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I agree Kindelan. However, I feel a little bad about all of the urinating (like couldn't they have kept that out of the article? a little embarrassing isn't it?)

Yes! This is going to SUCK big time. Any way in will be a damn nightmare.

Just wondering what happened to this contest. I sent you guys a detailed email along with the photos requested and didn't hear anything. Not even, "hey thanks for your entry"...  :'(

« on: 08-24-2011, 10:37am »
wait. is it possible we are going to have to evacuate this weekend? should we be boarding up windows and what not?

Shopping / Re: VESPA Jersey City
« on: 08-17-2011, 12:38pm »

I hope the faux op is next.


Number of Gay Couples Living in New Jersey Rises Sharply, Census Shows
Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 01:45 PM

By Arun Venugopal

The number of same-sex couples who call New Jersey home increased significantly over the last 10 years, according to the latest census figures.

There are 24,112 same-sex couples living in New Jersey — a 45 percent increase from 2000, according to the 2010 Census. By comparison, New York City has 32,972 same-sex couples.

The sharpest increase was in Asbury Park, which had a 305 percent gain in the same sex couples. Hoboken (70.7 percent increase), Jersey City (44.2 percent) and Newark (12.7 percent) all saw significant increases.

Andrew Newarski and his partner Rick Goeden are among the 243 same-sex couples who live in Asbury Park.

Newarski, who helps run John C. Conover real estate agency, said the neighborhood has been transformed by gay couples moving into the area.

"Ten years ago, probably 50 percent of these houses were boarded up or they were rooming houses," he said. "Beautiful Victorians were chopped up into boarding houses, and the gay community started coming in, buying them up, fixing them up, making them back into single, beautiful homes."

Amy Quinn, an attorney and vice chair of the Monmouth County Democratic Committee, said gay rights groups strongly encouraged members to fill out their census forms accurately.

"Particularly with marriage equality being a hot button issue in areas like New York and New Jersey, our community wanted to ensure we were properly counted," Quinn said. "We understand that our political power lies in our own visibility."

The census also revealed that the Asian population grew by nearly half — by 275,862, or 52 percent. Nearly half that growth came from the Asian Indian community, which added 130,353 people, a 72 percent increase from 2000.

The state's Chinese population grew by 35 percent, or 36,470, while the Korean and Filipino count each grew by a little over 31,000.

The state’s Latino population grew by 39 percent. The greatest demographic shift, among Latinos, took place within the state's Mexican community, which added another 114,786 residents, more than doubling its numbers. That makes it half the size of the state's Puerto Rican population, which is 434,092.

Super Fresh!

Bright, sunny and spacious 1 bedroom apartment for rent on one of the best blocks in the Jersey City Heights.

Freshly painted with brand-new kitchen and floor.
Loads of closet space.
Beautiful tree-lined block.
2 blocks from Pershing Field Park with running track, tennis courts and great public pool.
15 minute walk to PATH.
Half a block from Palisade Avenue bus stop with direct buses to Port Authority.

$1150.00 / month (includes heat and hot water)

No pets and no smokers please.

Please call Michele at 646-245-2058.

Staples and other office supply type stores sell standard blank leases, it's where my parents always picked up ones for the apartment in our home that we rented out and never had any problems when having to deal with "legal issues".

Thanks The Fang! I actually asked the realtor who helped us buy the place and this was her advice as well... Who Knew? Staples here I come.

Landlordly advice: What is most important is that the Lord and Lady of the land maintain the proper decorum at all times so as not to lose the respect of the lowly bitter renter. ALWAYS dress like this (see below) and NEVER let them see you in common street clothes.

 It is unwise to fraternize with them, or indeed, even speak to them unless delivering an order, warning or admonition of some sort.

 When interviewing prospective tenants, make it quite clear that you are to be addressed as melord and melady and that they are NOT to make eye contact or turn their back on you.  They are to walk backwards out of the room and down the porch. It is wise to enquire as to their parental lineage, bank balance, salary (snicker when they tell you), religious beliefs,  musical tastes and sexual preferance, habits and deviations. If they are single, ask why. Insist on seeing a transcript of of grades K through postdoc. If they do not have a doctoral degree, make an annoyed face and ask why. Make them show you their underwear, if they have skid marks turn them away immediately. Ask them if they are alcoholics or plan on becoming alcoholics in the near future. Ask if they bathe daily. Ask if they have ever been in a Turkish prison. Ask them for five dollars, if they do not give it to you, throw them out. Ask if they are black, hispanic, Jewish, Greek or Asian. Tell them "no Irish need apply". Ask if they are Healy or Fulop supporters, tell them to leave whatever their answer.
Hope this helps.

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :rofl:  This was awesome. " Ask them for five dollars, if they do not give it to you, throw them out." ROFLWTF

Real Estate / Apartment Lease and Credit Check Resources
« on: 06-28-2011, 08:55am »
Can anyone steer me in the right direction of where I can find a standard apartment lease to use for our one bedroom apartment? We are currently renovating (will post pics and information in a few weeks) and we would like to find our own tenants rather than use a realtor. I do have an old apartment lease that I could scan in and modify but I was curious if there is a place online to find updated ones. Also, can anyone recommend a trusted and reliable source for credit checks? Any other landlordy advice you may have is welcome!

Thanks so much.  ;)

There's a program called Rocking the Boat, teaching kids how to build boats and also build character.  They have a summer program whose deadline is June 13.

