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Won't animal control come, take them away and release them in Soshin's backyard?

General / New Recycling rules.
« on: 09-21-2018, 09:21am »
With no notice, I am apparently unable to recycle much of my waste .  Does anyone know why this has changed?

Nimbus Dance Works will be hosting an Exhibition and Fundraiser on Friday, September 14th. Make sure to buy your tickets sooner rather than later so that the reception can be well planned. Proceeds will go to Nimbus Dance Works.

Looking Forward: Remembering Meredith Lippman Exhibition
Friday, September 7, 2018 – Friday, September 28, 2018

The Opening Fundraiser Event will be held on September 14 from 7:00 to 11:00 pm and will feature wine selection by CoolVines with hors d'oeuvres and sweets.

To purchase tickets or make a donation: Click here

Restaurants & Bars / Re: la côte
« on: 05-10-2018, 11:44am »
That's Nice.

Bergen-Lafayette / Re: Another drive by reevaluation?
« on: 03-22-2018, 10:41am »

News / Re: Stupid Headlines - Post Them Here
« on: 01-17-2018, 12:32pm »

Man saves injured pelican at Dog Beach

By Mandy Miles Key West Citizen
January 17, 2018
Provided photo Caillon Sims this week rescued an injured pelican that crash-landed at Dog Beach. A juvenile pelican is recuperating comfortably at Key West Wildlife Center after a harrowing migratory arrival Saturday in Key West. Caillon Sims, who moved to Key West nine months ago from Seattle,...

General / Re: Profiles I never finished reading.
« on: 11-22-2017, 11:05am »
It's the incoherent first sentence and the misspelling of Downton Abbey

General / Re: Profiles I never finished reading.
« on: 11-22-2017, 10:55am »
Gentlemen! you Must be. Looking for companionship with someone who shares the same values as me and possibly we fall in love. I love to stay home and cook, knit, go dancing occasionally, love movies, musical theater and to spend time with my family. Dancing with the Stars and Downtown Abbey are favorite shows, among others...

General / Re: Profiles I never finished reading.
« on: 11-08-2017, 03:43pm »
Ineed positive people aroud me. I would say: I have a good sence of humar...Laugh with someone about something you both find funny.Humor can be used to make others feel good. That's who I am.

General / Profiles I never finished reading.
« on: 11-08-2017, 01:37pm »
 On a sultry summer night you might catch me salsa dancing in the kitchen in gold stilettos, whipping up the yummiest baked apple, ever. On the weekends, I'm taking a long, luxurious swim in the azure sea in my turquoise bikini, on a lovely day in the Hamptons.

News / Re: Stupid Headlines - Post Them Here
« on: 03-15-2017, 08:39pm »

News / Re: Stupid Headlines - Post Them Here
« on: 02-16-2017, 04:02pm »
I guess Death is a stable condition. :|
It's a miracle! :o

Man found eviscerated on Jersey City street now in stable condition
By Michaelangelo Conte | The Jersey Journal
on February 16, 2017 at 11:35 AM, updated February 16, 2017 at 1:39 PM

This worked so well in the PAD downtown.. I'm sure they will use that as a template.

News / Re: Stupid Headlines - Post Them Here
« on: 06-01-2016, 10:44pm »
I prefer "A Grand Day Out" with Wallace and Gromit.
"Suddenly finding himself cheeseless, Wallace goes truly ballistic, flying his homemade rocket to the moon with Gromit in seach of his favorite snack."

A Bolivian Parade in Downtown JC?  I think the location is all wrong.  I don't know many Bolivians living in Jersey City as a matter of fact.  Most likely the majority of the people that attended were not Bolivian.


"We are excited to be joining the 942 Co-op space with Bloomsbury Sq., an all-natural skin care company," Danko said.  "These days' more and more companies are finding synergy by coming together in a space to offer their products/services and we believe this collaborative co-op will offer something unique to the people in this neighborhood."

Sounds sort of like a supermarket. :|

Real Estate / Re: Can anyone recommend a good realtor?
« on: 11-20-2015, 12:31pm »
That's Right!

Crime & Safety / Re: Fried Chicken Crime Thread
« on: 11-05-2015, 07:20am »
Officer punched in the mouth while breaking up Hoboken brawl, cops say
By Laura Herzog | NJ Advance Media for
Hoboken police responded to a fight in the early morning hours after Halloween.
HOBOKEN — A Hoboken police officer needed stitches after breaking up a large fight on Washington St. in the early morning hours after Halloween, police said.
Police officers encountered "10 to 15" men fighting outside the fried chicken franchise outside the Cluck-U Chicken at 102 Washington Street on 3:11 a.m. on Nov. 1, according to a Hoboken police press release.

I'm sure it's about Real Estate taxes and Parking.

General / Re: Disposing of an old Air Conditioner
« on: 09-11-2015, 03:06pm »
Put it in a suitcase and leave it on the sidewalk near Journal Square.

General / Re: Disposing of an old Air Cinditioner
« on: 09-11-2015, 01:17pm »
Just put it out. In any case, the scrap metal guys will get it before the incinerator authority and they will safely reclaim any pollutants.

You people are part of the war on Christianity.  Cyber bullies!

Groceries, Bakeries & Delis / Re: Prato Bakery
« on: 07-09-2015, 09:24am »
Thank you, Stephen.  That is often overlooked.

Groceries, Bakeries & Delis / Re: Prato Bakery might close
« on: 07-08-2015, 09:33am »
What is the issue here?  There must be another side to this story.

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