Author Topic: A hip-hop-themed restaurant just opened in N.J., and the food is phat  (Read 491 times)

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Not sure where to start with this place.

"High-end/lowbrow menu elevated street food" might be a good place.  Nice to know they consider working class food to be "lowbrow".  And "crumbled Cheez-Its", really?  Yeah because when you are hungry and poor you'd really rather eat potato chips all day long as opposed to real food.

I hope these elitist assholes lose a ton of money.

"god hates you. you will all go to yuppie hell. in yuppie hell there is no starbucks or hole foods or sushi bar. in yuppie hell you will work 16 hours a day in a bodega. in yuppie hell your car will not start when the sweeper is coming down the street. in yuppie hell your doorman will terrorize you and have sex with your wife or husband...when you are at the bodega. in yuppie hell you will go to the laundromat and lose your last quarter in a broken washing machine. in yuppie hell you will buy all your food and clothing at the 99 cent store. in yuppie hell there are no cell phones, you will use a pay phone. a filthy pay phone".      -   Cat_Man Dude

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At Jersey City's new '80s hip-hop-flavored restaurant Beat Street, part of the two-year-old Transmission nightclub in the Powerhouse Arts District, you can have hot mac & cheese -- but it's made with sous vide lobster, smoked paprika foam and crumbled Cheez-Its.

Not exactly what the Fat Boys had in mind when they rapped, "Give me some hot macaroni and cheese / Give me some more food please!"

The restaurant and lounge, which opened Thursday night, takes its name from the 1984 movie about breakdancing, graffiti and MCs in the South Bronx. And while the space got a cool graffiti- and music-themed makeover from hip-hop-inspired artist Ivan Orama, Beat Street is really about capturing the energy of the early days of rap, says KC Macias, the nightlife impresario who is teaming with Transmission owner Howard Brunner and chef Darryl Harmon, who calls his eclectic high-end/lowbrow menu "elevated street food."

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