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Re: Jersey City Space Filled After Queen Latifah’s Exit
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nice, now maybe someone will clear the snow and ice there unlike the past 2 winters
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Jersey City Space Filled After Queen Latifah’s Exit
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Jersey City Space Filled After Queen Latifah’s Exit
By Dawn Wotapka

Queen Latifah’s entertainment company relocated from this Jersey City space to Miami Beach.

Queen Latifah’s restored firehouse is now home to a consulting company.

The 4,000-square-foot office building was up for grabs because the hip-hop star’s Flavor Unit Entertainment relocated its headquarters from Jersey City to Miami Beach some time ago. The space was recently filled by ConsultAdd, according to Luis Negron, an agent with Robert De Ruggiero Inc., the firm handling the listing.

As we’ve written, Jersey City locals enjoyed having a touch of celebrity while Queen Latifah based her company there. But Flavor Unit, known for producing “Single Ladies” on VH1 and “Let’s Stay Together” on BET, was doing less and less of its work from Jersey City. (Queen Latifah‘s real name is Dana Owens.)

The new tenant got a slight discount to the asking rental rate of $6,900 per month—it is paying $6,500 a month and that includes annual property taxes of about $15,000. It also snapped up the furniture for an undisclosed price. The lease is short for the commercial real-estate world—just three years—though extensions are possible.

ConsultAdd, which was founded in 2008, works with more than a dozen banks, including Bank of America, and it specializes in risk management, said owner Bharat Bhate. Based in Pittsburgh, it has about 50 employees and is hiring more.

The New Jersey site gives the growing company exposure to the nation’s financial capital, where it hopes to increase business with mid-sized banks. Mr. Bhate said he wanted his office to be different and he fell in love with the building once known as Firehouse Engine Co. #1. “It has historic value,” he says. “We cherish it.”

The Morgan Street building is located near a stretch of warehouses being redeveloped and reborn as the artsy Powerhouse District. Back in the day, space could probably be had for far less per month. But these days, luxury builder Toll Bros is working large residential development near the firehouse. Mr. Bhate says his employees might be interested in living in the Toll development when it is finished. “People would really appreciate having a place close to work. Why not?”

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Jersey City Space Filled After Queen Latifah’s Exit
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