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Re: CREMA jc
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Went here last night.  Lovely addition to the hood.  Had the lemon ice cream - was expecting a sorbet but instead it was creamy deliciousness.  Really really good.  They probably have about 10-15 different flavors to choose from, all home-made. 

They also have coffee and small sandwiches for sale and about 5 or 6 outdoor tables.  All in all a lovely wee spot that we will definitely be hitting up a lot over the summer.
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695 Bergen Ave
Jersey City, New Jersey
Facebook @cremajerseycity | IG cremajc


Jersey City Family Opens Crema, a Caf on Bergen Avenue
By Jared Kofsky
May 2, 2018

Located in the basement of a brownstone at the corner of Bergen and Duncan Avenues, a new caf in Jersey City is hidden in plain sight. However, the business in McGinley Square near the West Side is already seeing plenty of customers come inside.

Owned by longtime neighborhood residents Federico Rodriguez and Michele Boas, Crema has been open for around a month in the former Harry Street Coffee space. The business, which is open daily, is part coffee shop and part ice cream parlor. Read more

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