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Title: LOST - Black Plastic garbage Can Lid
Post by: fasteddie on 07-23-2020, 11:47am
Help! Last seen in Jersey City Heights. A gale force wind in last night's thunderstorm sent one of my garbage cans airborne, it alit across the street and was retrieved but the lid was nowhere to be found. It is black a plastic object approximately 2'X1.5' and 3.5-4" tall, slightly domed on top with molded in handle top center. The number '177' is stenciled in white paint in two places. This particular garbage can is the one I use for recycling bottles and cans and thus it is vital to the survival of our planet. The lid was lost in Jersey City Heights but since it is somewhat boat shaped when upside down, I fear it may have navigated to Downtown or Hoboken in the raging torrent. Lid loss renders a garbage can useless in my opinion. If it is not found and returned, I will have no other choice but to purchase a new garbage can which I can ill afford at this time, not to mention the ordeal of adjusting to and learning the intricacies of a strange new container. Then there is the dilemma of disposing of the old, lidless garbage can. One cannot simply put an unwanted garbage can out with the trash, the sanitation technicians will never take it away, it is not in their nature to do so. It must be cut up and made unrecognizable and placed in a healthy, working garbage can. There is a very small reward for its return, less than a dollar but nonetheless, genuine coin of the realm.