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Journal Square / Re: Commute from Journal square to PHL
« on: 02-19-2010, 01:35pm »
This is manageable but it will take you FOREVER.

You will have to:
PATH to Newark
NJT Northeast Corridor line from Newark to Trenton
SEPTA R7 from Trenton to Center City
SEPTA R1 from Center City to PHL

This will take you 2-3 hours each way, or more if you don't time the transfer right.  The SEPTA from Trenton to Center City makes all stops and takes an hour, it's a good 40 minutes to Trenton if you're lucky to get an express train, the train to PHL takes another 20 minutes, and that's not considering the transfer times and the time on the PATH.

I used to take SEPTA and NJT from Center City to NYC or JC every once in a while and it was a major PITA.  I honestly cannot imagine doing it as a daily commute. 

Getting an Amtrak monthly pass would save a lot of time but those are obscenely expensive (like $600-800 a month).

Not JC Related / Re: YOU'RE gay for Moelmann
« on: 08-11-2008, 12:54pm »
And i thought the title referred to the guy from the Simpsons...

(EVERYTHING has a Wikipedia page nowadays, it seems.)

Dining / Re: NYC restaurant recommendation
« on: 08-11-2008, 12:51pm »
I highly recommend Snack Taverna (in the West Village, I think on Bedford near 7th Ave, so not that far from the Christopher St PATH).  It's very, very good modern Greek food, with an emphasis on fish and other dishes on the lighter side.  It's reasonably priced and they take reservations.

Also, they don't take reservations, but if your friend is slightly adventurous you might try Fatty Crab (about a 5 minute walk up Hudson St from the Christopher St PATH).  It's southeast Asian street food served in tapas-style portions (really it's not as pretentious as it sounds).   I don't think on a Tuesday night in August you would have any issues getting a table.  It's not cheap but it's not terribly expensive either.


Sports, Recreation & Hobbies / Re: I need a new camera...
« on: 06-25-2008, 03:03pm »
The Nikons are a little weak in the low-light shooting department, but they more than make up for it with the macro.... you can focus down to about 1". Anyways, that's my vote.

All compacts stink in the low-light department, unfortunately.  The main difference is how they implement noise reduction.  Some are so heavy-handed that the resulting image looks like a watercolor.  Nikon is more hands-off than Canon in my experience, which means slightly more detail and noise.

FWIW, there's a Photoshop plugin called Noiseware that does *amazing* things for low-light/high-ISO/noisy images.  I use it all the time for high ISO stuff from the D300.

I have used a similar plugin called Noise Ninja with VERY good results.  It has turned many an ISO 800 night shot from my Sony point-and-shoot from noisy to crisp (but certainly not perfect) .

Sports, Recreation & Hobbies / Re: I need a new camera...
« on: 06-24-2008, 09:21am »
It may not have the best set of manual controls (and you're not going to get anything on the fancy side like aperture priority or shutter priority modes), but  I would recommend the Canon SD1000 as a great value.  You can get one for as little as $130 nowadays and it's a great, very compact camera.

 They also make a newer version with image stabilization that's a little more expensive and a little thicker, but the 1000 takes very good pictures in most lighting conditions without it. 

Crime & Safety / Re: NJ State Police: Ticketing blitz
« on: 06-23-2008, 04:12pm »
Can't say for sure, but it looks like this is false:

Music / Re: Sonic Youth Tickets
« on: 06-12-2008, 03:09pm »
Well good news folks, it looks like I was able to get the extra pair of tickets.  Assuming everything goes well when I pick them up (sometime in the next week) both Sosh and elgoodo can have a ticket.

Music / Re: Sonic Youth Tickets
« on: 06-12-2008, 12:56pm »
I *may* have an extra pair of tickets. 

My BF and I both tried to get on the site - he was able to get all the way through and print his confirmation, but I kept getting an error after putting in my details (the site wouldn't load the confirmation page and when I tried again it said I was already registered).  If I get an email that I can use to get the extra pair of tickets, I will have one for Sosh and one for someone else.

General / Re: SmartCard vs QuickCard vs MetroCard
« on: 06-04-2008, 01:36pm »
There are blue machines that dispense them for $5 (cash only) in the WTC station.  They are smaller than a regular metrocard machine.

What I'd really like to know is where Liberty Harbor Wine Merchants got my email address. There are only a handful of JC-related organizations which could have been the ones to give/sell my personal email to them, and they are:

Steve Fulop's Office

If it's any of the above, that is highly uncool.

NON, I'm afraid it might be Fulop's office - I am also signed up for his emails, and I noticed that the service that sends his emails (SafeUnsubscribe or something) also does the ones for this wine place.

