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General / New Recycling rules.
« on: 09-21-2018, 09:21am »
With no notice, I am apparently unable to recycle much of my waste .  Does anyone know why this has changed?

Nimbus Dance Works will be hosting an Exhibition and Fundraiser on Friday, September 14th. Make sure to buy your tickets sooner rather than later so that the reception can be well planned. Proceeds will go to Nimbus Dance Works.

Looking Forward: Remembering Meredith Lippman Exhibition
Friday, September 7, 2018 Friday, September 28, 2018

The Opening Fundraiser Event will be held on September 14 from 7:00 to 11:00 pm and will feature wine selection by CoolVines with hors d'oeuvres and sweets.

To purchase tickets or make a donation: Click here

General / Profiles I never finished reading.
« on: 11-08-2017, 01:37pm »
 On a sultry summer night you might catch me salsa dancing in the kitchen in gold stilettos, whipping up the yummiest baked apple, ever. On the weekends, I'm taking a long, luxurious swim in the azure sea in my turquoise bikini, on a lovely day in the Hamptons.

General / Nude Recreation Week
« on: 07-08-2013, 10:22am »
Tell us your plans! Get ready to celebrate!  The true Independence Day!
Nude Recreation Week!

General / How to buy an Engagement Ring
« on: 07-09-2012, 06:47am »
You are certain lindsay is most likely the a minumum of one.
Before all your family are considering marriage,you need that engagement ring.
Women a little as though it when the of my buddies are romantic. You know in order to down all over the an calf take about that hard - earned ring and mean for more information on him or her Don't forget going to be the fresh flowers as if that's so Roses are the best romantic fresh flowers then again,mens designer necklaces,it is always that the mean as an example significantly more about whether or not all your family members take going to be the a tough time to educate yourself regarding be capable of getting your ex an all in one nose to do with an ex favorite fresh flowers Some the ladies prefer lilies. Others you'll also find it just takes daisies. A handful may have hay fever,and for that reason a multi functional golden increased by crystal improved or perhaps a multi functional fridge regarding chocolates is going to be a multi functional much better bet.
Back to educate yourself regarding going to be the ring. So how do we are you going about getting that they all are essential ring?
First,turquoise bracelets,be the case practical.
1. How much in the way are your family able for more information regarding afford?
For an all in one real diamond ring,going to be the rationale about the show is the fact that to be capable of getting a multi functional ring worth two months salary. Then again,a few of the many women is the want an all in one diamond ring of at least 0.five carats,to receive respectable. A an carat ring could be preferred even though an all in one  carat ring might make him or her the need to be regarding your son or daughter friends.
Are your family willing and able for additional details on pay and for that reason much gorgeous honeymoons as well a multi functional ring?
Or would be that the lindsay rather all your family members spend the money on an all in one honeymoond?
Or as well as your many of the new life together?
Would all your family get in bills rrn excess of that ring?
Or might your family rather save up as well as for a resource box and want to build an all in one year later?
What about whether or not lindsay acts as a all the way waiting gorgeous honeymoons as well all your family and someone another sweeps the pup off him or her you?
2. The this question to explore ask yourself. Do your family want for additional details on be capable of getting your mate a multi function genuine diamond engagement ring? Or could be that the a multi function be on the lookout alike so that you have a multi function a major gemstone have to worry about?
One way for more information about are about this will be the to explore be able to get an all in one good - looking ring to have a multi functional diamond be on the lookout alike, They budget an all in one fraction concerning going to be the sum of money having to do with a diamond and going to be the separate relating to you may not care either spend going to be the money all your family save all around the going to be the honeymoon instead. Or too your many of the new life together.
But would certainly she mind?
If your family can't afford going to be the diamond ring at this moment costume pearl necklaces may possibly be an all in one good compromise. You may be able to get a multi function ring providing some one a thanks heavy metal if all your family members tend to be also cubic zirconia a little as though the rings you'll find with your resource bar association at less than Get him or her to learn more about marry all your family planning When you can finally afford element,you may or may not swap going to be the cz ring along with more then one ready to go with an all in one stunning diamond.
Eventually,all your family members may possibly want for more information regarding be capable of geting the real diamond.
:run: How to get hold of an all in one diamond ring.
Diamonds are graded based all around the going to be the four Cs. Carat, color, clarity and stay away from the.
Carat: A larger diamond would be income much in the way more than a multi function smaller diamond,turquoise jewellery,all of them are a number of other too much information online since they will be equal.
Clarity: Likewise,a multi function flawless diamond is always that worth far a lot more than more then one allowing an individual barely visible inclusions.
Color: Imagine a multi functional range regarding color. From absolutely colorless white diamonds (D color) for additional details on the brilliantly colored pink,silver and sometimes even straw yellow diamonds (Z color). Mind all your family members going to be the color has to obtain natural to understand more about are worth The diamonds at either stop of going to be the pole,going to be the colorless ones and probably the most brilliantly colored diamonds are by far the most valuable.
Cut: This may be the about going to be the diamond cutter's fine art The significantly more a great choice the cut meaning,going to be the more light and portable tends to be that replicated back by going to be the diamond,the a good deal more valuable a resource box is because.
Set your budget.
Decide all of which has to be that the majority of folks an absolute must have for more information about him / her A larger diamond so that you have flaws or a smaller diamond that usually flawless. Play around allowing you to have the four Cs for more information about be able to get best value along with your money,in your accordance providing some one what all your family are aware of that about your son or daughter.
Then make your purchase.

