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News / Re: Buttocks News and Information Thread
« on: 07-25-2018, 03:49pm »

A West New York man riding a bicycle groped a woman as he passed her on a Hoboken street and fled, but he was tracked down and arrested four days later, authorities said.

Carlos Ramos-Huapaya, 28, was arrested at his home on Monday and charged with criminal sexual contact, Hoboken Lt. Edgardo Cruz said.

Cruz said the groping incident occurred on Thursday, when the victim was walking home in the area of 13th and Clinton streets. The woman told police she was approached from behind by a man riding a mountain bike, and the man grabbed her buttocks, Cruz said.

The victim told police she was not injured.

A brief description was provided, but police could not locate the man, Cruz said.

Detective Arturo Gonzalez picked up the investigation and, with the assistance from uniformed personnel, and along with the evidence collected, identified Ramos-Huapaya as the assailant, Cruz said.

After his arrest Ramos-Huapaya was taken to Hudson County jail.

Calendar / Re: LSP Salt Marsh Cleanup
« on: 03-19-2017, 04:03pm »
Why does this have to be so early.

Obviously she was too busy selling seashells in 2015.

The Barge Inn serves Italian cuisine made from recipes handed down through generations. That’s why the food is so delicious – it’s authentic.

Sally, this article is from February 17, 2015, why are you posting old articles.

Will Darna allow you to wear her manpants?

Government & Politics / Re: Vote No for 2 city questions
« on: 10-18-2016, 04:36pm »
I am voting no.

I think they have too much of a dining area and not enough bar-335

The developer told me the 'Todd O-Phonic' will be their pop music booker, in a mutually non-exclusive arrangement. He never looked happy on the dining room floor as far back as I can remember, and 355 seem to be off to a good start resto-wise.

Movies & Television / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 06-20-2016, 10:05am »
I was wondering the same thing.

Movies & Television / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 06-07-2016, 11:33am »
The Freys are clueless.

The Brotherhood formed from soldiers from all sides of the Five Kings War who became disillusioned with the war. I believe they were last seen in season 4.

Crime & Safety / Re: Jersey City councilman accused of DWI
« on: 05-13-2016, 01:12pm »
My point is Chico had a bargaining chip that the average citizen does not have. Not to mention, he would have probably been forced out of his council person position with a conviction anyway.

Crime & Safety / Re: Jersey City councilman accused of DWI
« on: 05-12-2016, 11:13pm »
Unless he abused his position as a Council Person, I don't think his resignation should have been part of the deal. Yes, he needed to step down, but for the prosecutor to use his resignation as part of a plea deal comes across as meddling in JC politics and overhanded. 

The parade survived the populace.

It was kosher chaos.

A riot erupted at a Brooklyn restaurant last week when Orthodox Jewish patrons discovered the “kosher” hot dogs on the menu were chicken franks that didn’t answer to a higher authority.

What ensued was as unholy as the hot dogs. The eatery’s frightened manager was punched in the face and fended off the angry mob with an electric carving knife until cops finally broke up the frankfurter fracas.

“They were yelling at the guy behind the counter,” one witness told The Post. “They started spitting and throwing things at him. They were shaking the counter and trying to jump over to search the fridge.”

Members of Shomrim, the local volunteer crime patrol, was at the scene before police.

“There were at least 100 people there. We sent everybody out to the street,” a member said.

The Torah tussle began when a longtime patron noticed the unusually plump wiener he bought Monday night at Cheskel’s Shawarma King in Borough Park didn’t fit into a challah roll as usual.

Suspicious, he asked for proof of where the hot dogs were bought. The server brought him the package, which confirmed the Bar S brand jumbo chicken frank was not certified kosher.

Shocked Hasidic patrons, joined by dozens of passers-by, encircled the counter of the 13th Avenue eatery, demanding answers.

At least one patron hit besieged manager Yosef Baron in the cheek.

Baron kept them at bay by waving the electric knife in their faces an image captured on video now making the rounds on the Web.

No one was arrested.

Rabbi Naftali Meir Babad, who had certified the greasy spoon as kosher, determined the hot-dog heresy was the result of a “terrible accident.”

Earlier in the night, a non-Jewish restaurant employee was sent out to buy frankfurters from a nearby kosher market.

Instead, the worker went to a Golden Apple Farm grocery across the street and loaded up on goy wieners that just didn’t cut the mustard.

The restaurant was shut for two days as rabbis meticulously checked for other non-kosher foods.

Kitchen equipment that touched the offending meat was thrown out, and utensils were cleansed with a flame to purge any remnants of treif, or non-kosher food, in a process known as kashering.

The ultra-Orthodox community continued to boil over the roasted weenies, with talk of protests lingering all week.

“Nobody knows how long this was going on,” one man fumed.

Restaurant owner Shmuel Baron, who reopened Thursday, called it a one-time mistake.

I wouldn't say yuppies are insular, elitist, most definitely, but not insular.

The yuppie community, like any other insular community, really doesn't add value to the surrounding neighbors.  They shop at yuppie owned places, eat at yuppie restaurants, and socialize mostly with other yuppies. Good for them, not so great for a community they move into.