Real Estate / Re: Majestic Condos 2
« on: 05-22-2008, 07:51pm »
I just hope the amazing retail they promise doesn't end up being... a nail salon, a taco bell, and a 99 cent store. 

Crime & Safety / Re: Calling the Cops on Kids
« on: 05-22-2008, 10:47am »

Some other ideas to keep kids off your stoop:
- Put a stereo on a timer to play country-western music for an hour when school lets out
- Buy a timer to have your stoop get watered automatically for 5 minutes every day when school lets out (you can do this with a hose and a sprinkler head and a relatively cheap timer)
- Buy a Mosquito (

OK, so the last one's probably not realistic but the first two may work.

I am really surprised he hasn't just succumbed and created an "Off Topic" forum yet.

And if the focus of "NOT Jersey City" is supposed to be other cities in the metro area, why not rename it "NYC and Metro" or something like that.

But the deleting of posts ATS really is moving beyond capricious to ridiculous. 

Downtown / Re: Fill in the blank: Downtown Snobbery
« on: 05-13-2008, 11:49pm »
Oh, believe me, I wouldn't want to touch those train wrecks even if I were into tranny hookers.  Lucky for me I'm not. 

And now to return the thread to its previously scheduled topic already in progress.

Downtown / Re: Fill in the blank: Downtown Snobbery
« on: 05-13-2008, 11:37pm »
"the Rittenhouse Square of Jersey City with none of its charms."
It just brought to mind other minor parks surrounded by brownstones in major cities and what develops around them.

Dude, have you ever been to Philadelphia?  I can't believe you're calling out VVP as some poor man's version of Rittenhouse when you clearly don't even know what Rittenshouse Square is?

First, Rittenhouse Square is not surrounded by brownstones.  It's surrounded by high-rise buildings and lined on all sides with commercial storefronts.  It's also not a minor park at all.  It's the MAIN park in Center City and anchors Center City's (arguably) most developed and upscale area.  (Fairmount Park doesn't count because it's not really in Center City itself but on the border with the northwestern neighborhoods of Philadelphia.)

Now there ARE smaller neighborhood parks in Philly that are lined on all sides by 3-4 story brownstones and are in residential areas.  And I would say that VVP actually compares pretty favorably to these.  In fact when I lived in Philly I lived right off Fitler Square, and one of the reasons I liked the VVP area so much is because the park reminds me of Fitler Square.  (Fitler Square even has a fountain similar to VVP).

Oh, and BTW there are still some totally messed up tranny hookers that frequent Rittenhouse Square at night. Just thought I'd share.

Movies & Television / Re: The Bravo Thread
« on: 04-03-2008, 10:58am »
Maybe I'm too much of a conspiracy theorist, but I have the feeling that even more of this season is being driven by product placement than just the obvious and obnoxious (like people who just happen to have have 10 lbs of Velveeta or people at the block party who just happened to proudly show off their Hidden Valley Ranch dressing during the challenge the other week).

For example, most of the challenges so far have required making food in the GE Monogram (R) Kitchen and then transporting it somewhere else.  Why?  So they can find excuses to show off Gladware.  And two people were kicked off because of transport issues, despite the show being called Top Chef and not Top Caterer.

But does anyone else notice that smug a-hole Richard consistently uses Glad plastic wrap as part of his annoying molecular gastronomy?  I can just imagine that the producers told him to use the Glad wrap so they can get it on screen a few more times per episode.  Because I can't seriously imagine people being served food with plastic wrap over it at a fine dining restaurant, molecular gastronomy or not. 

General / Re: Road Conditions: Was that my hub cap?
« on: 04-02-2008, 12:35pm »
As for the two traffic lights on Grand, one at Barrow and one at Warren, they are being paid for by the developers in the area. They should have gone live by now and the DPW (traffic division) is following up with them, them being Liberty Harbor North and they didn't have the name of the other developer handy.

Thanks, Thebes - I hope they can get those new traffic lights running soon.  As far as I know there is only one new stoplight in that area, at the corner of Grand and Barrow.  (At least only one that has been installed but not turned on.  There could be others planned I have no idea of.)

Normally I'm not a fan of sitting at more lights, but there seem to be a fair number of both cars and especially pedestrians crossing Grand at Barrow now (presumably to get to Liberty Harbor) and as fast as traffic moves it seems like an accident waiting to happen.

