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"They keep saying that there's going to be storms, but we're not informed properly on whether we're prepared," he said.

Area man has head under a rock.

Osborne firmly against it.  In the HCA Facebook group:  "I will lay across a rail road track to prevent this from happening in Ward E."

And this on twitter:

Journal Square / Re: Loew's Jersey Theatre
« on: 02-04-2014, 09:41pm »
We just want to use it more than once a month. Enough with the hysterics.

The Friends of the Loew's will be able to hold 20 performances, according to the document.

Hmm… not sure what this means-- is this "performances" or "days" -- what about rehearsals, etc?

Specifics aside, I'm happy to hear that community programming is a part of the deal.

Interesting that a major hotel is being built off the river and a decent walk from PATH. It worries me that the facility will over dependent on car transportation, making the nightmare of Grand Street even worse. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Restaurants & Bars / Re: Coming soon: Porta JC
« on: 01-08-2014, 09:38am »
Do people really think this will be a guido destination?  There are so many hinterland clubs/bars/restaurants for them to hit.. there really is no cred in hanging out in Jersey City for this archetype.

Restaurants & Bars / Re: Bistro at Grove Square
« on: 01-07-2014, 02:49pm »
Looks like my boycott worked.

Shopping / Re: WORD Bookstore
« on: 12-19-2013, 10:51pm »
(Also, Stumptown is terrible, terrible coffee.)

Alllllright coffee snob, what do you recommend?

General / Re: Whole Foods vs Trader Joes
« on: 12-19-2013, 10:45pm »
I see your point but having one thing does not mean - not having the other one. But quite the opposite. Stores like Whole Foods would only speed up the process of rebuilding the area - that is all.
We lived on UWS and Whole Foods was on our doorstep. But we still shopped at the local grocer.
People who support local - will always support local.

Whole Foods is the fast track to gentrification which is the fast track to a less interesting city. New residents will be those attracted to suburban institutions and they will also likely have in-kind demands such as owning a car and parking it curbside.

General / Re: Whole Foods vs Trader Joes
« on: 12-18-2013, 10:41am »
Want more traffic? Want to see the uniqueness that cities provide fade away? Then advocate for Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Full disclosure: I like these stores, a lot. But I also love cities and their unique offerings. If I felt I needed TJ's and WF's in my life so badly, I'd move to Edgewater.

Haha… so the objection is that the photo is stock?  :drama:

Frank M. it's not that the expect them to work for free, rather he does expect them not to double-dip… once in the pocket of the tax payer and other time in the pocket of in insurance provider.

I know that the system has some pretty amazing technology for parking ambulances in part so of town because it was statistically more likely that a call would come in from that area. Do we lose that system due to this switch?

Is it trying to say that you aren't allowed to shovel snow into the streets after the plow has been through?

It's not the stop signs that are the problem, it's that the city did a half-assed job at rolling them out.  Just putting up the signs and not painting STOP and a stripe is asinine and arguably makes the situation worse than it was.  Furthermore a new stop sign should deployed with flags to remain up for a time and an "All Stop" sign should be placed under the stop sign where applicable. Is the Traffic & Engineering Department brain dead?

General / Re: Grove Street fire on Thanksgiving Eve
« on: 12-03-2013, 03:15pm »
I noticed that in the photos in  I don't know if it was "so quick" -- took them *several* minutes to get that ladder and remote hose pushing water onto the fire.

Crime & Safety / Knockout
« on: 11-18-2013, 04:37pm »
From JCPD East District Captain Sollitti, November 18:

     Recently, a viral video has raised concerns that juveniles in Jersey City have been engaging in an illegal activity called “knockout.”   The video, from Channel 2 News  interviews various young men & women in and around Jersey City.  The news report was produced after a terrible crime in Hoboken in which juveniles  attacked a homeless disabled man resulting in his death in September.  Three juveniles have been apprehended and  charged.
     The circulation of this video has sparked concerns that this type of assault is increasing in our community.  My office has fielded several inquiries via email as well as in community meetings.  I want to take this opportunity to inform you that there have been NO reported instances of this type of assault within the East District.  Further, I am aware of no instances of this type of assault occurring within the confines of Jersey City.  I want to allay the fears that this is an emerging crime epidemic in our City.  It is not.
     As in any other major City, I would advise our residents to exercise due diligence when encountering any large group.  If the group appears disorderly or exhibits any aggressive behavior, please notify the Jersey City Police without delay.  In emergency situations please dial 911 or in non-emergency situations, please dial 201-547-5477.  We will endeavor to keep the community updated with factual information on this or any other emerging issue of concern.

