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Super Fresh!

Bright, sunny and spacious 1 bedroom apartment for rent on one of the best blocks in the Jersey City Heights.

Freshly painted with brand-new kitchen and floor.
Loads of closet space.
Beautiful tree-lined block.
2 blocks from Pershing Field Park with running track, tennis courts and great public pool.
15 minute walk to PATH.
Half a block from Palisade Avenue bus stop with direct buses to Port Authority.

$1150.00 / month (includes heat and hot water)

No pets and no smokers please.

Please call Michele at 646-245-2058.

Real Estate / Apartment Lease and Credit Check Resources
« on: 06-28-2011, 08:55am »
Can anyone steer me in the right direction of where I can find a standard apartment lease to use for our one bedroom apartment? We are currently renovating (will post pics and information in a few weeks) and we would like to find our own tenants rather than use a realtor. I do have an old apartment lease that I could scan in and modify but I was curious if there is a place online to find updated ones. Also, can anyone recommend a trusted and reliable source for credit checks? Any other landlordy advice you may have is welcome!

Thanks so much.  ;)

Can anyone steer me in the right direction for either a summer job or volunteer opportunity for my stepson? He will be 17 at the end of August and so far, much to my chagrin, he does not have anything lined up for the summer. Anything in Jersey City, Brooklyn or Manhattan would be great! Thank you!

Government & Politics / Upcoming Election June 7th
« on: 06-02-2011, 05:36pm »
So, I received a ballot in the mail yesterday for an election coming on June 7th. What the heck is this for? Anyone know? And which candidates are not with the Healy machine (basically, who should I be voting for? I don't know any of the names)

Not JC Related / NJ Traffic is ruining my life
« on: 12-01-2008, 10:58am »
OK. I just started this thread because I am about to go off!!! Yesterday, my family and I headed out of the house at precisely 11:30 am to drive to Philly to attend my friend's son's first birthday party. WE GOT STUCK on the NJ turnpike south. Around exit 8A the traffic was so thick, it was at a standstill and we literally drove 5 miles in one hour. We arrived at our friend's door at about 3:15pm... so a ride that should take an hour and a half took us 3 hours and 45 minutes :drama:

Coming home was really only a little bit better. Who knew that 10pm on a Sunday night could yield so much traffic! AND IT WAS TERRIFYING. I am anxious in the car as it is, but add to the mix huge cargo trucks, a misty, foggy rain, and stop and go traffic, I was worn out by the time we got home (and I was just the passenger, but that made me so freaking nervous).

Several weeks ago, my family and I also attempted a drive out to Alstede Farms to pick pumpkins. We spend hours stuck in country road traffic and then when we got to the place, it was so crowded, we just stood there and stared at each other. We couldn't pick pumpkins, or take a hayride or even buy apples...

We think about going to the beach sometimes in the summer, the jersey shore, yay! But we never do because of the traffic and congestion and lack of parking, plus super crowded beaches and boardwalks are just stressful.

So, I was wondering if anyone else feels like traffic in NJ is something that they are having to deal with and is actually affecting their quality of life in a major way. How are you guys dealing with it? Do you travel during off hours? Do you take the train? Should we just stay home and put on puppet shows depicting what we were going to do but couldn't because of traffic?

Education / High School Community Service - Advice Needed
« on: 11-14-2008, 09:25pm »

My stepson is a high schooler in Manhattan, and it turns out that community service is a mandatory requirement of the curriculum. Since he lives with us in Jersey City on the weekends, he asked if we could find him something to do out here. (I think he needs to fill 10 hours by January)

Does anyone know where we should start looking? Anyone we could call or a place that is in need of some help?

He would probably be good moving stuff around, raking leaves, lifting stuff...reaching (he's tall), that type of thing.

Thanks so much for any help!

Gadgets & Technology / Web Design Inspiration
« on: 10-27-2008, 04:27pm »
I thought this would be a nice place for anyone to post a link to a website that you think represents excellent/creative/interesting web design. I am in the process of learning web (my background is mainly print) and I love to see what's out there.

I'm not just interested in seeing designer's portfolios but all types of sites, however, here is one designer that I've come across that I think is amazing.

Not JC Related / Random stuff you wonder about...
« on: 08-19-2008, 01:57pm »
So, I thought I would create this thread as a place to post questions about stuff that you don't REALLY need to know the answer too, but are just curious. 

For example, why do people who work in doctor's offices and dentist offices wear their scrubs on the way to work? I thought part of the reason for wearing scrubs is that they are more sanitary? I would think I would change into my scrubs when I got it. This is something I think about often.

General / Bike Rack Etiquette
« on: 08-13-2008, 10:00am »
Yesterday was the first day that I parked my bike in the racks at JSQ. I was able to find a spot that was open, meaning no other bikes would be sharing the loop I was in. When I arrived back last night, my front brakes were detached from my wheel and kind of just hanging there. Now, my bike is a crappy old schwin that I bought from some dude on the street, but still... I was pretty upset because it was obvious that a fellow bike rider just pulled his/her bike out of the rack, tearing my brakes off.

So, I was wondering if anyone had some advice about parking in the racks? Did I do something wrong? Was it my new grips with little red stars on them? Do you think I should avoid the racks altogether and park against a fence somewhere? Did this every happen to you?

Dining / NYC restaurant recommendation
« on: 08-11-2008, 09:09am »
Hey all of you opinionated genius'

I need advice. Where should I take my friend Danielle for her birthday tomorrow night in NYC? I'm thinking some place I can get a reservation, kind of close to any PATH station and not extraordinarily expensive and kind of cool.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

Crime & Safety / People Gettin Busted on the Light Rail
« on: 05-21-2008, 03:18pm »
Today I was taking the Light Rail from Jersey Avenue to Hoboken and I saw SO MANY PEOPLE GET BUSTED! As I was waiting at Jersey to get on the train, there were about 8 cops waiting with me. When the first train pulled up (not mine) I saw 2 guys get caught without tickets. When the next train pulled up going in the opposite direction, I saw 4 more people get caught. And then when my train came, they got another guy.

So here is my question: how do they write a ticket if the person isn't carrying ID? From what I witnessed, not one of them seemed to have ID and the cops were still taking their information from word. Now, to me, this is silly. You could just give a fake name and everything and would never have to pay. Someone elighten me please, how does this work?

General / Whole Foods vs Trader Joes
« on: 03-18-2008, 12:43pm »
So this weekend we decided to try Trade Joes and see if we could actually save some cash (we've been going to Whole Foods once a week for a while now.)
Honestly, I didn't get it. Why are all of the veges wrapped in plastic? We didn't really save much money and the stuff that was marked as the Trader Joes brand (ie. cereal) was kind of poor quality.

The nice part was the super sweet employees. Awww, they give balloons to the kids and even a replacement balloon for one that popped... with a SMILE!

I don't know. I think I'm sticking to WF.

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