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WiredJC Shoutbox

[Today at 03:22 pm] Binky: As will I.  Thank you.

[Today at 03:20 pm] M«A: Yass. We'll be there,  B

[Today at 03:18 pm] Binky: Is the Neighborhood association  holidat part tomorrow?

[Today at 03:08 pm] Darna: Mca, want to go to Donna's thing on Tuesday?

[Today at 03:03 pm] Darna: Awwww. Poor possum.

[Today at 02:59 pm] TheFang: A shorter one

[Today at 02:37 pm] M«A: what bldg?  :nerd:

[Today at 02:20 pm] TheFang: Paulus hook

[Today at 02:10 pm] shahaggy: ???

[Today at 02:05 pm] jehu: You work for Springer too!!

[Today at 02:01 pm] shahaggy: what neighborhood does he live in TF?

[Today at 02:00 pm] shahaggy: isn't this child abuse, exploitation?

[Today at 01:50 pm] TheFang: Just ran into Sean Davis outside his building. 

[Today at 01:45 pm] fasteddie: did you mean "donut"?

[Today at 01:42 pm] nikki: Finally got started on my Christmas donation shopping 

[Today at 01:25 pm] shahaggy: :nerd: AC Milan fined 12 million euros and threatened wiht one year ban

[Today at 01:18 pm] nikki: Ugh that's sad he's a mess

[Today at 01:18 pm] M«A: lol @ commenter "FE" 

[Today at 01:17 pm] nikki: Hahahaha 

[Today at 01:17 pm] shahaggy: his nose appearing deflated and misshapen from a long history of snorting cocaine and heroin.

[Today at 01:15 pm] fasteddie: dafug is going on with his nose?

[Today at 01:14 pm] shahaggy: jebus, artie lange not looking good

[Today at 01:11 pm] fasteddie: this world is full of morons

[Today at 01:10 pm] fasteddie: will you have valet parking?

[Today at 01:09 pm] shahaggy: fancy

[Today at 01:06 pm] nikki: In a semi circle

[Today at 01:00 pm] Binky: To the street? 

[Today at 12:47 pm] nikki: Only 1 car.  I get that and we're going to extend the driveway

[Today at 12:44 pm] M«A: SpringerNature holiday party is LIT AF 

[Today at 12:35 pm] jehu: Is there a garage?

[Today at 12:31 pm] CeeDub: "Never bring a Pence to a Pelosi fight"

[Today at 12:06 pm] M«A: fight! fight! fight! :pop:

[Today at 11:46 am] nikki: Jehu there's actually a shed there that we're fighting over. It needs some revamping 

[Today at 11:40 am] CeeDub: The human head weighs eight pounds

[Today at 11:38 am] jehu: Is an actual town name.

[Today at 11:38 am] jehu: Llanfair≠pwllgwyngyll≠gogery≠chwyrn≠drobwll≠llan≠tysilio≠gogo≠goch

[Today at 11:29 am] jehu: You need a she-shed.

[Today at 11:14 am] shahaggy: :hutz: I prefer the spray foam insulation 

[Today at 11:11 am] nikki: That goes on the concrete then drywall gets attached to the built in studs

[Today at 11:10 am] fasteddie:   [Today at 11:10 am] Rabelais: Insulated panels? ITTIIAW

[Today at 11:10 am] Rabelais: Insulated panels? I'd thbink that would be used more for an already finished product.

[Today at 11:09 am] fasteddie: they say it works in shipping containers

[Today at 11:06 am] nikki: We're looking at this stuff. https://www.insofast.com/

[Today at 11:06 am] nikki: Home Inspection is tomorrow. We're shooting for some time in January to close

[Today at 11:01 am] Rabelais: I had insulation blown in, made a huge difference

[Today at 11:00 am] M«A: when's the closing?

[Today at 10:53 am] nikki: There are some interesting products we're looking at to insulate and frame the walls in one

[Today at 10:50 am] Rabelais: [Today at 09:18 am] nikki: Rab did you finish your basement or renovate it? It was finished when I moved in, but of course I made some changes.

[Today at 10:20 am] nikki: Lol

[Today at 10:04 am] M«A: padded

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