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Dining / Maybe you can help me with
« on: 06-08-2010, 03:13pm »
Hi All,

For fear that this could border on SPAM, I actually have more to my post than just an announcement that I banged this site out.

OK, well... I did bang this out in 16 hours, and it still needs work, but I need your help - especially if you own, manage or work in a Jersey City eatery.

I am tired of the blank spots on UrbanSpoon, the old, illegible menus on HudsonMenus, and the error ridden "converted" menus on AllMenus.

I didn't put together to make money... I did it to provide more accurate and organized food info from the area.  I'll be hoofing it around town collecting menus from the places that don't have digital copies so if you are in the know, please visit the site and submit a menu to me from the front page.

Thanks so much,

Restaurants & Bars / Michael's Pizza / Video Box - CLOSED
« on: 05-14-2010, 02:54pm »
Hello All,

I walked by here yesterday and saw that they were open.  I don't know if they were actually serving pizza, but I recall this place as my VHS option like 10 years ago when I used to belong to that vid store on Coles that was in a basement apartment. 

Is the pizza any good?  I assume their video store option is defunct as all video stores seem to be these days.

Home Improvement / Somewhere with a table saw
« on: 05-13-2010, 05:38am »
Hi All,

Tried searching on this to no avail.

I need 1/4 of an inch squarely ripped from the width of a standard, 30"x80" door.

Home Depot, Lowes, and Dykes will not do it.  The latter two did mention I could order the door, but that seems like waste of time.

I'd gladly pay to have someone do this.  Any ideas?


General / Images of yesteryear - for elgoodo ;)
« on: 02-22-2010, 08:35pm »
This is for elgoodo... :)

Found this neat little waltz down memory lane if anyone's interested.

Funny how some of the shots depict the area as being much more "together" from a road quality and property upkeep perspective.   Other shots though, show the town in a complete MESS hahaha

Diagonal parking on Columbus/Railroad.  COOL ;)

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