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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 10:26 pm] fasteddie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKNENSpSK2k

[Today at 09:42 pm] Binky: As did I 

[Today at 09:30 pm] MA: we've had a long day 

[Today at 09:15 pm] Binky: I don’t really have it in me either. 

[Today at 09:11 pm] MA: someone just changed into their jammies

[Today at 09:06 pm] CeeDub: I dinnae have it in me

[Today at 09:06 pm] fasteddie: https://youtu.be/VpiOa4Lt1ys?t=8

[Today at 08:58 pm] MA: K we're not going

[Today at 08:53 pm] elsquid: New reply: Re: !!Bike JC Ward Tour rolls Sun. June 3!!

[Today at 08:50 pm] MA: we're considering it but losing motivation fast

[Today at 08:24 pm] TheFang: Waiting in a doorway in Windsor terrace

[Today at 08:13 pm] nikki: We're back in the burbs

[Today at 07:34 pm] Binky: Anyone going up to see the Rats tonight?  I’m considering it 


[Today at 06:11 pm] fasteddie: MCA, go to Louei's restaurant, try the veal

[Today at 06:02 pm] CeeDub: :rofl: silly question

[Today at 05:57 pm] MA: are you libating?

[Today at 05:51 pm] MA: yup. about 45 min going there, but we hit the holiday weekend getaway traffic getting out. Cross Bx Expwy :seppuku:

[Today at 05:49 pm] Soshin: Did you drive? 

[Today at 05:47 pm] MA: 1h40min to get home! :drama:

[Today at 04:37 pm] Soshin: It's always 4pm somewhere

[Today at 04:29 pm] Binky: what do you mean?  It's 4:30?

[Today at 03:51 pm] shahaggy: The clock is moving so slowly, why isn't it 4pm already?

[Today at 03:10 pm] HippyWitch: Binky it might be you. Were you in the press area wearing a black backpack

[Today at 03:09 pm] HippyWitch: We bought weed on Jerome Ave in high school

[Today at 02:52 pm] MA: that's right!  :pizza: then cannoli 

[Today at 02:37 pm] Binky: Little Italian Village of the Bronx

[Today at 02:27 pm] MA: Arthur Avenue in the Boogie Down 

[Today at 01:59 pm] Soshin: Link is on my Facebook for anyone who wants to join

[Today at 01:59 pm] Soshin: Jill Sobule tickets BOUGHT!

[Today at 12:31 pm] Binky: That’s why you’re the idea man. 

[Today at 12:21 pm] jehu: Binky, maybe you can get her? https://youtu.be/rH0Tdxybvic

[Today at 11:53 am] Binky: No green jacket. Blue short sleeves. 

[Today at 11:51 am] Binky: Hippy. Faded Orange hat. Could read beige 

[Today at 11:50 am] Binky: Looking for feminist woman with credentials willing to do an on camera interview for German Television in NYC this afternoon. Any ideas? 

[Today at 11:42 am] MA: I'll be starting the rumor that Harvey is beingrepresented by Aaron Schlossberg 

[Today at 11:28 am] CeeDub: "Hey, Harvey- how did it go? Anything to tell me?" "Well, they took my shoelaces - bou you'll be okay in your Crocs®, Mario."

[Today at 11:09 am] CeeDub: I was doing the same on Twitter pix

[Today at 11:09 am] MA:  Bronx Zoo, bitchez :mac:

[Today at 11:09 am] HippyWitch: Lol lol. I'm looking for him in the Harvey pictures we got at work

[Today at 11:09 am] CeeDub: Chewing on a blunt?

[Today at 11:08 am] HippyWitch: And a light green jacket 

[Today at 11:08 am] CeeDub: And Beatz?

[Today at 11:08 am] HippyWitch: Binky are you wearing a beige hat

[Today at 10:59 am] jehu: I really like using butternut squash in my tacos.

[Today at 10:51 am] CeeDub: I will not be making chicken tortilla soup nor getting arrested

[Today at 10:51 am] CeeDub: https://youtu.be/KJyjzHIgqr4

[Today at 10:46 am] Binky: I’ll be spreading the rumor that Harvey is seeking a Presidential Pardon. 

[Today at 10:39 am] nikki: That's past my bedtime 

[Today at 10:39 am] nikki: Ha not that late I meant this afternoon

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