Author Topic: Is a restaurant row coming to Jersey City's West Side neighborhood?  (Read 1726 times)

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And with that, Hallanan has already surpassed his predecessor's achievements. :P

Is a restaurant row coming to Jersey City's West Side neighborhood?
By Patrick Villanova | The Jersey Journal
on October 24, 2016 at 12:11 PM

A proposal to restructure the zoning along Jersey City's West Side Avenue to create a restaurant row on the commercial thoroughfare is set to go before the City Council this week.

An ordinance, which will be introduced on first reading at the City Council's meeting Wednesday, will add a roughly one-mile stretch of West Side Avenue to the city's Restaurant Overlay Zone (ROZ). The ROZ is an alternative-zoning category meant to encourage the creation of sit-down and take-out restaurants in order to increase economic activity, draw pedestrian traffic, and revitalize commercial corridors.

"Longtime residents of Ward B will recall that West Side Avenue was once home to numerous restaurants: Ilvento's, Jules, the Family Tree, the list goes on. They are all gone," Ward B Councilman John Hallanan said in a press release announcing the proposal.

"This restaurant overlay legislation which I am proposing will incentivize new restaurants to open along this vital business corridor in the heart of Ward B and inject some much needed street life to the area," Hallanan added.

By easing the zoning restrictions on restaurants along West Side Avenue, city officials say business and, ultimately, job growth can be spurred in the area.


The 14 blocks where zoning requirements will be amended under the plan fall between Montgomery and Claremont streets. In addition to support from Fulop, the proposal has also earned the endorsement of the West Side Community Alliance. Read more

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