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[01-15-2019, 10:48pm] jehu: Rheumatoid arthritis is the new set of blood tests.

[01-15-2019, 10:27pm] Binky: Lol, fe. Grape Jelly exports. :palm:

[01-15-2019, 09:53pm] fasteddie: $2 for me

[01-15-2019, 09:50pm] fasteddie: how much?

[01-15-2019, 09:48pm] shahaggy: or afternoon

[01-15-2019, 09:47pm] shahaggy: announced this morning

[01-15-2019, 09:47pm] jehu:  again?

[01-15-2019, 09:47pm] shahaggy: so netflix is raising prices

[01-15-2019, 09:19pm] fasteddie: Communipaw 

[01-15-2019, 08:59pm] shahaggy: nah tomorrow will be fine

[01-15-2019, 08:52pm] MA: Fine Fare is the new C-Town 

[01-15-2019, 08:43pm] jehu: I should go now actually. Tomorrow will be a mess.

[01-15-2019, 08:42pm] jehu: Yes. I do need food.

[01-15-2019, 08:37pm] shahaggy: and cat food or they might turn on you while snowed in

[01-15-2019, 08:36pm] shahaggy: good move, stock up on ice cream

[01-15-2019, 08:36pm] jehu: Will food shop tomorrow for the impending doom.

[01-15-2019, 08:36pm] jehu: Going to be a mess.

[01-15-2019, 08:15pm] nikki: Happy Boor may be the best name ever

[01-15-2019, 08:06pm] Soshin: Delightful!  https://www.nj.com/hudson/2019/01/supermarket-closed-after-city-reports-finding-expired-baby-formula-black-mold-dirty-meat-slicer.html

[01-15-2019, 05:24pm] nikki: boooooo

[01-15-2019, 05:18pm] shahaggy: :nana: we're going to get snow this weekend

[01-15-2019, 04:20pm] nikki: chili spiced mango mother truckers

[01-15-2019, 04:18pm] CeeDub: I don't think he eats that much garlic we're talkin a different kind of gas he's producing

[01-15-2019, 04:03pm] MA: Sosh's fartiness may be keeping him heart-healthy 

[01-15-2019, 03:31pm] fasteddie:  Soshin: And so are the Welsh, they voted to leave despite being the largest recipients of EU money in the UK<- from the grape jelly exports?

[01-15-2019, 03:25pm] MA: is a genral election the same as a parliamentary election?

[01-15-2019, 02:56pm] Soshin: And so are the Welsh, they voted to leave despite being the largest recipients of EU money in the UK

[01-15-2019, 02:55pm] Soshin: Yeah he's an idiot

[01-15-2019, 02:51pm] MA: did you see this? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jan/12/neil-warnock-cardiff-city-brexit-leave

[01-15-2019, 02:47pm] Soshin: Hopefully the latter, which would be a double win since it would come with the utter implosion of the Conservative Party

[01-15-2019, 02:43pm] Soshin: So it's either a full zombie apocalypse or no zombie apocalypse at all

[01-15-2019, 02:42pm] Soshin: MPs reject May's Brexit plan by 432 to 202 - a majority of 230

[01-15-2019, 02:37pm] fasteddie: jehu: Did you have a say in size/shape?<-he just hands her a copy of Hustler and says "check one off"

[01-15-2019, 02:05pm] MA: yeah i remember when NO played that a couple years ago

[01-15-2019, 02:03pm] Soshin: Good line up for the Tibet Hoose show this year.  Even includes people MCA likes!  http://www.brooklynvegan.com/debbie-harry-joins-tibet-house-benefit-lineup-sturgill-simpson-drops-off/

[01-15-2019, 01:54pm] jehu: :nerd:

[01-15-2019, 01:50pm] CeeDub: Cheapest = Jeebus 

[01-15-2019, 01:50pm] CeeDub: Cheapest I know more than a few men that walk around with half a case around their waist

[01-15-2019, 01:46pm] Soshin: Was Madonna Pointy an option?

[01-15-2019, 01:27pm] nikki: a little say in size.  i said just pick what will look best but he couldn't/wouldn't go too large

[01-15-2019, 01:21pm] jehu: Did you have a say in size/shape?

[01-15-2019, 01:19pm] nikki: and these are smaller than what i was!

[01-15-2019, 01:17pm] Soshin: speaking of which, I had that raspberry puree sour beer on Saturday.  It was like drinking alcoholic jam

[01-15-2019, 01:17pm] MA: jeez imagine carrying 2 beers around yr neck all the time :fwp:

[01-15-2019, 01:16pm] Soshin: Ah so like a strong beer at Barcade

[01-15-2019, 01:16pm] Soshin: A Yamama 295cc

[01-15-2019, 01:16pm] MA: 295cc = 9.9 fl. oz.

[01-15-2019, 01:15pm] nikki: exactly FE like a starter pack

[01-15-2019, 01:15pm] fasteddie: 295 cc, like a small motorcycle engine

[01-15-2019, 01:15pm] Soshin: I can only do those measurements in imperial pint sizes.  Is there a boob to beer conversion chart?

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