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This place blows hole. We actually blew $109 here and left hungry. Look I know I'm chub city, but come on, sharing plates, yeah maybe if your Candace Swanpool. We ordered the "prawn" appetizer, lets be honest its fucking shrimp with heads, 3 came out, 3 lmfao I'm a chubster, so wtf are we going to do split it. Whatever, fuck this place so hard, we left and actually got homophobic ibbys on the way home. I can't fucking wait for this shit show to close. I recommend walking the fuck past here and getting sardines in a can at Tendershoot and a 6pack from Walts shit show. Your life and wallet will thank you. Also fuck you Raval

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136 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ

Restaurant, real estate partners to bring 'taste of modern Spain' to Jersey City
By Steven Rodas | For The Jersey Journal
on December 18, 2014 at 7:00 AM, updated December 18, 2014 at 7:10 AM

Whether you've savored the Southern BBQ-style food of Lucky 7 Tavern or relished the Mediterranean fare of Satis Bistro, you've got Restaurant Development Group (RDG) to thank.

RDG, made up of restaurant and real estate partners Andy Siegel, Michael Garcia and Geza Gulas, have developed a keen eye for prime Jersey City locations to launch unique and diverse eateries.

"Each of the RDG partners bring different skill sets and thought processes to the table and we feel that is what helps make us a strong, solid partnership," said Garcia. "We are interested in doing things well and continually growing and expanding."

The trio, which opened Lucky 7 Tavern in 2007 and Satis Bistro in 2010, is on the verge of opening a third restaurant in Jersey City next year.

"Raval Tapas Bar and Cocktail Lounge is anticipated to open by early February 2015," said Gulas. "Raval, named after the trendy Barcelona neighborhood, will be modern and stylish with many interesting design features."

The new restaurant, which will be located at 136 Newark Ave., will include Spanish and Gaudi-style elements such as custom woodwork, communal tables, intimate lighting, and vintage posters. The bar will also serve as a nightlife destination, with two levels of custom-made chandeliers, and charred wood walls accented with red tiles.

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