Author Topic: The Trifecta of Dining Experiences: Hudson Hall, Jersey City, NJ  (Read 1607 times)

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should we congratulate you on your new business Viduch? 
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We all have that place we go to when we are looking for our favorite meal or our preferred drink (or drinks) of choice that eases the pain after a long hard week.  Maybe you have that favorite spot where the food and drinks are not all that inspiring, but “everybody knows your name” and you go for the experience and fun atmosphere.   

What if I tell you I found a place with a fantastic drink menu (peppered with some amazing beers), fun food pairings, and an experience and atmosphere that would make Octoberfest in Munich seem boring?  What is this place I speak of?  I thought you would never ask 😉  It’s #HudsonHall in #JerseyCity, NJ – which just had its official grand opening on Friday, October 20th, with the Mayor of Jersey City, #MayorFulop, performing the ribbon cutting ceremonies and even coming back later to chill with his favorite beer.  Unofficially, Hudson Hall opened about a month prior. 

I heard whisperings about this place over the past couple of years and wondered when it would finally arrive.  Renovations had taken place over the better part of the last 18 months – which included gutting the entire property and digging out the 1,800-square foot basement, all under the watchful eye of owner Peter Borovicka. 

It is an amazing space that includes expansive metal work done by hand, unique signage, a subway-style tiled ceiling, and a distressed-looking main bar with zinc countertops. Mr. Borovicka tells me the benches and tables were made by a local craftsman using the 100 year-old wood flooring salvaged from the basement renovations. 

Once Mr. Borovicka himself tore down the stucco from the walls and discovered the brick face lying underneath, he knew he had the look for his place.  If you wish to be transported to the early days of the 1900s, check out the facilities:  You will find yourself washing your hands for 10 minutes, as you marvel at the high ceilings, antique looking stalls, tiles and mirrors.  Tastefully done with a lot of class.

Now the food:  Hudson Hall features a European-centered smokehouse concept.  Hudson Hall’s Head Chef Dan Hoose, formerly of Dinosaur BBQ, says that in addition to smashed chicken, fermented veggies, and smoked fish dishes, the menu will also include French-inspired country paté, monkfish and some dessert items. Hudson Hall may be new, but it is already not resting on its laurels.  Given Mr. Borovicka’s hospitality background, his goal is to keep the food and drink menus fresh and relevant.  He will look to rebalance the menus on a quarterly basis.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks of next.

Hudson Hall’s food will be complimented by about 50 beers, 21 of which on tap, and a bourbon and cider program. A “deli” area at the corner of the property, which can hold about 40 patrons, will operate as a lounge and be available for parties.

As a Jersey City resident, I can’t adequately express how happy I am that Hudson Hall exists.  I finally found the trifecta of culinary experiences:  Great libations, paired with fun food, complimented by an awesome atmosphere and experience.  It is easily accessible via #PATHTrain, #HudsonBergenLightRail, or #NYWaterway ferry service from #NYC.  So, if you are anywhere near the area (364 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, NJ), check it out and experience the #JerseyCityTrifecta for yourself.  Check them out online at:

For more reading like this, please check out my Beer Blog at:

Cheers!!!  Prost!!!

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