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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:31 pm] CeeDub: Chickens and eggs still need counting

[Today at 10:29 pm] CeeDub: CNN Calling for Jones

[Today at 10:26 pm] CeeDub: Naibighting

[Today at 10:25 pm] jehu: Jones ahead.

[Today at 10:23 pm] CeeDub: Every show is sold out

[Today at 10:20 pm] CeeDub: Soshin do you remember chatting w/ It's the K Friday night?

[Today at 10:12 pm] TheFang: We've got a few of her non-cramps albums,  they're pretty good. 

[Today at 09:45 pm] Soshin: I'weirdly I've been friends with her on Facebook for a while because I used to shop inn her record shop. I had no idea she had musical cred

[Today at 09:44 pm] fasteddie: 60+

[Today at 09:43 pm] Soshin: Lol Binky. Kill me now

[Today at 09:41 pm] Binky: If she’s over 45-50 or so, she probably is 

[Today at 09:41 pm] Soshin: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miriam_Linna

[Today at 09:41 pm] fasteddie: well I hope she's feeling better

[Today at 09:40 pm] Soshin: She's a drummer, used to be inn The Cramps

[Today at 09:33 pm] fasteddie: I still don't know who she is by any name

[Today at 09:32 pm] Soshin: Miriam Lina

[Today at 09:32 pm] Soshin: Uh

[Today at 09:32 pm] Soshin: Linens

[Today at 09:29 pm] Soshin: Miriam Linda and Todd Barry opened for YLT tonight

[Today at 09:00 pm] CeeDub: Oi my kischkas this Senate vote is 11/08/2016 all over again

[Today at 08:40 pm] CeeDub: Happy Hanukkah boys- and girlchiks !

[Today at 07:41 pm] fasteddie: I don't know why they are called Bayonne boxes, I never see them there, only here

[Today at 07:36 pm] Binky: They actually had to move the center line.

[Today at 07:16 pm] TheFang: Yeah, that was the neighborhood we originally wanted. 

[Today at 07:09 pm] MA: also helps cemetery goers

[Today at 07:09 pm] MA: looks like they made it a curving one-way downhill. dunno, looks permanent to me

[Today at 07:08 pm] Binky: They narrowed the Westbound lane so much I can't bike on that side next to cars.

[Today at 07:08 pm] Binky: I hope its temporary repair or something.  But it's got some new paint.  Hoping it isn't another poorly conceived traffic control thing.

[Today at 07:06 pm] Binky: What the heck are they doing with the roadway by the Cemetery on Newark Ave?

[Today at 07:02 pm] MA: Boggiano signs everywhere though :boggiano:

[Today at 07:02 pm] MA: we did our evening :pup: walk in the Hilltop. delightful neighborhood, everything from brownstones to Bayonne boxes

[Today at 06:58 pm] Soshin: 400% spike in price at one point

[Today at 06:53 pm] jehu: Some of my friends are. THey are making a killing

[Today at 06:48 pm] Soshin: Anyone investing in litecoin or have we missed that boat too?

[Today at 06:45 pm] Soshin: Well if only poplar trees could vote :P

[Today at 06:39 pm] Binky: Yeah.  Last thing he would want now is a popular vote.

[Today at 06:37 pm] Soshin: True enough, although remember Trump used to hate the electoral college

[Today at 06:35 pm] Binky: People who are elected rarely feel the need to change the mechanisms that got them elected.

[Today at 06:31 pm] Soshin: Maine surprises me, particularly with LePaige in charge

[Today at 06:30 pm] Soshin: Maine[16] and Vermont[17] are the only states with unrestricted voting rights for people who are felons. Both states allow the person to vote during incarceration, via absentee ballot and after terms of conviction end.

[Today at 06:28 pm] Soshin: Delightfully vague

[Today at 06:27 pm] Soshin: "dual petition that could be denied. Alabama – A person convicted of a felony loses the ability to vote if the felony involves moral turpitude. The state Attorney General and courts have decided this for individual crimes"

[Today at 06:27 pm] Soshin: Just looked up Alabama

[Today at 06:27 pm] Soshin: Agreed, age should be lowered to 16 too

[Today at 06:25 pm] Binky: It would seem to me that one goal of a Progressive government should be to extend the right to vote to as many eligible people as possible.  It never is.

[Today at 06:23 pm] Soshin: And Clinton's 1994 crime bill has a lot to answer for on that front

[Today at 06:22 pm] Soshin: Felony disenfranchisement is a huge problem too, even more so in racist states like Bama

[Today at 06:14 pm] Soshin: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/09/ex-jersey_city_mayor_wants_councilman_booted_from.html

[Today at 06:13 pm] Binky: That would be him.

[Today at 06:13 pm] Soshin: Tried to get Gadsen thrown off the ballot for not having enough petitions or some shit

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