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Re: Sky Thai
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It's been two years since this place was reviewed here, so time for a little refresh ...

I live across the corner from this place, so I hit it every now and again when I'm looking for something convenient. I was there again last night.

Sky Thai is a mid-sized place on Morris St. serving Americanized Thai and "Asian Fusion" dishes. The menu is fairly standard: a variety of noodle and curry dishes, some vaguely Chinese-inspired wok dishes, and some more adventurous meat-based entrees. Appetizers are surprisingly creative for a joint catering to a more mainstream palate, like this one does. Space is comfortable and "modern" -- looks like the renovation of two years ago was a success. It gets fairly busy in the evenings, though I've never had to wait for a table, and does a brisk takeout/delivery business. Seats maybe 40 people in casual smaller tables in front and larger booths in back.

Here's a sample of what I've eaten there in recent weeks:


* Coconut shrimp: Have no idea how/if these are "Thai" shrimp, but actually quite good.
* Rock and roll shrimp: Sort of a combination of whole peeled shrimp (with tail) and deep fried spring roll. Again, an amusing appetizer.
* Shrimp/Vegetable/Chicken dumplings: Small steamed dumplings with various fillings. Totally inoffensive and fine for bulking up a meal.
* Crispy calamari: Calamari and, yes, it's crispy.

Main courses:

* Pad thai: Basic interpretation of American-style pad thai. Good.
* Drunken noodles: My favorite noodle dish there. Wide rice noodles with a spicy soy-based sauce and your choice of meat.
* Red curry: Quite fine. Recommended.
* Green curry: My favorite main course. It's a standard green curry -- probably made from curry paste from a plastic tin. Regardless, it tastes just right.

After a quite a few visits and several deliveries, I'm quite fond of this place. It's not perfect. But it is a totally adequate and dependable purveyor of American-style Thai food and, for it's prices, delivers quite a good value. Portions are ample and they pour a tall glass of wine for as little as $6.

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Re: Sky Thai
« Reply #2 on: 11-10-2010, 02:31pm »
Sky Thai
62 Morris Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
T 201 333 4311/2
F 201 333 4313

We finally made it here for dinner and were pleasantly surprised. The renovation was really well done and the place looks very chic and Manhattanesque. The menu is similar to Sawadee with the exception of some of the specials. I had the BBQ Ginger Ribs, which were amazing; there's a couple of other unique dishes I'm dying to try. Will definitely be back.

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Sky Thai
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Village Thai closed over the weekend, but they have big signs all over saying that they were bought by the people who own Sawadee and this summer they will be reopened as "Sky Thai". They also have a lunch shuttle going from Village's location to Sawadee, and a dinner time one too, by appointment.
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Sky Thai
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