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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 04:01 pm] fasteddie: ASS

[Today at 04:01 pm] fasteddie: he's not exactly the picture of health

[Today at 03:59 pm] HippyWitch: That picture just made me lol MCA

[Today at 03:51 pm] jehu: Did Hurtle get his tree stakes back?

[Today at 03:33 pm] jehu: He is going to die before he writes anything else.

[Today at 03:32 pm] shahaggy: he did NOT state he won't be finishing the Song of Ice and Fire series'

[Today at 03:32 pm] shahaggy: he's busy on the history of westeros the ass :gun:

[Today at 03:27 pm] jehu: And you know he is not writing any more books.

[Today at 03:27 pm] jehu: Now you can wait the 18 months like the rest of us for season 8.

[Today at 03:26 pm] shahaggy: thanks to the the xfinity watchathon week last week, I'm all caught up with GoT

[Today at 03:17 pm] fasteddie: ringing my bell to sell me electricity, watt weasels

[Today at 03:15 pm] fasteddie: It's on my DVR

[Today at 03:15 pm] MA: :wave:

[Today at 03:14 pm] jehu: Who didn't watch Westworld last night?

[Today at 03:11 pm] shahaggy: :o

[Today at 03:06 pm] MA: waiting for someone to take a pic can be a pain in the ass

[Today at 03:05 pm] jehu: I use to commute through the Sugar Hill neighborhood all the time. 

[Today at 03:05 pm] MA: :mima:

[Today at 03:02 pm] Darna: i feel like my life is all jemima all the time

[Today at 03:02 pm] shahaggy: oh damn, I'm going to see Sugarhill Gang! 

[Today at 03:01 pm] MA: carpe diem

[Today at 02:59 pm] Binky: You two live such s rich life. 

[Today at 02:59 pm] shahaggy: my parents were at the bronx zoo just last week with the grand kids

[Today at 02:54 pm] MA: sure

[Today at 02:52 pm] Darna: mca, let's go to this: https://bronxzoo.com/boogie-down

[Today at 02:36 pm] shahaggy: I wanna see the takedown

[Today at 02:34 pm] jehu:  >:D

[Today at 02:34 pm] jehu: white privilege 

[Today at 02:33 pm] shahaggy: somehow they didn't kill him

[Today at 02:33 pm] jehu: Also doing the pay bills every two weeks (split bills in half), so I will have some extra payments each year towards my car and student bills.

[Today at 02:32 pm] jehu: In a pink dress?

[Today at 02:30 pm] MA: Waffle House shooter  found 

[Today at 02:29 pm] jehu: But first things first. Keep on paying what I can.

[Today at 02:29 pm] jehu: If I work at a non-profit or government agency and make 120 payments on time, I might be able to have the balance forgiven.

[Today at 02:28 pm] jehu: Don't think so. But that is something I am looking into

[Today at 02:27 pm] Darna: are you eligible for the govt repayment plan?

[Today at 02:26 pm] jehu: But if I go by my current payment plan (mine not theirs) I will have this paid off by 2026

[Today at 02:25 pm] jehu: Yeah. I will wait a year or two and get my score better. Should save me a few thousand by doing that.

[Today at 02:24 pm] Binky: Dunno what your credit is like, but you may be able to beat the interest rate and borrow from someone else.

[Today at 02:11 pm] jehu: and once my  car is paid off, I plan on putting more onto the student loan.

[Today at 02:10 pm] MA: yeah that's what Floyd turned Paowalla into

[Today at 02:09 pm] Binky: yup.

[Today at 02:09 pm] jehu: Even by $50 a month for 5 years I take off a big chunk of what I would owe.

[Today at 02:08 pm] jehu: I am upping my payments. 

[Today at 02:08 pm] jehu: An insane amount.

[Today at 02:06 pm] Binky: and how much will you have paid them in interest?

[Today at 02:02 pm] Darna: mca, https://www.thebombaybreadbar.com/menus/#dinner-drinks

[Today at 02:01 pm] jehu: IF I go by my current payment plan for my student loan I will have it paid off in 2042

[Today at 01:43 pm] shahaggy: lol

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