Author Topic: Finally, Jersey City close to regaining local control of schools, state says  (Read 1342 times)

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N.J. ends state takeover of Jersey City's public schools
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N.J. ends state takeover of Jersey City's public schools
Posted on July 5, 2017 at 12:43 PM

By Adam Clark
NJ Advance Media for

TRENTON -- The state's takeover of Jersey City Public Schools is coming to an end nearly 30 years after the city's school district was deemed a "total educational failure."

The state Board of Education on Wednesday voted to grant the district local control over its instruction and programming, the final administrative category under supervision from the state. The district and state will now develop a transition plan for Jersey City to emerge from state intervention.

"This is truly a historic day," said Arcelio Aponte, president of the state board. "The path ahead will certainly be a promising path, a hopeful path for the children of Jersey City." 

The state took over Jersey City's school district in 1989 after education officials said the city's schools were failing and hurting students. It was the first school system taken over by New Jersey's state government, which later took control of Newark, Paterson and Camden schools for similar troubles.

Jersey City slowly regained local authority over other aspects of its district beginning a decade ago, according to state officials. It earned control over personnel in 2015, the second-to-last step in the process.  Read more

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TRENTON -- Jersey City is likely to regain local control of its school district's instruction and programming later this year, the final step in emerging from the state's nearly 30-year takeover of city schools, state Education Commissioner Kimberely Harrington said Wednesday.

The district passed the state's latest review of school instruction, Harrington said at Wednesday's state Board of Education meeting. A resolution to return control of instruction to the district will likely come before the board in a few months, she said, setting the stage for a historic vote.

That resolution is expected to pass, President Mark Biedron said.

"We are moving forward," Biedron said, adding that he hopes to vote as soon as next month. "They're done."

After the vote, the district will be required to develop a transition plan and the state will continue to monitor its performance, he said.

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