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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 08:38 pm] devb: it should be in esperanto for maximum cultural compatibility

[Today at 08:38 pm] devb: i will look at it a little closer

[Today at 08:38 pm] Binky: I live at chef.bottom.lush

[Today at 08:38 pm] devb: like https://gfycat.com/CreamyTintedKomododragon

[Today at 08:37 pm] Binky: There’s an app. what3words   Check it out 

[Today at 08:37 pm] devb: There's an image hosting service that uses words instead of a hex string and it's a little uncomfortable

[Today at 08:36 pm] Binky: Each square meter

[Today at 08:36 pm] devb: something something "disrupting" GSP

[Today at 08:36 pm] Binky: Someone has mapped rack square meter 

[Today at 08:36 pm] devb: Oh, I think I saw something about that

[Today at 08:35 pm] Binky: Any location in the world can be described with three words. 

[Today at 08:35 pm] devb: What three words?

[Today at 08:34 pm] Binky: Lol 

[Today at 08:34 pm] devb: I had to look up my thread on census research because I forgot how to do it :|

[Today at 08:34 pm] Binky: Though it’s the sort of thing you probably knew of before me 

[Today at 08:34 pm] Binky: I wanted to share my discovery of What 3 words with you. 

[Today at 08:32 pm] Binky: Devb in the shout box!

[Today at 08:32 pm] devb: What do you have in mind? Snake hill area?

[Today at 08:32 pm] devb: That's possible. I haven't really ironed out any plans aside from tomorrow

[Today at 08:31 pm] CeeDub: Oi I'm twn bound Sunday. Friday?

[Today at 08:23 pm] devb: Saturday? I'm hoping to be in Haverstraw but we'll see

[Today at 08:19 pm] CeeDub: Well HALLO Mr. B! Wanna paddle the Hackensack Saturday? I'm jonesing

[Today at 08:12 pm] devb: New reply: Re: Gasoline Delivery for personal car and business cars

[Today at 07:23 pm] jehu: Yep.

[Today at 07:15 pm] MA: :puffy: :zzz: :puffy: 

[Today at 07:14 pm] CeeDub: No kidding Jehu - zackly what MÇA said

[Today at 06:50 pm] jehu: I will head over soon.

[Today at 06:50 pm] jehu: ugh.... I fell asleep.

[Today at 06:29 pm] TheFang: Great

[Today at 06:29 pm] MA: yup

[Today at 06:21 pm] TheFang: Think you guys will still be out around 8:30? 

[Today at 05:50 pm] CeeDub: Okay I'mma come by

[Today at 05:50 pm] MA: waiting for hehu

[Today at 05:49 pm] Soshin: Pet Shop bound

[Today at 05:49 pm] CeeDub: Youse left for ₱€T$h0¶ yet?

[Today at 05:38 pm] MA: :|

[Today at 04:34 pm] Binky: Good one, Rab.  :rofl:

[Today at 04:20 pm] CeeDub: :dronabinol:

[Today at 04:12 pm] jehu: sure

[Today at 04:11 pm] CeeDub: Del bâhn mi!

[Today at 03:57 pm] MA: jehu swing by at 5:45, we go to PS together

[Today at 03:56 pm] Darna: Gesundheit

[Today at 03:54 pm] Rabelais: Bahn stuble now. 

[Today at 03:53 pm] MA: :|

[Today at 03:42 pm] Rabelais: Hey Binky! Why are people so hungry here? Because Sandwich!

[Today at 03:40 pm] Rabelais:  :homer:

[Today at 03:39 pm] shahaggy: :sigh: got another 20 even though boss just left

[Today at 03:39 pm] jehu: home

[Today at 03:39 pm] jehu: homr

[Today at 03:35 pm] MA: the design went a bit a-rye

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