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Just got a post card in the mail asking for community feedback on the pipeline.  I've sent my comments of opposition to:
(project docket number PF10-17-000.

Downtown / Re: Commercial Space at Hamilton Square?
« on: 06-08-2010, 06:38pm »
i've been told that there will be a Ruby Tuesday's in there

Dear god I hope not.  That place is a suburban nightmare.

General / Re: Zip Car in JC
« on: 01-12-2010, 09:27am »
We've had ZipCar for about 9 months now.  We love it.  There are different membership levels which affect the per hour rate.  Certain levels also have different roll-over terms.  We often find that we don't take the car out once a month and can apply the credit to the next month.  If you use it a lot during a month, you'll want the higher membership fee to get the lower hourly rate.

I do wish there were more cars parked closer to Harsimus Cove, but I would think that as more members join who live in downtown, more cars will be available in more places.

General / Re: The Tree Thread
« on: 09-09-2009, 11:33am »
I have two huge trees that needs some seasonal trimming.  One is in front of the property in a tree pit and the other is in the back yard.

Does the city take care of the one in front?  Or is the tree in front of a property the property's responsibility?  And if the city is responsible for it, do they actually get the work done and if not, is it OK for us to move ahead with getting it trimmed?

Lastly, any recommendations on a good tree-trimming company?

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