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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 12:19 pm] nikki: You were right

[Today at 12:18 pm] MA: i told you people the story was fishy

[Today at 12:09 pm] jehu: Washington Post story on the practice. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2015/03/05/the-shadowy-world-of-birth-tourism-at-californias-luxury-maternity-hotels/?utm_term=.8c2de1c55ceb

[Today at 12:08 pm] jehu: But, a lot of the companies that do this are evading taxes, hospital fees, etc.

[Today at 12:08 pm] jehu: Nothing illegal about a foreign national giving birth in the US. 

[Today at 12:08 pm] jehu: That money, federal officials allege, is being pocketed by a group of individuals who have skirted tax law, flouted immigration laws and helped their clients defraud U.S. hospitals of tens of thousands of dollars for each baby born.

[Today at 12:07 pm] nikki: That Meadowlands hospital markets this service

[Today at 12:06 pm] jehu: So much easier to just invest $500K in the US and get a green card.

[Today at 12:02 pm] shahaggy: if it's true, the homeowner should be facing a slew of federal charges

[Today at 11:57 am] nikki: The conservative blogosphere forwarded it to me.   I haven't seen the local news in about a week

[Today at 11:54 am] shahaggy: don't know why none of the local news publications haven't picked up the story nikki

[Today at 11:51 am] nikki: Mca. Suspected birth tourism site reportedly at center of New York City stabbing spree  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/24/suspected-birth-tourism-site-reportedly-at-center-new-york-city-stabbing-spree.html

[Today at 11:51 am] jehu: or just be another wanker.

[Today at 11:50 am] jehu: or colors

[Today at 11:50 am] jehu: Get your facts straight if you are going to wear their kit.

[Today at 11:50 am] jehu: Borussia - Prussia in german.

[Today at 11:48 am] shahaggy: s'ok comrade jehu

[Today at 11:47 am] jehu: Borussia, sorry.

[Today at 11:47 am] jehu: Borussian Dortmund

[Today at 11:42 am] shahaggy: I'll consider an official USMNT jersey down the road 

[Today at 11:41 am] shahaggy: yup

[Today at 11:38 am] MA: oh you got a Dortmund shirt? 

[Today at 11:34 am] TheFang: They know there's a market 

[Today at 11:34 am] shahaggy: unlike the club team pulisic plays for

[Today at 11:33 am] shahaggy: doesn't tell me anything except that Red Bull is doing a good job making sure I can't find their counterfeit jerseys

[Today at 11:31 am] TheFang: See,  that's how you know. 

[Today at 11:29 am] nikki: Are you still there?

[Today at 11:22 am] CeeDub: Come to the window and :wave: nikki

[Today at 11:19 am] shahaggy: couldn't find an affordable Adams jersey, everything was over $100

[Today at 11:18 am] MA: noice. but you better not jinx him!

[Today at 11:13 am] shahaggy: Pulisic jersey out for delivery

[Today at 11:05 am] nikki: Oh you're in my work hood 

[Today at 11:01 am] jehu: Axios is reporting that Rosenstein is going to retire.

[Today at 10:52 am] jehu: Funny how the NYTimes is fake news, yet Trump is going to use one of it stories to fire Rosenstein.

[Today at 10:50 am] fasteddie: Rosenstein summoned to the principal's office

[Today at 10:47 am] CeeDub: Spa Diner w -1 & the BB

[Today at 10:46 am] fasteddie: your guy doesn't do them because it's a tankless job

[Today at 10:33 am] jehu: Is that like Ass-less Chaps?

[Today at 10:23 am] shahaggy: :dunno:

[Today at 10:19 am] MA: anyone have experience with tankless water heaters? my guy doesn't do them but he can refer someone.

[Today at 10:08 am] MA: pilot went out yesterday and i saw it was leaking. just in the pan, thankfully

[Today at 10:04 am] fasteddie: get the iheater Pro 4

[Today at 10:01 am] shahaggy: I think toilets run, not refrigerators

[Today at 09:58 am] Binky: That's for a refrigerator, isn't it?

[Today at 09:56 am] shahaggy: :palm:

[Today at 09:56 am] Binky: No, wait..

[Today at 09:56 am] Binky: You'd better run and catch it.

[Today at 09:54 am] Binky: Is it leaking?

[Today at 09:51 am] MA: i need a new water heater :|

[Today at 09:48 am] shahaggy: some crazy football games yesterday, lots of people's suicide pools destroyed 

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