Author Topic: Just Looking - art & the act of seeing @ Victory Hall Drawing Rooms Beg. Tonight  (Read 2095 times)

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Victory Hall Drawing Rooms New Show Opens Tonight: JUST LOOKING - art and the act of seeing
January 30- March 16, 2014

Artistsí Reception: Sunday, February 16th 2014 3-6pm

How can an artist convey not only what it is they are seeing but how they are seeing it? This exhibition of works in drawing, painting and photography explores the concepts of looking and seeing. The emphasis in these artworks is on how the artist sees over the importance of the object itself. Each of these artists has created bodies of work concerned with the experience of seeing; elements of observation, distortion, reflection, movement and chance are all engaged to not only create their imagery but to bring the viewer into their experience. Through these works, the viewer can share in the view of the artists and make discoveries of their own.

Solo exhibitions by
Edward Fausty, Jennifer Krause Chapeau, Agnes de Bethune, Susan Evans Grove, Leona Strassberg Steiner, Robert Preston, Janet Tsakis, Sandra DeSando, James Pustorino.

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