It's in the Bronx, but I think it's totally worth it if he's interested.

Thank you so much for this info! I came home yesterday, showed him the url, and he immediately applied! What a great program. I hope he gets accepted. Fingers crossed! This is EXACTLY what he needs.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction for either a summer job or volunteer opportunity for my stepson? He will be 17 at the end of August and so far, much to my chagrin, he does not have anything lined up for the summer. Anything in Jersey City, Brooklyn or Manhattan would be great! Thank you!

Government & Politics / Upcoming Election June 7th
« on: 06-02-2011, 05:36pm »
So, I received a ballot in the mail yesterday for an election coming on June 7th. What the heck is this for? Anyone know? And which candidates are not with the Healy machine (basically, who should I be voting for? I don't know any of the names)

Restaurants & Bars / Re: Abbey's Pub & Grill
« on: 04-20-2011, 01:00pm »
Just gonna weigh in and say I think the city was totally wrong here. I hate them and the shit they pull on the little guy.

I can answer all sorts of questions here!

As for the mosquitoes, if you have enough space you can always get a bat house, if we had access to something really tall to put one up on we'd totally have one. (Besides bats are dying out in record numbers and need your help! ) But we also use these little mosquito traps that work great. They take about a week to start working, but once they do it's a remarkable improvement.
Also, if you have any water features, bird baths, rain barrels, ponds, drains, flower pots, etc, you want to get some of these: mosquito dunks. Doesn't hurt anything else in the water, fishes and birds can even eat the dead mosquitoes and still be ok!

Thanks TF. I have been playing with the idea of the bat house. Do the bats just come to it or do you have to get the bats as well? I think I might try the mosquito trap as well. The problem definitely is that I cannot control all of the standing water on my neighbor's properties, which I am pretty sure is abundant. I am desperate though to see if anything actually works. For some reason, mosquitoes love me and I did not spend as much time outside last year as I would have liked cuz they were driving me insane.

My neighbor told me the Spectra people were in our neighborhood yesterday going door to door asking people to sign their petition. They had a professionally designed printed brochure which said things like "jobs for Jersey City!" and how safe and clean natural gas is compared to other sources of energy. UGH! My neighbor said it looked like they had a lot of signatures.

By the way, if you are interested in this program, the flier suggests that you call and reserve these items. I did yesterday and the lady was very sweet on the phone and it took me all of 1 minute.

OK. Now... anyone have a tried and true, earth-friendly mosquito killing techniques? I'm all ears.

MCA! Thanks for posting that! I am TOTALLY getting one of each! yes! I was thinking I would get one but didn't want to spend too much $$

While I do agree to some extent that a certain amount of the female teenagers in Jersey City are seriously out of control and violent, I would hope that for $300k a year and loads of experience working in education, "Dr." Epps could have expressed this sentiment in a much more constructive manner and offered insight into WHY this is happening and HOW we can help them.

That picture grosses me out. I wouldn't have eaten them.

Education / Re: The Golden Door Charter School
« on: 12-18-2010, 08:20am »
Sosh, I don't know anything about it, but we are going to apply. It's just good to have options... Whatever I find out, I'll let you know.

Not JC Related / Re: Random website of the day
« on: 10-20-2010, 03:09pm »
Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

impress your clients

courtesy CeeDub

love this!  :D

Yeah I agree with jcpeace. That gif is offensive and not in a good way.

I don't like it either because of the real look of pain on her face. i agree it's offensive.

Groceries, Bakeries & Delis / Re: Downtown Cooperative
« on: 07-13-2010, 04:16pm »
That's the thing really... a for profit business, at the end of the day, is for profit. I don't understand how to pass incredible savings! build community! get member feedback! is going to work and make PROFITS. Maybe it will. If it does, I will gladly eat crow or whatever that saying is. But to me, tt's kind of like at our staff meeting when the owner of our company says, "does anyone have anything to add? this is your company too." No one says a word.

Downtown Food Market
Hamilton Square Market
Farmers on the Park

Just don't call it a coop. It is cheesy. to me.

Ha ha ah ca-razy!
Do you ever comment? I NEVER comment on my facebook obsession.

Like Kitten I am also obsessed with one of my Facebook friends updates. This is a friend of a friend of mine from Georgia, I met her a few times in person... She brings so much joy to my life.

My Lord is keeping me safe. Satan is trying his best to confuse me into crazy things. "GET THEE BEHIND ME satan!" The more I turn to Jesus, the closer satan tries to get.... ha ha! satan you are a liar and a loser! You will never have me so go away and cry!
May 18 at 9:39pm · Comment · Like

 I am asking all of my friends to pray for me. I did something yesterday that I have never done in before. My temper went from 0 to 100 in a split second.... it was if I didn't know that it happened. I wonder if I had another blank-out spell when this happened. I almost hit someone and did not realize it or what I was doing. Please pray for me.
May 17 at 11:59am · Comment · Like

OH NO I THINK I AM GOING TO HAVE A CRAZY FIT! My niece's boyfriend Jonathan was helping me move my entertainment center over a bit and he knocked one of my Raymond (Perry Mason) Burr pictures off of my wall. I Like To Have Died! I had a fit! LOL I know he didn't mean to do it, still, I freaked out!
May 16 at 8:24pm · Comment · Like

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