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Re: FM- 340 3rd street
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From Jersey City Upfront:

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

Itís official ó the latest restaurant to join the Jersey City dining scene will be FM, a 1970s inspired theme restaurant thatís taking over the former Union Republic space at 340 Third Street.

The restaurant describes itself as serving classic comfort food with a twist, also with dishes from the 1970s. According to the restaurantís website, dishes will ďemphasize the balance between creative presentation without compromising simplicity, freshness, and flavor.Ē Read more

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FM Bar & Restaurant
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from :AtS:

Allow me to introduce myself and shed a little light on the new bar / restaurant called FM opening up at the old Union Republic space at 340 Third Street.

My name is Joe. I've been living in DTJC for about 10 years now.

I'm currently involved with this new endeavor that will be opening up April 2017.

FM is a new restaurant and bar coming to Downtown Jersey City. FM features 1970's decor with Rock & Roll music reflective of the time when FM radio was at it's height.

Our menu features classic comfort food from the 1970's with a twist, using locally sourced ingredients. Our dishes emphasize the balance between creative presentation without compromising simplicity, freshness, and flavor.

Come enjoy a cocktail in our lounge, a delicious meal in our dining room, and soak up the vibe.


Starting with the exterior sign that you took notice of...this was just installed late last week. The needle in the tuner is just there for effect and not specifically referencing any particular radio station of that time. There will be a smaller version of the tuner [fabricated by local artist Thomas John Carlson] inside that will actually be lit up like the original 70's tuners were. For some reason, the city said we couldn't do it to the exterior sign.

Also adorning the exterior is a mural created by Thomas John Carlson. The characters shown in the mural were done by graffiti artist Charlie "DOVES". Thomas will also be painting an interior mural for us as well.

Interior construction is moving along and starting to come together nicely.

We're also starting to take resumes for the following positions:

- Host/Hostess
- Servers
- Bartenders

We are looking to hire local residents to staff FM.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact us at

If anyone has a blog or site that would like to help us out with a little informational piece, we'd be ever so grateful. Please contact us at:

We're very proud to open this space here in DTJC and hope you all will stop by and check us out when the doors open.

More info coming soon.

Stay tuned...
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FM Bar & Restaurant
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