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General / Re: New Recycling rules.
« Last post by Ruthens on 04-16-2019, 07:15am »
How's it possible that you received no notices? Does it usually go that way?
Crime & Safety / Re: Amazing scanner for Jersey City
« Last post by penpen on 01-08-2019, 12:40pm »
Yeah it looks to be the same. That link looks somewhat outdated though. I'm logged in right now and NJ is already "launched"?
So how's Murphy doing now? What do you think?
Crime & Safety / Amazing scanner for Jersey City
« Last post by penpen on 01-08-2019, 11:07am »
If you like following what JCPD are up to, I've been using this site called guardiannet. They've got scanners with a really nice layout that lets me follow all the JCPD and fire and ems channels really easily.

It's made by the Citizen app which I got for my phone a couple of months back and I've been loving it.
Hahaha! I also took Shunya with Elaine at 111 First Street! I also tried the special of unlimited yoga at Jivkamunti on Newark Avenue which I enjoyed to sample the different classes. Don't take Aerial's not for beginners as much as they say it is! Their restorative class was really good and the instructor will works with you on the proper positions. I have back issues so this was important. I am now going to the yoga class at the World Boxing Gym. The class size is very small in the morning classes and instructor shows you how to moderate the positions.

Good luck!
Shunya w/Elaine on Grove by Razza, took her classes are 111 bitd. Hear good things about Jivamukti on Newark by ß@₱¢@∆€, too. Former Bikram acolyte, friend oped a studio in BklnHghts in '99 miss it bigly. Namaste!
Dear Readers,

I've returned home once again. The city has changed so much!

I'm looking for a beginners yoga or a decently priced one on one yoga teacher to work with. Have you any suggestions?

Yours truly,

Jersey City Awarded $3.5 Million for Morris Canal Greenway Upgrades
November 14, 2018

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop and the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) have been awarded a $3.5 million grant from the New Jersey States Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to develop segments of the historic Morris Canal into a Greenway in Jersey City. The project will construct segments of a linear alignment along the footprint of the former Morris Canal, combining on-road and off-road elements to link together portions of a contiguous route that spans eight miles from Lincoln Park at the Hackensack River to Morris Canal Park at the Hudson River.

The Morris Canal, a 102 mile canal that stretches across six counties in New Jersey, was originally a 19th century iron and coal freight corridor that connected the Delaware and Hudson rivers. The Morris Canal Greenway Working Group, founded by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), has aimed to develop the route of the historic canal into a 111-mile continuous pedestrian and bicycle trail.

“Transforming this historic pathway into the Morris Canal Greenway is a major step forward for Jersey City and the State, providing open space and off-street, multimodal paths for safe transportation that will improve connectivity between neighborhoods,” said Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fulop. “The City is committed to the Vision Zero initiative, aiming to eliminate all traffic fatalities by 2026, making our roads safe for travelers on bike, foot, car and more. The Morris Canal Greenway will significantly contribute to this initiative as we continue to improve sustainability and quality of life for our community.”

In 2013, the City completed an NJTPA-funded study, which resulted in the Jersey City Morris Canal Greenway Plan. Based on study findings, the City has moved forward with plan recommendations like Berry Lane Park, an area that transformed 17-acres of former rail yards, junk yards, auto repair shops, industrial facilities and warehouses into recreational space in 2014. The plan also outlines the bicycle and pedestrian pathway that would run throughout the Greenway.

“The City continues to make significant advancements towards its goal of creating a safer bike and pedestrian-friendly environment, with the Vision Zero initiative, a Bike Master Plan, and major infrastructure investments,” said Barkha Patel, Senior Planner, Division of City Planning. “The Morris Canal Greenway will be a unique addition to the City’s transportation network that preserves a historic asset, creates open space and allows residents and visitors to get around in a safe, comfortable, and active way.”

The project will improve connectivity between residential neighborhoods and downtown/waterfront areas, expanding access to employment, educational, commercial and community centers. Activity centers to be connected by the project include Our Lady of Mercy Church/School, McGovern Park, Mercer Park (Hudson County), Soaring Heights Charter School, Berry Lane Park, Lafayette Park, Garfield Avenue Light Rail Station, among other highly frequented destinations.
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