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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 06:09 pm] MA: lol. D loves Nicholas Nickleby. remember she bought the VHS box set for us to watch?

[Today at 06:07 pm] nikki: Let's get them tickets to cats

[Today at 06:04 pm] Binky: Next week, the revival of Nicholas Nickleby, no doubt.

[Today at 06:00 pm] nikki: They're dirty stayouts

[Today at 06:00 pm] MA: Hairy Pooter play, part 2 

[Today at 05:58 pm] Binky: You're seeing another show?

[Today at 05:50 pm] MA: @45thSt?

[Today at 05:41 pm] Darna: k leaving 475 in 5. how about the black sushi place but the side with the fast food entrance on 8th?

[Today at 05:39 pm] MA: lol

[Today at 05:39 pm] MA: sure. on E at CanalSt now 

[Today at 05:36 pm] nikki: Sure, thank you

[Today at 05:20 pm] Darna: sushi?

[Today at 05:20 pm] Darna: mca, where do you want to meet for eats?

[Today at 04:56 pm] MA: YOUR NOT REALLY A THING

[Today at 04:55 pm] Darna: yes, city employee

[Today at 04:55 pm] Darna: well, the nabe assoc isnt really a thing

[Today at 04:50 pm] MA: is the municipal prosecutor a city employee? is there a conflict of interest with hime being president of a nabe assoc?

[Today at 04:34 pm] Binky: He thinks it makes him look like a man of action.

[Today at 04:25 pm] Darna: what is it about the mayor and his clothes? why does he alwys have to be the worst dressed in the room? https://hudsoncountyview.com/jersey-city-hires-new-housing-preservation-director-chief-municipal-prosecutor/

[Today at 04:21 pm] nikki: Back home!

[Today at 04:15 pm] CeeDub: CZ

[Today at 04:14 pm] fasteddie: Does SUI mean cabeza in your people's lingo?

[Today at 03:49 pm] MA: oh my, SUI :footy:

[Today at 03:46 pm] Darna: And who knows what the blowback will be.  I'll tell you deets later

[Today at 03:46 pm] Darna: We had a two hour conference call this morning that was insane

[Today at 03:46 pm] MA: yaay. how'd it go

[Today at 03:45 pm] Darna: Mca, I think i can meet for dinner!

[Today at 03:42 pm] TheFang: Cool.  I'll do it when I get home.

[Today at 03:42 pm] MA: yeah grab me one if you get 'em

[Today at 03:39 pm] TheFang: And anyone else

[Today at 03:38 pm] TheFang: Yeah

[Today at 03:36 pm] MA: you're talking to me, right? I <3 MiB

[Today at 03:16 pm] TheFang: Any interested parties?

[Today at 03:16 pm] TheFang: https://twitter.com/MenInBlazers/status/1010216779954569217?s=19

[Today at 02:57 pm] shahaggy: you do that jehu

[Today at 02:57 pm] jehu: I am just going to start driving up to JC and report that pickup truck on Pavonia

[Today at 02:55 pm] jehu: Nice

[Today at 02:54 pm] Rabelais: I wish they'd just raze those things.

[Today at 02:48 pm] Binky: They made Trump take a floor or two off a building that was under construction.  Once upon a time.

[Today at 02:43 pm] Rabelais: I'm hoping it isn't just a fine. I've asked, but didn't get an answer.

[Today at 02:37 pm] Binky: They have to remove the cement?  Or remove  a room or two?

[Today at 02:36 pm] Binky: :2thumbs:

[Today at 02:21 pm] Rabelais: Thjose Bayonne boxes get extra lot coverage in the back if they have these tiny 'green space' rectangular blocks in front. They cemented over them. :| 

[Today at 02:20 pm] shahaggy: :2thumbs:

[Today at 02:20 pm] Rabelais: I got some people fined on SCF today. 

[Today at 02:05 pm] MA: 1st issue reported in a while. i actually drove over it while moving the tiumbler for street cleaning :o  https://seeclickfix.com/issues/4593079

[Today at 02:03 pm] MA: lol

[Today at 02:00 pm] Binky: huh.  that defender was no Suarez

[Today at 01:41 pm] shahaggy: daaaaaaamn

[Today at 01:33 pm] MA: https://twitter.com/FOXSoccer/status/1010199966554320897

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