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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 11:52 pm] HippyWitch: years...    I got my son healthy, left the business for that...  hes now on a blessed given path in life killing it!    Ive now spent the last year trying to break back into Gettys bandwidth but they are dissing everyone who is not kevin mazur basically..

[Today at 11:51 pm] HippyWitch: olleen!!!  Ole buddy ole pal!  Ok, so im a looser that im only on friend patrol via social and via email... hopefuly i can get my band of life n business back together and see myself in nyc again to catch up with yah!  Soooooo ive been thru alot over the 

[Today at 11:51 pm] HippyWitch: This email has me spinning into outer space pissed

[Today at 11:51 pm] HippyWitch: LOL

[Today at 11:51 pm] HippyWitch: Anyone up

[Today at 10:59 pm] CeeDub: Very well

[Today at 10:49 pm] jehu: And how is Toilet Baby

[Today at 10:40 pm] CeeDub: I was with toilet baby when Healy walked into the back right past guy catrillo - that would have been an interesting Stop & Shop at

[Today at 09:45 pm] Binky: That's why I laughed

[Today at 09:45 pm] MA: yes

[Today at 09:44 pm] Binky: In response?

[Today at 09:43 pm] MA: i think they went a step beyond 

[Today at 09:42 pm] Binky: Someone explaining why the term, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day" is untrue.  Because if the clock is broken, it isn't really telling time and can't be trusted.   

[Today at 09:39 pm] Binky: Yes, well. I haven't been entirely freed, I confess

[Today at 09:35 pm] MA: :dunno:

[Today at 09:35 pm] Binky: :rofl:

[Today at 09:31 pm] Binky: That's the entire point of the saying, you dolt.

[Today at 08:00 pm] Binky: Sheriff probably knocked on the door when you were gone.

[Today at 07:45 pm] MA: and :healy: of course 

[Today at 07:45 pm] MA: shags and skwirl sighted :nerd:

[Today at 07:32 pm] CeeDub: I'mma stop by for a snack

[Today at 07:28 pm] MA: Festa, paisanz 

[Today at 07:23 pm] jehu: I know. RIght

[Today at 06:48 pm] MA: :D

[Today at 06:48 pm] Rabelais: Odd, you're usually pretty good about answering messages

[Today at 06:40 pm] jehu: Or atleast that I am aware of.

[Today at 06:38 pm] jehu: What is funny is that the paperwork says the Sheriff tried reaching me. They haven't.

[Today at 06:18 pm] Binky: Whatcha gonna do when they come for you, Bad Boy?

[Today at 06:13 pm] jehu: Well, I have to wait for the sherrifs notice

[Today at 06:11 pm] Darna: Oh shit. Whatcha gonna do?

[Today at 06:00 pm] jehu: So I just got notice that the second mortgage people suing to have me pay them rent and not the landlord.

[Today at 05:33 pm] fasteddie: jehu: They have a rather small navy though. 5 subs, 6 corvettes, a few patrol boats.<- do the admirals get to drive the Corvettes?

[Today at 05:03 pm] CeeDub: The Festa Is Now Open!!

[Today at 05:02 pm] CeeDub: Population of NYC in size of California

[Today at 05:02 pm] MA: jehu, time to move back https://www.facebook.com/events/1761836443870758/

[Today at 04:58 pm] jehu: They have a rather small navy though. 5 subs, 6 corvettes, a few patrol boats.

[Today at 04:20 pm] CeeDub: :dronabinol: 

[Today at 03:53 pm] jehu: Their Baltic Fleet is basically landlocked between Sweden and Denmark.

[Today at 03:52 pm] jehu: Yeah. Russia is always sending subs their way.

[Today at 03:33 pm] CeeDub: Yeah, since, oh, 1522 or so

[Today at 03:19 pm] jehu: Sweden has a navy?

[Today at 03:16 pm] CeeDub: So when they return from sea, the harbormaster can Scandinavian

[Today at 03:15 pm] CeeDub: All of Sweden's warships have ginormous bar codes painted on their hulls. Guess why?

[Today at 03:10 pm] jehu: Past present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

[Today at 02:59 pm] jehu: Tickets for that Lunasa show are selling out fast.

[Today at 02:59 pm] Binky: Before the profits go up in smoke 

[Today at 02:51 pm] TheFang: Especially since all of Canada is like 60 days out

[Today at 02:42 pm] MA: Morristown bitchez

[Today at 02:40 pm] Soshin: Lots of people have offloading to do before it becomes worthless

[Today at 02:39 pm] Soshin: Yeah I noticed the price of a quarter is down by 20 bucks right now

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