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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 11:59 am] TheFang: Nice

[Today at 11:57 am] shahaggy: my mom taught me how to make her Sunday sauce on Friday and sent me home with some new cook wear

[Today at 11:57 am] TheFang: Cast iron skillet has tons of uses. 

[Today at 11:44 am] Binky: Cast Iron is great.  A casserole dish with cover is usefull, too

[Today at 11:43 am] Binky: oops.  ASS

[Today at 11:43 am] Binky: JC should ban that

[Today at 11:42 am] jehu: I got an insta pot

[Today at 11:38 am] shahaggy: either that or a super heavy cast iron skillet

[Today at 11:28 am] shahaggy: anyone have an air fryer? thinking of asking for one for Christmas

[Today at 10:57 am] MA: happy Green Monday, apparently

[Today at 10:48 am] Binky: Who says she wants to be taken seriously?  All she really wants is to be noticed. 

[Today at 10:38 am] MA: :D

[Today at 10:37 am] shahaggy: [Today at 10:36 am] Darna: Omg that video. MCA I'll kill you if you tweet my video

[Today at 10:36 am] Darna: Omg that video.  Why would anyone who wants to be taken seriously think it was a good idea to put that out there?

[Today at 10:08 am] shahaggy: :hmm: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-met-chicago-13th-ward-alderman-race-kass-20181206-story.html?__twitter_impression=true

[Today at 10:02 am] shahaggy: I would like to know how they decided who gets a ring doorbell, we get a lot of packages delivered and left on our stoop

[Today at 10:01 am] Binky: I thought I wrote At the pool now. My phone has a mind of its own

[Today at 10:01 am] nikki: Her face is rough 

[Today at 10:01 am] MA: https://twitter.com/WiredJC/status/1072144140681531392 :D

[Today at 10:01 am] Binky: Lol, MCA

[Today at 09:59 am] Binky: And yes he pool now. :spitz:

[Today at 09:59 am] MA: what about theft of stock photos :| https://twitter.com/JCPDchief/status/1071877301762211840/photo/2

[Today at 09:56 am] Binky: :dunno:

[Today at 09:56 am] Rabelais: "Accommodations include elevated platform dining, semi-private seating for up to 55 guests, and sightline of 13 HD TV’s.

[Today at 09:56 am] MA: nevahoidofit

[Today at 09:43 am] shahaggy: anyone been there before?

[Today at 09:43 am] shahaggy: work Christmas party is this Thursday at Hudson & Co, new place on 2nd street 

[Today at 09:33 am] HippyWitch: Lol lol  it also comes with a plug which is recommended

[Today at 09:30 am] Rabelais: Riedel is a popular glass and they make tons of different types. They're good, butr a bit expensive, I think.

[Today at 09:29 am] MA: [Today at 09:28 am] del ban Rabelais: I use Spiegelau white wine glasses as my all purpose glass. They're well made, more durable than most and not so expensive that breaking one is all in a day's work for CeeDub

[Today at 09:28 am] Rabelais: I use Spiegelau white wine glasses as my all purpose glass. They're well made, more durable than most and not so expensive that breaking one is the end of the world.

[Today at 09:25 am] shahaggy: :jeff: butter fingers

[Today at 09:24 am] Rabelais: While trying to clean it the next day.

[Today at 09:24 am] Rabelais: I was gifted three and don't use them at all after using one once and breaking it.

[Today at 09:22 am] Binky: Great advice right there!

[Today at 09:21 am] Rabelais: Avoid Zalto. They're good glasses, but so fragile they're difficult to wash. Plus, they're $60 each.

[Today at 09:19 am] Binky: I havent narrowed it to specific brands at this point.  I know I want glasses for reds.  Merlot, or Chablis, and now I can't remember they third type of grape that BK named as her favorite.

[Today at 09:14 am] Rabelais: [Today at 07:41 am] Binky: Rab?  How can I be assured, should I buy BK wineglasses for xmas, that the glasses are of good quality? <--- Which are you considering, Binky?

[Today at 09:00 am] MA: for the record i was dubious when you said it ran on batteries

[Today at 08:59 am] MA: lol the squirrel cooker :rofl:

[Today at 08:52 am] Binky: The unappealing part is her overwhelming neediness 

[Today at 08:51 am] HippyWitch: Her mole might just make it in

[Today at 08:51 am] HippyWitch: 569 views 27 likes lol lol lol 

[Today at 08:50 am] Binky: Will she fit in her he Squirrel cooker? 

[Today at 08:50 am] HippyWitch: Ugh she is a delusional asshole

[Today at 08:50 am] HippyWitch: Lmfaoooooo :rofl: 

[Today at 08:50 am] HippyWitch:  

[Today at 08:49 am] HippyWitch: Dead to me 

[Today at 08:43 am] Binky: Someone save that link for Hippy.

[Today at 08:32 am] Binky: "You dance like a worm on a fishing hook"

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