 pm] Binky: McCann.  Lost the election anyway.  Went to prison, but not for voting violations.

[Today at 06:11 pm] Binky: http://www.nytimes.com/1985/06/16/weekinreview/elbowing-in-the-vote-in-jersey-city.html

[Today at 06:07 pm] Binky: I think he went to prison briefly, but didn't trigger a revote.

[Today at 06:07 pm] Binky: One of the pols in JC a few years back turned off the elevators in a couple of high rises to surpress the vote. It worked.

[Today at 05:27 pm] Soshin: Think I need to go with the Scottish spelling, Doo-tarty

[Today at 05:26 pm] Soshin: Blah blah blah, it never ends

[Today at 05:26 pm] Soshin: If you talk to my MiL she will tell you Duterte has the moral high ground in the war on drugs

[Today at 05:22 pm] Soshin: Thatcher let Bobby Sands starve because she thought she held the moral high ground

[Today at 05:22 pm] Darna: And then there's this: https://twitter.com/xobritdear/status/940607836912013317

[Today at 05:21 pm] Soshin: Yes the moral high ground is entirely in the eye of the beholder.  Reagan ran death squads in Central America because he thought he held the moral high ground

[Today at 05:07 pm] Binky: Power to the people!

[Today at 05:05 pm] MA: let's pick this up later. i go hame :wave:

[Today at 05:03 pm] Binky: And it happens here.  We have to start at home.  Not in Alabama.  We can't ever win when 20% of eligible voters cast a ballot, and when who know what percentage of eligible adults are actually registered. 

[Today at 05:01 pm] Binky: I firrmly believe that there are more fairminded people than not, but fear and misinformation rule the game.

[Today at 05:00 pm] MA: :sigh:

[Today at 04:59 pm] Binky: A good number of people actually think the ID laws are fair and necessary.  Outsider can't convince them otherwise.  Look at the misinformation about ACORN.

[Today at 04:59 pm] MA: yes it's very chicken-and-egg. the R's keep pressing their advantages while D's have to play defense and work around obstacles to try to just level the playing field

[Today at 04:56 pm] Binky: We probably have to work with voter ID laws as is until we get enough people to vote.

[Today at 04:56 pm] Binky: And helping them to get mail-in ballots.

[Today at 04:55 pm] MA: fight discriminatory voter ID laws and gerrymandering

[Today at 04:54 pm] Binky: And if that means helping them to get drivers licenses through locally run drives, then we help finance it.

[Today at 04:53 pm] Binky: The only way out is by getting people to vote.   

[Today at 04:52 pm] MA: we're doomed

[Today at 04:52 pm] Binky: We have to let the locals handle it.

[Today at 04:50 pm] Binky: Purity of their hearts.  And in their superior spellg.

[Today at 04:49 pm] Binky: And in their imaginations, they still occupy it because of the perity in their hearts.

[Today at 04:48 pm] Binky: The high ground was only in their imaginations.

[Today at 04:43 pm] jehu: No. To tell any and all GOP supporters they have lost the moral high ground FOREVER. 

[Today at 04:42 pm] MA: "In Birmingham’s primarily African American Woodlawn neighborhood, Genesis Johnson, 30, said he had not voted since 2008, when he supported Obama for president."  :palm:

[Today at 04:41 pm] MA: i hear you but what's the option -- not get outraged?

[Today at 04:41 pm] MA: whenever i read quotes from voters anywhere i get sad. this says Jones is winning the sign wars though :dunno: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/voters-head-to-the-polls-in-contentious-senate-race-in-alabama/2017/12/11/26e36b56-deb7-11e7-867

[Today at 04:40 pm] Binky: was there ever going to be a contest?  Our outrage fuels his support.  We shall never learn.

[Today at 04:37 pm] MA: do we know who's winning?

[Today at 04:36 pm] Binky: Not Scot

[Today at 04:36 pm] Binky: 12 year old?  I thought you meant Scotch.

[Today at 04:25 pm] jehu: Did you see that 12 year old interview him...

[Today at 04:14 pm] Soshin: Well that joke sure went over like Roy Moore at a middle school

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