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[Today at 12:31 pm] shahaggy: selling my bike so I can buy these jeans 

[Today at 12:30 pm] shahaggy: :2thumbs:

[Today at 12:25 pm] CeeDub: A backyard experience? So I can blaze away and pee on my neighbor's barking dog?

[Today at 12:19 pm] MA: also, post that shnick

[Today at 12:19 pm] MA: and will only be open May-Oct

[Today at 12:18 pm] MA: i think the thing is Lutze is completely outdoor

[Today at 12:17 pm] shahaggy: so I guess ZH doesn't count

[Today at 12:17 pm] shahaggy: just got an email from mack-cali/harborside calling the Lutze biergarten Jersey City's fist outdoor beergarten

[Today at 12:12 pm] elsquid: New reply: Re: !! 8th Annual Jersey City Ward Tour is June 4 !!

[Today at 12:06 pm] shahaggy: my dupe posts hit while I was in a meeting away from my computer

[Today at 12:06 pm] CeeDub: Try refreshing you lame tech old

[Today at 12:05 pm] CeeDub: Heartache, Mitch - the Death of Love and Trust

[Today at 12:05 pm] MA: just :tumbleweed:

[Today at 11:49 am] shahaggy: just got back from a meeting, was the shout box broken or was it my internet?   

[Today at 11:45 am] MA: :2thumbs:

[Today at 11:40 am] CeeDub: https://imgflip.com/i/1nv31i

[Today at 11:22 am] Binky: Today at 10:28 am] HippyWitch: I pity the Fool

[Today at 11:15 am] Binky: *really 

[Today at 10:44 am] shahaggy: :jeff: real interesting

[Today at 10:43 am] CeeDub: ←assh@le

[Today at 10:42 am] CeeDub: Is it noon already?

[Today at 10:32 am] HippyWitch: I thought it was supposed to rain all day. The sun is peaking out here

[Today at 10:29 am] shahaggy: :jeff: real interesting

[Today at 10:28 am] nikki: How abrupt. 

[Today at 10:28 am] HippyWitch: I pity the person on the street who pisses me off today lol 

[Today at 10:27 am] HippyWitch: I have a meeting with my new bosses at 12 and can watch my friends of 14 years pack their shit and leave 

[Today at 10:26 am] HippyWitch: HR sent them all a email yesterday that today is their last day and sent the rest of us an email that we now work for AMI

[Today at 10:25 am] Darna: can you take the day off?

[Today at 10:23 am] nikki: That sucks HW

[Today at 10:11 am] jehu: This was on last night. Interesting to hear what they had to say. http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/films/last-laugh/

[Today at 10:02 am] MA: ugh sucks

[Today at 09:55 am] HippyWitch: I will have a nervous breakdown by 1 

[Today at 09:55 am] HippyWitch: What a bunch of fucking shit 

[Today at 09:54 am] HippyWitch: Today is the day of impending doom. Bringing Xanax with me 

[Today at 09:40 am] shahaggy: lol http://mashable.com/2017/04/25/king-joffrey-hugging-pug-photoshop-battle/?utm_cid=hp-h-1#dnrvffcA1mqO

[Today at 09:39 am] nikki: I had to get a bunch of other stuff.   This one is laid out differently.  I have to get my system down

[Today at 09:38 am] CeeDub: You can buy Bob's Red Mill products direct in bulk for the price if you go thru it fast enough

[Today at 09:28 am] Soshin: Of course it is probably 10 years old but that shit doesn't really go bad

[Today at 09:27 am] Soshin: Hit Lots Less in JSQ.  They have Red Mill oatmeal for a fraction of cost

[Today at 09:17 am] Rabelais: Isn't that the raison d'going?

[Today at 09:06 am] MA: how do you forget oatmeal at TJ :palm:

[Today at 09:03 am] nikki: I forgot to buy my oatmeal yesterday :palm:

[Today at 08:59 am] Rabelais: That's the plan.

[Today at 08:43 am] nikki: It's going to rain all day 

[Today at 08:25 am] shahaggy: maybe 

[Today at 08:15 am] MA: you'd just get drenched on the way home :java:

[Today at 07:43 am] shahaggy: damn, I coulda biked in without getting drenched

[Today at 07:36 am] Darna: oy. i got up early to go to the gym but i never made it out

[Today at 06:58 am] Rabelais: That's right!

[Today at 06:20 am] CeeDub: :rain:

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