One question - it looks like those lights are in and only waiting to be turned on, so wouldn't the next step be for  DPW need to get them programmed so that the timing is correct and then flip the switch themselves?  Is the ball in DPW's court, or the developer's?

x2 on keeping us up to date.  I have to drive on Columbus every day and it truly is awful.

Another terrible stretch of road is Grand Street between Jersey and Grove.  It seems ok on either side, but between those streets it's almost as bad as Columbus.  Thebes - are there any plans to repave it (as Marin was and Columbus will be)?  And do you know when the new streetlight on Grand at Barrow will be turned on?


Arts & Entertainment / Re: Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool
« on: 07-23-2007, 11:47pm »
I am thinking of taking the bf to the show for his birthday (since he's a big Sonic Youth fan), but I wasn't forward thinking enough to get tickets before they sold out. 

Does anyone by chance have extra tickets to the Sonic Youth show they'd like to sell?  Name your price (and we'll talk)...

Home Improvement / Re: Flat Screen install
« on: 07-23-2007, 09:44am »
If you get two old-work boxes, you may also want to consider getting the conduit (nicknamed "smurf tube" because it's blue), ROMEX cabling, and outlets to make a closed system.  This is the most fire-resistant and code-compliant way to get power to the TV that won't require a licensed electrician (because it's a closed and fully insulated system).  But unless you are comfortable working with electrical items, it may be a good idea to pay $150 to have an electrician install a new outlet. 

Home Improvement / Re: Flat Screen install
« on: 07-22-2007, 05:25pm »
FYI it is technically a code violation to run a power cable through a wall without surrounding it in a protective conduit.  It probably wouldn't be a big deal, but if you had a fire and a claims adjuster discovered the code violation you could be denied coverage.

It's a better idea to run the two old-work boxes or have an electrician install a new outlet behind the TV, IMO.  With the two old-work boxes you can also put a surge protector on the line, which is a good idea for an expensive TV.

Polls / Re: The high cost of living
« on: 07-17-2007, 05:50pm »
The rental market is getting really tough right now... with all of the run-up that house prices have had, rents all across the NYC area seem to be finally catching up.  I saw something in the Times a few weeks ago that rents in Manhattan rose something like 4% in May alone, and that more big jumps were expected over the summer, since that's when the largest chunk of leases expire.  Not to mention that a number of people I know in Hoboken and Jersey City have faced 10%+ increases this year (one had a $400 a month increase!). 

But rent in the NYC area has always been the highest in the country, and there are a lot of people who devote way over 33% of their income to rent.  I read some statistic that a lot of people in Manhattan spend 50% of their post-tax income on rent. 

That seems a little high to me, but I could see 40% of income going to rent, especially if you don't have a car.  The key is to go through your expenses for the past few months and create honest estimates of how much you spend on various things. Take any IRA contributions, student loan payments, etc off the top.  Then don't worry about percentages but see how increased rent would affect your budget.  Since the money would have to come from somewhere, see where you could cut back. 

Just make sure to commit to saving a certain percentage of your income (like 5% or something) and don't compromise -- you never know when an unexpected expense will arise and you don't want to end up with a bunch of credit card debt. 

Restaurants & Bars / Re: Skinner's Loft
« on: 07-16-2007, 11:25pm »
I think it sounds like a taxidermy shop.

AGREE 100%!  Sounds like the name of a Stephen King novel. Gross.

From semi-personal experience (my parents getting a termite infestation when I was growing up), when you get termites you want whatever's going to get rid of them.  I remember they used some pretty serious chemicals (in small amounts), but it was either that or pretty much lose the house to termites. 

On a side note, diatomaceous earth is pretty amazing.  It repels ants, acts as a swimming pool filter, cat litter, and hydroponic growing medium.  Talk about multitasking.

Crime & Safety / Re: Wait, so all of a suddern we're LA?
« on: 06-14-2007, 09:36am »
This makes total sense now -- CW11 news "is" the career path for former America's Next Top Model contestants. 

Yet another example of why the Daily Show hit the nail squarely on the head when they said "the news isn't just good to look at -- this is NILF: News I'd Like to Fuck."

CW11 morning news is like my ultimate wake-up show.  It has ABSOLUTELY no bad news on it at all and all the female anchors are HOT.  Including the former playmate (no I'm not kidding) who flys around in the helicopter wiggling her boobies at the traffic jams. 

In fact, now that I've analyzed it - I think this is why I moved to America; primarily for the playmate news anchors but also the fact that nothing bad ever happens here.  Please don't spoil it for me....

CW11 Morning show is hard hitting and factually accurate news.  1010 WINS will give you the world, give CW11 10 minutes and they'll give you morning wood.  Tell me that's not better   :P

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