Think Crown Heights.

an Orthodox community in Ward F?  I think the location is all wrong :|

The Orthodox community, like any other insular community, really doesn't add value to the surrounding neighbors.  They shop at Orthodox owned places, eat at orthodox restaurants, and socialize mostly with other orthodox. Good for them, not so great for a community they move into.

Why fight the ruling if at some point in the near future you still need to do the revalue?

I think the issue should be when does the revalue go into effect?

Government & Politics / New fish, same stink.
« on: 03-30-2016, 06:25pm »

By Jersey Journal Guest Columnist
on March 29, 2016 at 7:00 PM, updated March 29, 2016 at 7:03 PM

These days voter reassessment of the campaign promises of Mayor Steven Fulop has taken a backseat to concerns over PACs sprouting up like wild flowers to fund his gubernatorial bid. I don't worry about this a great deal. It is to be expected.

Voters in Jersey City are used to the campaign promises of their mainly inbred politicians. They are also acclimatized to corruption, greed, no show jobs, the removal of crooked mayors and administration officials, and a municipal government that fails to provide basic services in most wards outside of Downtown.

Campaign promises are the id of American political populism. Each election cycle presents voters with a variation of its nomenclature: anti-establishment, fighting the status quo, improving schools, and efficient government.

James Henry Hazel, my late intellectual mentor, told me quite matter-of-factly during one of our marathon conversations that "politics is the art of cutting up the economic pie." He also incessantly quoted what he said was a Yiddish proverb: "Those who sit around the pot eat."

Mr. Hazel's summation of American politics circumvented the stagecraft of campaign promises. It was not the apogee of cynicism. Rather, it was an assessment of how the political process works for a political apparatus far removed from the voting booth.

Financial donations to politicians basically represent the interests of a shadow government apparatus: lobbyists, lawyers, corporate entities, slumlords, developers, and business people at the local, state, and national level.

PAC money, indeed the money trails, would keep a person trained in social network analysis busy for a lifetime mapping the relationships and  social structures of this apparatus. When all is said and done, soft or hard play-to-pay interests are a rabbit hole, a labyrinth that is central to American politics.

Donald Drumpf has alluded to these special interests as he seeks the Republican nomination for president. He says that as a businessman he donated a hell of a lot of money to Democrat and Republican politicians. What does this mean?

The business sector, from top to bottom, seeks approval, legislation, and favors from politicians for their business interests. The political class is an extension of parochial and major corporate business interests. Drumpf's exchanges with Jeb Bush over this very issue exemplified what Michael Corleone said in the movie "The Godfather":  "We're both part of the same hypocrisy, senator, but never think it applies to my family."

However, a long overdue appraisal of the Democratic Party in Jersey City is equally important as the scrutiny of Fulop's campaign promises or gubernatorial PACs. The Democratic Party in this city is only separated from the Politburo and Dixiecrats by geography and history. People are suffering in the forgotten zones  and wards of our city.   They are becoming boat people on dry land despite unprecedented development throughout the city.

The reality of how the Democratic Party operates in this city is also the basis of acute cynicism among minority constituents. They are locked out of positions of real power and denied access to the economic pie. This is not a tale of two cities. Rather, it is the heart of political darkness.  This cycle of political abuse has to be broken.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hakim Hasan is a Jersey City resident and an occasional contributor to The Jersey Journal who provides a local perspective on city life.

Calendar / Re: 2016 Liberty State Park Salt Marsh Cleanup
« on: 03-30-2016, 10:08am »
Got my waders!!

General / Re: Overheard in JC
« on: 02-28-2016, 03:20pm »
Two women walking down Jersey Ave. "I don't shave for the first date. If the guy is lucky enough to get down there on the first date he should consider himself lucky."

Journal Square / Re: PJ Ryan's Squared
« on: 02-11-2016, 11:20am »
I believe the Jehovahs will make that their party room.

News / Re: Jersey City preps for weekend snow storm
« on: 01-21-2016, 01:37pm »
I hear they will be using that 6k desk at the new center.

Already registered.

Sign petition to stop JC from allowing a casino by Liberty State Park.

An online petition is seeking supporters to send a message to Mayor Steve Fulop: reject plans for a casino in Jersey City.

Fulop backs expanding casino gambling outside South Jersey. There is already a proposal to bring a casino to just outside Liberty State Park.

"Research has shown that casinos have a negative impact on local property values and derive a disproportionate amount of revenue from vulnerable, often elderly, problem gamblers," the petition reads. "Our elected officials should embrace sustainable, socially responsible economic development and unambiguously reject any plan to build a casino in our city."

Aaron Morrill, formerly the head of good-government group Civic JC, started the petition.

A request for comment from Fulop's spokeswoman was not returned.

State lawmakers had been bickering over competing versions of a bill that would allow voters in November to decide whether to amend the state constitution to allow gaming outside of Atlantic City.

So with low voter turn out and a mere ~360 vote difference Mayor Fulop thinks the public supports this...

Did he find a missing copy of Gov. Christie's play book?


Only one footnote in the article? Seems like a hack job to me.

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