General / Peter Max paints Sky in Union City
« on: 03-11-2012, 11:52pm »
While wasting time tonight, I was looking on google maps and streetview, trying to locate a cheap Citgo Station that Fasteddie was talking about.
He said it was right behind Basics. (like I would know what or where that was- I thought it was a coffee shop in Hamilton Park.)
Well I found Basics alright.  It's on14th St and Paterson Plank, according to the map.  So I set the little Streetview man down on Paterson Plank Rd by what I figured was the back corner of Basic.  I found a Lukoil station there, but when I turned the little man to look east, toward the back of the Lukoil lot, I noticed the sky.  It was full of amazing colors.  Psychedelic .  Like a Peter Max poster.
I kid you not.  Go look for yourselves. 
Just north of 14th St. on Paterson Plank rd.
Please Report back

General / Virtual Party Chit Chat Thread.
« on: 01-10-2012, 11:38am »
I was disturbed this morning to notice that the little running Scottie dogs I had included in the Shoutbox (visible to Members Only) had stopped running.  I was advised that this was a normal occurrence I should not worry.  Sure enough they started running again, and I am much relieved.

General / Happy 2012
« on: 12-31-2011, 11:20am »
May I be the first to wish you a Manigong Bagong Taon, Darna and MCA.
The rest of you will have to wait.

General / Source for Steel Grating?
« on: 12-05-2011, 07:43am »
Anyone know of a place I could get a piece of steel grating?
I think there used to be a place under the skyway where they sold salvaged steel, but I recently looked and couldn't find it.
I'm looking for something 2 ft wide by 4 1/2 ft long heavy enough to carry a person or two unsupported in the center.

Interestingly, this quarter our water bills are included as part of our tax statement.
And for the first time, when I was late paying my water bill by less than 14 days, I received a notice from city hall threatening me with the sale of a lien on my house.
The city then demanded payment of my quarterly MUA bill plus a hefty collection fee, even though the MUA had already been paid.  The MUA will credit that payment to my account.
So how did the tax office suddenly come to enforce, under threat of tax lien, collection of funds due an autonomous authority?

General / News Stories We Never Finished Reading.
« on: 08-08-2011, 04:30pm »
Three Elizabeth men made their first court appearance in Jersey City today on charges they kidnapped a man at gunpoint in Elizabeth and forced him to purchase items at the Newport Centre Mall.
Published in the Jersey Journal: Monday, August 08, 2011, 4:13 PM   

From the New York Times:
June 11, 2011
Filipino Expected to Be Named World's Shortest Man
SINDANGAN, Philippines (AP) Officials say a Filipino about two feet tall is expected to be named the world's shortest man when he turns 18 on Sunday.

Lolit Homay, municipal health officer in Zamboanga del Norte province's Sindangan township, says Junrey Balawing was measured at about 24 inches (61 centimeters) from head to foot lying down and slightly above 23 inches (58 centimeters) standing up Saturday.

A representative of Guinness World Records is to announce the official measurements on Sunday.

Current record holder Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal is 26.4 inches tall.

Municipal administrator Allan Selda says the local government is preparing to celebrate the expected Guinness announcement with balloons and a cake for Balawing.

Home Improvement / Contractor- Sidewalk repair?
« on: 05-16-2011, 01:34pm »
I'm asking here first, folks.
Does anyone have a recommendation of a contractor to break up the old and install a new sidewalk if front of my home?

General / Health Clubs Downtown
« on: 09-04-2010, 11:28am »
I'm considering making the jump to Club H. from Brickhaus, where I've been a member for a year.
Anyone here belong to either place and are you willing to share your insight?
Brickhaus seems to be looking emptier than it did (which has it's good aspects) but they seems not so quick on the repairs.  Its clean and pleasant enough, but I worry that there may be too few members these days, and things will go slowly downhill.
They have lots of cardio machines up there, but it seems like half of them have something wrong with them.  I would have thought that they had a maintenance contract for them, but maybe not.
I'm going to go for a tour of Club H, but do any of you know how it has fared over the time it has been open?  Is the bloom still on the rose?

General / Wires
« on: 02-05-2010, 02:17pm »
I've just ordered FIOS, so for those who've gone before me, I could use some advice.
I have no intention of letting anyone else run wires in my house, so I would like to prepare as much as possible beforehand.
What cables do I need to run where?
I know there will be a large box that will split off the phone from the TV and Internet.  That, I intend to be in the basement.
Can I split the signal between computer and TV in the same place?
Ideally, I would like to run my TV through existing 75ohm cable, and from the same place, pull new ethernet cable (whatever that is called) to my router.  Will this be possible?
I need a wiring diagram.

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