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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 12:32 pm] Darna: is a burrito supposed to be a penis?

[Today at 12:32 pm] Soshin: :palm:

[Today at 12:31 pm] Darna: i don't get it

[Today at 12:31 pm] Darna: oh the gangsta night. whyte pipo being cluelessly whyte 

[Today at 12:31 pm] Soshin: "Your taco, my burrito"

[Today at 12:31 pm] Darna: what's the tagline

[Today at 12:30 pm] Soshin: who I quite liked when I was 16

[Today at 12:30 pm] shahaggy: well that would get me there

[Today at 12:30 pm] MA: with an appearance by Slick Rick!

[Today at 12:29 pm] Soshin: And then they advertised a "Gangsta" night

[Today at 12:29 pm] Soshin: Well the tagline they use is just a teeny bit sexist Darna

[Today at 12:29 pm] Soshin: Ari's Kitchen has good Takorea

[Today at 12:29 pm] Darna: what happened? i liked it when we went that one time

[Today at 12:26 pm] MA: i just wanted good tacos close by :sigh:

[Today at 12:26 pm] shahaggy: I still haven't been there

[Today at 12:26 pm] Soshin: It's definitely put me off going to Gringos

[Today at 12:23 pm] MA: aururap's gringo's thread is :} :pop:

[Today at 12:22 pm] Soshin: Go see Taype Hester at FF.  It's her dreaded delivery day and she'll have boxes coming out the wazoo

[Today at 12:21 pm] MA: there's some outside, i'll bring em in

[Today at 12:20 pm] Darna: mca i need a couple of sheets of cardboard. big ones--maybe like 4 ft by 3 ft. do we have any boxes at home?

[Today at 12:19 pm] MA: maybe it'll be the actual Tom Petty

[Today at 12:18 pm] Soshin: I see they have a Tom Petty already.  He's not even cold yet

[Today at 12:14 pm] shahaggy: weather should be decent too

[Today at 12:12 pm] Soshin: Oh yeah that's right.  Hmmmmm

[Today at 12:11 pm] Soshin: It says $200 on the website but she gets 50% off

[Today at 12:11 pm] shahaggy: Ghost of Uncle Joe's is Saturday!

[Today at 12:11 pm] Soshin: btw if people are looking for something to do Saturday, Mrs sosh's theater is having a fundraiser.  $100  7pm - 2am open bar

[Today at 12:11 pm] shahaggy: nevah hoid of it

[Today at 12:08 pm] Soshin: OK I will let you know how it goes

[Today at 12:06 pm] MA: parking is nuts there but if you let me know when to pull up i be there

[Today at 12:05 pm] Soshin: 600 Pavonia Ave, right by the Stanley

[Today at 12:05 pm] Soshin: yeah thanks

[Today at 12:03 pm] MA: if youse need a ride home ping me

[Today at 12:02 pm] MA: oh JSq, right?

[Today at 12:02 pm] MA: where's your appt?

[Today at 12:02 pm] Soshin: I've no doubt I will need one but I might be dilated and blind as a bat

[Today at 12:01 pm] Soshin: My cataract appointment is at 4.40 so I will have to see how that goes

[Today at 11:54 am] MA: afterwerk drinks today?

[Today at 11:54 am] MA: i nevahoid of either

[Today at 11:51 am] Soshin: RIP  http://www.brooklynvegan.com/hifi-bar-formerly-brownies-closing-at-the-end-of-october/

[Today at 11:27 am] Soshin: Dave Lee Sloth

[Today at 11:25 am] MA: YOUR THE SLOTH

[Today at 11:19 am] shahaggy: I thought that was the sloth 

[Today at 11:06 am] Soshin: They are the stoners of the animal kingdom

[Today at 11:04 am] Darna: pandas are wacky

[Today at 11:01 am] Soshin: I've always loved the nonchalant wtf look of this one  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVDQyNzTEDU

[Today at 10:55 am] Darna: here's something to cheer you up https://www.facebook.com/TheIndependentOnline/videos/10155357891491636/

[Today at 10:51 am] Soshin: Take me eye Doc!  It ain't working anyway!

[Today at 10:50 am] Soshin: :nana: First meeting with Doctor Cataract this afternoon! :nana:

[Today at 10:50 am] Soshin: I was aiming for the little strip of land between the two rivers

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