Wow. Recovering some cash would be great, but I hope it at least changes the power dynamic around here.

I appreciate the notice.  Althea discussed it with me last week.  Proactive communication.  Finally.

General / Re: Whole Foods is Coming to Newark
« on: 10-09-2013, 10:16pm »
Why would I take the PATH to Newark when I can take it TriBeCa?

Downtown / Re: The EMBANKMENT
« on: 10-04-2013, 02:13pm »
From the Embankment Preservation Coalition newsletter, October 4, 3013

Federal Court Rules for City of Jersey City, Rails to Trails, and Embankment Coalition
U.S. District Court, D.C., Resolves the Merits in Our Favor
Sept. 30, 2013.  After a long and winding road through a federal regulatory agency and federal courts, the controversy over whether the Harsimus Branch is a "line" of railroad subject to federal regulation was finally decided on the merits. U.S. District Court, District of Columbia Judge Amy Berman Jackson granted Plaintiffs City of Jersey City, Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC), and the Embankment Preservation Coalition summary judgment.
As supporters of Embankment preservation may recall, in 2005 Conrail sold the Harsimus Branch Embankment to eight commonly owned LLCs for development without going through a federally required abandonment process for rail lines. City of Jersey City, RTC, and the Embankment Preservation Coalition then sought a determination from the Surface Transportation Board, the federal agency with authority over rail abandonments, that the Embankment was part of a rail line subject to a federal abandonment process from which certain protections for the public flowed.  The STB decided in our favor, but the decision was appealed, and the case went back and forth between federal courts, where there were rulings on venue and plaintiffs' standing, but not on merits.   
In 2012 the case returned to U.S. District Court, D.C.  In the last year,
the LLCs changed their position that the Harsimus Branch was a rail "spur" not subject to federal regulation.  They filed a joint stipulation with the Plaintiffs that the Branch was indeed a "line of rail," and Conrail raised no opposition.  Referring to this turnabout, Judge Berman wrote: "the parties have stipulated to the sole factual issue in this case, no genuine issues of material fact remain, and plaintiffs are entitled to judgment as a matter of law."  Further, she denied a motion by Intervenor-Defendants LLCs for leave to file an amended answer that would expand the case.
Judge Berman's decision is appealable, but it is nonetheless an important milestone on the arduous journey to preservation.  "We are pleased with the...Court's ruling which speaks to the heart of the matter surrounding the Sixth Street Embankment," said Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fulop.  "As outlined in the ruling, the proper process was not followed in the abandonment of the rail line resulting in the City of Jersey City losing its opportunity to purchase the property.  The City will continue to pursue all legal  avenues to preserve our rights to acquire the Embankment for the people of Jersey City."
The Coalition thanks our partners City of Jersey City and Rails to Trails and our counsel. We will continue to work with this Administration and all parties to come to a resolution of this matter.  We are also grateful to the previous Administration of Mayor Jerremiah Healy and to both this and previous Municipal Councils for their perseverance in seeing that the rights of the public are respected.  Not least, we recognize Embankment Preservation Coalition members and supporters for their steadfast commitment over these many years.

I used Uber too and from the Liberty Science Center last Friday.  The experience was nothing short of perfect.

Considering we were in 1983 just two months ago, that's a big step!  Thanks @jehu for pointing that out!  You fanboy!

News / Re: Jersey City Parking Authority
« on: 07-27-2013, 08:24am »
It's weird. They aren't will to ticket the offenses that are a threat to public safety, but are willing to ticket the offenses that are a minor nuisance to the right of way.

News / Re: Jersey City Parking Authority
« on: 07-26-2013, 05:14pm »
It's amusing to me to imagine Jennifer Morrill is finally getting to say what she thinks.

Just imagine all the water she's carried.  Having to be on point scandal after scandal.  :palm:

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