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[Today at 06:22 pm] Soshin: Felony disenfranchisement is a huge problem too, even more so in racist states like Bama

[Today at 06:14 pm] Soshin: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/09/ex-jersey_city_mayor_wants_councilman_booted_from.html

[Today at 06:13 pm] Binky: That would be him.

[Today at 06:13 pm] Soshin: Tried to get Gadsen thrown off the ballot for not having enough petitions or some shit

[Today at 06:13 pm] Soshin: He works for Fulop now I think, he was involved in the Ward B race

[Today at 06:12 pm] Binky: McCann.  Lost the election anyway.  Went to prison, but not for voting violations.

[Today at 06:11 pm] Binky: http://www.nytimes.com/1985/06/16/weekinreview/elbowing-in-the-vote-in-jersey-city.html

[Today at 06:07 pm] Binky: I think he went to prison briefly, but didn't trigger a revote.

[Today at 06:07 pm] Binky: One of the pols in JC a few years back turned off the elevators in a couple of high rises to surpress the vote. It worked.

[Today at 05:27 pm] Soshin: Think I need to go with the Scottish spelling, Doo-tarty

[Today at 05:26 pm] Soshin: Blah blah blah, it never ends

[Today at 05:26 pm] Soshin: If you talk to my MiL she will tell you Duterte has the moral high ground in the war on drugs

[Today at 05:22 pm] Soshin: Thatcher let Bobby Sands starve because she thought she held the moral high ground

[Today at 05:22 pm] Darna: And then there's this: https://twitter.com/xobritdear/status/940607836912013317

[Today at 05:21 pm] Soshin: Yes the moral high ground is entirely in the eye of the beholder.  Reagan ran death squads in Central America because he thought he held the moral high ground

[Today at 05:07 pm] Binky: Power to the people!

[Today at 05:05 pm] MA: let's pick this up later. i go hame :wave:

[Today at 05:03 pm] Binky: And it happens here.  We have to start at home.  Not in Alabama.  We can't ever win when 20% of eligible voters cast a ballot, and when who know what percentage of eligible adults are actually registered. 

[Today at 05:01 pm] Binky: I firrmly believe that there are more fairminded people than not, but fear and misinformation rule the game.

[Today at 05:00 pm] MA: :sigh:

[Today at 04:59 pm] Binky: A good number of people actually think the ID laws are fair and necessary.  Outsider can't convince them otherwise.  Look at the misinformation about ACORN.

[Today at 04:59 pm] MA: yes it's very chicken-and-egg. the R's keep pressing their advantages while D's have to play defense and work around obstacles to try to just level the playing field

[Today at 04:56 pm] Binky: We probably have to work with voter ID laws as is until we get enough people to vote.

[Today at 04:56 pm] Binky: And helping them to get mail-in ballots.

[Today at 04:55 pm] MA: fight discriminatory voter ID laws and gerrymandering

[Today at 04:54 pm] Binky: And if that means helping them to get drivers licenses through locally run drives, then we help finance it.

[Today at 04:53 pm] Binky: The only way out is by getting people to vote.   

[Today at 04:52 pm] MA: we're doomed

[Today at 04:52 pm] Binky: We have to let the locals handle it.

[Today at 04:50 pm] Binky: Purity of their hearts.  And in their superior spellg.

[Today at 04:49 pm] Binky: And in their imaginations, they still occupy it because of the perity in their hearts.

[Today at 04:48 pm] Binky: The high ground was only in their imaginations.

[Today at 04:43 pm] jehu: No. To tell any and all GOP supporters they have lost the moral high ground FOREVER. 

[Today at 04:42 pm] MA: "In Birmingham’s primarily African American Woodlawn neighborhood, Genesis Johnson, 30, said he had not voted since 2008, when he supported Obama for president."  :palm:

[Today at 04:41 pm] MA: i hear you but what's the option -- not get outraged?

[Today at 04:41 pm] MA: whenever i read quotes from voters anywhere i get sad. this says Jones is winning the sign wars though :dunno: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/voters-head-to-the-polls-in-contentious-senate-race-in-alabama/2017/12/11/26e36b56-deb7-11e7-867

[Today at 04:40 pm] Binky: was there ever going to be a contest?  Our outrage fuels his support.  We shall never learn.

[Today at 04:37 pm] MA: do we know who's winning?

[Today at 04:36 pm] Binky: Not Scot

[Today at 04:36 pm] Binky: 12 year old?  I thought you meant Scotch.

[Today at 04:25 pm] jehu: Did you see that 12 year old interview him...

[Today at 04:14 pm] Soshin: Well that joke sure went over like Roy Moore at a middle school

[Today at 03:51 pm] Soshin: Which of course is also Scottish for "blind"

[Today at 03:50 pm] Soshin: His parents should have called him Canasee

[Today at 03:50 pm] Soshin: who isn't even from Scotland

[Today at 03:41 pm] MA: Scott

[Today at 03:41 pm] Darna: who's SO?

[Today at 03:38 pm] Rabelais: Sounds like they should have given up on it.

[Today at 03:37 pm] MA: Hurtle and SO have also had it this yr at B@®ƒçä∂£  :nerd:

[Today at 03:37 pm] Rabelais: Einstock

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